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January 1st year 901. 

Crystal world

The Academy. 

Dear Diary, 

My parents were happy for me, but I wasn't at all. Why? I began school today. I wasn't confident with my reading and writing, but I practised every day till I got used to writing my name. Somehow, I passed the entrance exam. According to my father, the first queen created the Crystal language. But why did she make it so complicated? I couldn't even write my name. Fortunately, my parents were kind and helpful, but they were overprotective. 

Thanks to them, I let my fear get to me. The whole class made fun of me because I fell asleep throughout the entire lesson, and as for punishment, I had to clean the blackboard for the rest of the afternoon. I promised myself not to tell anyone that I was the daughter of the king and queen, but if they somehow guessed my identity, then I would decline it or change the subject. I didn't want anyone to hate me. I had two goals; Survive the academy and improve my reading and writing without giving up. At least, my guardian Ruby understood me. 

January 2nd 

The second day was okay. I met a transfer student called Nova, who had the same horrible experience as me; Nova fell asleep in the first lesson, everyone took part in stealing her school equipment, and a necklace. I showed Nova around the academy and it seemed she loved the school. She considered, exploring the whole school, but we weren't allowed yet. After we recovered all of Nova's belongings I took her to the lunchroom and she asked if she wanted to be my friend.


 Nova asked me the one thing I wanted more than anything. But I couldn't respond to those kind words— Nova was my first friend ever. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. She was the most kind and courageous person I had ever met. She was glad I helped her take back her necklace. I couldn't forget the look in her eyes when I gave it to her. Nova's smile was like sunshine, and her eyes were like the stars. My mother had faith I would make a friend

January 26th 

The Royal capital 

It was my 12th birthday, and I couldn't wait to invite Nova. The school was on break, and my mother allowed me to invite a few friends to the palace. I wonder if she would be mad at me for not telling her I made one friend?

Fortunately, I received new ink as a present and got used to reading and writing Crystal language, so I wrote what I wanted to write in the paper, folded it then placed it inside the envelope. I gave it to my messenger bird to take it to her home, but she hadn't responded to me. Maybe Nova's mother didn't like the king and queen, so she stopped her from writing back to me. But if she did accept, then everyone would know my true identity at school. Maybe I should give up hiding that I was the daughter of the king and queen. 

January 31st 

Nova told me a secret her parents told her. My people could live on earth for one year, and when we were seventeen years old. When we grew our horns, the king and queen would permit us to visit earth. The horns allowed us to create portals linked to the human world and my world.

I thought it would be weird hearing that story from Nova. Why would she eavesdrop on her parent's conversation? But I had heard the place called earth before. At midnight, I snuck into my mother's room and stole a book from the drawer. I was right. The first chapter told me, earth was a place in the lower realm. They had a god who had created the human beings and other living things such as animals and plants. In school, I recalled the teacher telling a tale called the' legend of the Crystal princess' She was the one who went over her limit and survived on earth for more than a year. Did the sun not bother her? I wondered who was the mortal she fell in love with and his fate. But the book was unfinished and no name of the author who wrote it. 

February 1st


Nova didn't come to class today. When I asked the teacher where she was, he said she got sick. Why didn't she contact me? I wrote another letter and sent it to her home, but Nova didn't reply at all. I was very scared so I went to her house after school and found her, laying on her bead. Tears swelled down her cheeks for the first time.

She told me that she couldn't sleep for the last two days because a man came in her dreams. But I had never seen Nova this frightened before. When I held her hands, she couldn't stop shivering.

February 2nd

The next day, Nova came to class. She told me that she slept peacefully and I was happy. Our teacher was off today and someone else called Trisha to replace him But this woman looked odd. She didn't look like our people at all and her clothes were different. I was surprised when Trisha became my tutor. She taught me more about her language which was English. She told me she was a mortal like us. The more she taught us at school, the more excited I got at learning about the human realm. 

She taught me many things that didn't exist in our world. For example, the food the humans had were slightly different than ours, The school systems to my world, and how time flowed. But I realised the English language was harder to learn than Crystal language. Especially, the alphabets. Trisha offered to help me out in studying her people more. She was frightening that my class couldn't handle her temper. She was very strict when it came to studying.

Something wasn't right. I felt Trisha and I met before. When I tried to remember where I saw her, my head throbbed in pain. I laid on my bed, hoping to sleep normally when a name popped up in my dream—I think it was ’White Room’ There were other kids and a strange man. Every time I heard the name White Room, it sent a shiver down my spine. 

February 13th 

Everything became a nightmare—Nova was missing for almost a week, her parents were worried sick and the king and queen didn't send a search party for her. I was upset about my parent’s attempt to keep me from finding her. In the evening, I snuck out of the window and stole Ruby’s horse and headed to find Nova. My best friend was in danger and I didn't care if my parents yell at me or Ruby, I wouldn't abandon my loved ones no matter what lies ahead of me.

February 14

9.00 am

Crystal Land

When I arrived at Crystal Land where the last location Nova was last seen, it was different. The people in this town were poor, and they had to rely on the King and Queen to give them resources to build her houses, food and water to feed their families. In the distance, I spotted a tall lady and her child, standing beside a house and headed the stables .Something was wrong. My vision became blurry, and my head throbbed in pain. I thought it would be easy, looking for Nova, but this journey could last then I thought, so I had to feed myself as quickly as possible, then continue my search. 

Once I took my horse to the stables, I headed back to the lady and the child hunger was getting worse. I couldn't walk a step closer to the people. They could have the answers I need to find my best friend, and I felt pathetic. I fell onto my hands and knees, unable to endure my hunger and thirst, when the people headed toward me. She gave me bread and a bottle of water. Without hesitation, I took the bread, gobbled it up, and drank the water. The bread was delicious, and the water was fresh. All of my energy returned. 

The next afternoon, the Lady offered me food and supplies and a comfortable bed. I made friends with her child, Elise very easily. This girl reminded me of Nova. Her black and red hair, the actions she made, and her kindness. I never gave up. After dinner, I stare into the starry sky. Somewhere out there, Nova must be scared. Maybe something had happened to her, so that was why she couldn't make contact with her parents, or me. 

In the morning, Elise offered to give me a tour of Crystal Land to get used to the towns. After we ate breakfast, Elise and I set off to the dark valley where she thought Nova would head


May 05, 2020 19:57

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11:20 May 16, 2020

Hi, the critique circle matched me with the stories you submitted for this week's prompts. There are a lot of fascinating aspects in this one! For instance, I really like the idea of a Crystal world, and this all sounds like a great adventure! But I have to admit to feeling a little lost at first; it felt as if I needed more information to fully understand everything that's going on here. It wasn't until I checked out your profile and read everything else, that I realised it's all part of one big story. Which is cool, but it also makes it ...


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