Coming of Age Friendship Fiction

Out of all the rock concerts Chris had been to this was the loudest and most electric. He would not had guessed that a childhood crush of his would be a lead singer in one of the most promising indie rock bands of its’ time. Chris stood in the middle of the crowd several feet back from the medium size stage. He was shoulder to shoulder with very excited, sweaty, drunk young male and females, who were also pushing, screaming and smoking. The girl in front of him was lifted up onto her boyfriend’s shoulders. She joyously raises her hands in the air and shouts- “Star kiss, I love you!” She begun to rock back and forth, and suddenly a waterfall of puke fell out of her mouth, some fell on her and some on her boyfriend’s boots and a lot of it on the floor. The boyfriend let her down. Chris saw this and began to push his way to his left through the tight crowd. When he felt he found a good spot he continued to watch the all-female band play with passion. He was captured by the lead singer’s presence. Her name was Ginny. She had an incredibly strong voice. He remembered her only as a little girl in 1st grade up until High School when they were both eighteen years old in Manhattan, New York. That was the last time he’d seen her.

Ginny was the cutest girl he’d ever known. And now she’s twenty-six, looking prettier than ever. On stage she wore red lip stick that had become her signature since she was a little girl. She floated into the 1st grade classroom in all white, sunlight on her small round face and onto her body, lunch box in her hand, book bag and make up on her face. No other girl in school has on makeup. And there it was, her red lipstick and blue eye shadow. It was as if she knew he was looking at her but she kept her head down and sat two seats across from him. He wondered how could such a cute girl like her exist. She was a wonder.

During recess Chris went up to her.

“Your mother allows you to wear makeup?”


“What’s your name?”


“What’s your name?”


“I’m from Queens, we moved here. But I didn’t want to.”

“Yeah, but we’re cool here. You’ll like it.”

“I guess.”

They threw the ball to each other for a short time until a couple of girls came over and invited Ginny to play with them. Chris could tell she wanted to continue playing with him. They smiled at each other as she walked away with the girls.

After school Chris and Ginny were picked up at the same time by their parents. He couldn’t wait to see her the next day.

They both talked to each other in the morning when they arrived at school. She’d show him her new jewelry that her dad bought her. It wasn’t anything expensive- rings from the prize machines that cost $0.50 cents, the necklace and bracelets were much more but not too expensive that a child couldn’t wear it.

“Looks nice.”

“Thanks.” She smiled.

During recess they would play together off to the side of the playground. They’d always play with a rubber ball. Eventually the same girls from before would interrupt their fun and pull Ginny away to play with them.

Both of Ginny and Chris’ mothers saw that they both got along really well so they exchanged numbers and decided to make plans for the weekend so they could all hangout together. They’d meet in the park on the weekends. Especially during the summertime they’d meet up and play on the swings, monkey bars, see-saw, play in the sandbox or play on the slide. It was always sunny and hot. The music from the ice cream truck could be heard from afar. Chris and Ginny would run out onto the sidewalk along with the other kids waiting for the big ice cream truck to arrive. Both their parents waited by the front gate to keep a good eye on their kids. Chris held their money in his hands. The ice cream man would stick his head out of the side window and look down at Chris as he squinted up to order.

“Hi Chris, what can I get you?”

“Two vanilla cones for me and my friend.”

“Coming right up.”

“What’s your friends’ name?”


“Hi Ginny.”

Ginny smiled and waved.

“Thank you,” Chris said. He paid, took their ice cream and walked with Ginny back into the playground.

They sat on the hot bench, sweating, legs swinging, enjoying their ice cream. Ginny would laugh at him because ice cream would be all over his mouth.

“Use your napkin,” she giggled.

“No,” he shook his head smiling.

“Wipe your mouth Chris,” his mother said firmly.

He did, and he and Ginny giggled some more.

Life had never been better for the two of them. They both had no siblings. They had each other.

In high school he asked her to the prom but she said Brad had already asked her. Brad was the wide receiver on the school’s football team. He was one of their best players, well respected by his peers and the school’s staff. Many girls saw him to be very handsome. Jenny felt privileged to go with him to the prom but felt awful not going with Chris.

Chris ended up going to the prom with three of his male friends, each had a date, and Chris had Marlene. She was a thin Polish girl. As they held each other in their arms while slowing dancing at the prom, she told him that she always had a crush on him. He acted surprise but he already knew. Without Marlene noticing he watched Ginny across the room, in Brad’s arms, laughing with him. He savored her gorgeous smile, which grew more beautiful over the years. It was no surprise why a jock like Brad would go out with a girl like Ginny. She was once a cheerleader for the football team. She held a 4.0 G.P.A. for all four years. After quitting cheerleading, she ran track and after excelling at that she played in the school’s marching band. She enjoyed playing the drums but singing was really her thing. But the kind of singing she wanted to do wasn’t up for grabs in their high school. After graduation, outside on the front lawn of the high school she told Chris that she was going to start up a rock band one day. He was kind of surprise because he never knew she sung.  He was amazed how talented she was. He thought, too bad Brad didn’t hold on to her when he had the chance.

“He left to Spain. He went there for vacation after graduation and never came back.”

“He liked it that much?”

“He liked the girl he met there very much.”

“I see. Sorry.”

“Don’t be, my gut told me it wasn’t going to work out.”

“And now.”

“Now what?”

“Who do you have now?”

“My band. That’s all I need.” Ginny smiled at the girls surrounding her at the table. They all had something to drink.

“That’s awesome.”

“Are you seeing anyone?”



“I sell furniture.”

“Really? I need a new drawer for my underwear.”

“We have some nice ones.”

“Good prices?”

“Depends on your budget.”

“We’re poor, we girls can hardly pay for these beers.”

They laugh.

“Listen, meet us after the show, we’ll hang out.”

“I work in the morning.”

“Oh, bummer. It’s alright. I gave you my number, right?”


Ginny finishes her beer. She then looks into his eyes and smiles.

“I can’t believe you’re here Chris. So cool. After all these years.”

He nods and smiles.

“C’mon, let’s take a picture.”

She puts her arm around him. He has his arm around her filled out waist. She smelled like nicotine, leather and beer. One of her bandmembers takes a picture of them both with her cell.

When he walked in the building before the concert began, he bought a ‘Star Kiss’ t-shirt.

Seeing Ginny up there on stage in total control made him excited and proud to see her jump, leap and joyfully twirl under the stage lights. This night could probably be the night he tells her how he always felt about her. He knew she knew but he wanted her to hear it from his lips. Maybe then she’ll consider letting him in. It would be how it was and more.


May 21, 2020 09:49

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10:08 Jun 13, 2020

I really love your stories Keith! Such a cute story! Loved the way you described it! Keep writing Keith! :)))))


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18:06 May 25, 2020

I really liked your story Keith! the going 'back in time' part and then the end when he shows up for her concert. I was so into it, I wanted to read more. Please continue writing😎✨


Keith B.
05:44 May 26, 2020

Thank you for your kind comments Charm. I appreciate it :)


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Roshna Rusiniya
08:43 May 23, 2020

This is a cute story. Very well written too. Good job!


Keith B.
15:40 May 23, 2020

Thank you Roshna


Roshna Rusiniya
15:46 May 23, 2020

You are welcome!


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