Satish finished his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and started applying to various organizations for an appropriate position. Due to a powerful resume, Dr. Satish got calls from several high-tech organizations. Finally, he chose the company LATEST TECHNIC LTD. with a total workforce of over five thousand personnel, located in Nashik district in the state of Maharashtra.

Soon after taking charge of his position, Dr. Satish took account of the facilities available and the short-term and long-term goals of the company. Very soon Satish was immersed in managing the R & D group.

Mr. Vikas Adhikari, the dynamic Managing Director took note of the whole-hearted working of Dr. Satish. Mr. Vikas had a regular interaction with Dr. Satish.

One day, Mr. Vikas called Dr. Satish to his cabin and discussed on various topics.

 "Look, Dr. Satish, I presume that by now you have got full knowledge of our current products. In a matter of four months, there is an international competition to introduce a newly developed, their own product.” Saying this Mr. Vikas gave a datasheet to Dr. Satish and continued, ”Think over this and meet me tomorrow morning with your ideas.”

Dr. Satish went to his lab and started thinking over the incoming exhibition.

The next day morning, Dr. Satish had the meeting with Mr. Vikas.

After deliberating for an hour, Mr. Vikas said,

"Dr. Satish, your idea of the product appears excellent. But are you sure, with the current staff in your department, you can manage to get a workable model in couple of months?”

“I am absolutely sure. But I should get your support whenever needed.” Dr. Satish.

“A full support is guaranteed. But you also must assure me a new product.”

“Yes sir. To my knowledge, there is no product available in the market today with this functionality. I am pretty sure this product will take the market by storm.” Dr. Satish said confidently.

“Okay then. Start your work on this product right-away. Combining software with the mechanical product is a splendid idea. Design carefully and that should be well accepted in the market. All the best!” Mr. Vikas shook hands with Dr. Satish.

Dr. Satish picked up the most talented persons from the group and gave outline of the product and asked for their reaction.

“Sir, the concept is very good. But if it fails to make it at the exhibition, we will be thrown out of the company. Vikas Sir is very strict and if anyone fails to keep their commitment, there is no other way, but to wind up from the company.” One member expressed himself.

“I am aware of this risk. But remember that we are working as a team. We will have to put in our cent percent. I am very much sure of our performance. And as you know, I am responsible for the outcome. Rest assured, if we win, it will be our victory. We all will share the credit. But in case, we fail to make it, it will be my short coming. And I alone will face the consequences. Don’t worry at all about the failure.” Dr. Satish reassured.

And the team of twelve persons started working on the project. All of them put in more than hundred percent.

After the project took some shape, the model was put to test under different conditions.

And on the previous day of the competition, Dr. Satish showed the new model to Mr. Vikas. Everyone was happy to see the new model performing satisfactorily.

The competition organizer group had installed quality cameras in the presentation hall of the company of the participating country from where the products would be displayed on line in the competition organizing country. The participating companies had set up large screens for their entire workforce to watch the products from various countries.

The online international competition opened up as scheduled.

The newly developed products were being presented one after another.

When the product from LATEST TECHNIC LTD. was announced for the display, the entire workforce of the company was sitting erect awaiting the demonstration of their new product on the large screens.

And to everyone’s disappointment, the new unit refused to perform. Despite repeated trials, the unit did not work at all. Dr. Satish was shocked and was extremely upset. Finally, the display was taken off. Each and every soul of LATEST TECHNICS LTD. was plunged into despair. The developing team in despondent mood stood on the dais.

After a couple of minutes, the M.D. Mr. Vikas Adhikari, got up from his seat and went on to dais. The members attending the competition, were extremely upset about the fiasco. They were prepared to hear the termination of the entire team who were involved in making the new unit.

Mr. Vikas Adhikari took the mike in his hand. All the employees of the company were all ears wondering about the next move by the M.D.

“Yes, that was very disappointing moment. A big opportunity to go world-wide was lost. But I know how diligently Dr. Satish and his team had worked on this project. They had put sweat and blood in the product. Still this unexpected happened. I would like to tell this team that this is not the end of exhibiting our new product. Dr. Satish, you should not lose heart. The entire LATEST TECHNIC LTD. is with you. You work on the new model some more and rectify the problems that arose at the last minute. I am sure our product will be fool proof and we will exhibit it, in the next competition.”

There was a big applause.

Satish was almost on the verge of crying. His failure to keep the promise, bothered him very much. Mr. Vikas Adhikari went straight to Dr. Satish and put his hand on Dr. Satish’s shoulder. Despondent Dr. Satish looked at Mr. Vikas. His eyes also were filled with tears. Mr. Vikas hugged Dr. Satish and patted him. Both the shoulders were moistened with tears.

The pat on the back from Mr. Vikas, encouraged Dr. Satish and he started working on the product with full intensity, along with the entire team. They implemented some additional features. The entire team considered the project as their own commitment and produced a brand new product with some outstanding feature.

On the next International competition, again the entire staff-members of LATEST TECHNICS LTD. attended the event. This time Dr. Satish’s team did not have any doubts. When the winners were being announced, the staff members of LATEST TECHINCS LTD. were all ears. When the names were declared, as soon as they heard their company’s name, there was a thundering applause. Some lifted Dr. Satish on their shoulders and carried him on to dais.

Mr. Vikas Andhikari followed the group and gave a very passionate hug to Dr. Satish.

“You have made LATEST TECHNIC LTD. proud. Congratulations to you and your team.” Mr. Vikas Adhikari shook hands with every member of the team.

“That was possible because of your pat on my back sir, when we had failed in our first attempt. Sir, now, we are ready to take on many more challenges.” Dr. Satish announced.

There was yet louder applause.

August 28, 2023 17:39

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