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The Lady said many kind things to Bernadette. She told Bernadette, "dear Bernadette, This is going to happen in the world. There will come a day in the future when all humans, animals, and all living creatures including insects will think the same thought at exactly the same moment. This will happen all across the world. And at that moment something beautiful will happen and it will bring happiness to all of us."

"But", Bernadette wanted to ask a question but to her amazement, the lady disappeared.

She went and told Father Aherne in the monastery close by, and he scoffed at her, and said, "See, I told you and everyone that we live in a holographic universe, and holograms are arriving to confuse us."

"Oh, yes, I know Father, "protested Bernadette, "but that is hardly a reason to ignore the idea the lady had of a shared thought coming to rescue us from planetary confusion"

"You go ahead," said Father Aherne, "I am going off to play golf, that's my idea of heaven"

"Anyway Father, respectfully, I am going to go to tell my Auntie Bidgie about this and see what she thinks about it."

 Brenadette's Auntie Bidgie was her favorite person on earth and she had been Bernadette's best interpreter of reality for all of her 11 years on the planet Earth. Her real name was Bridget, but she liked when Bernadette called her "Bidgie" and as soon as Bernadette told her what had happened, Bridget said, "It is the thought that will bring happiness, not any action that we take. It will be a view of reality that will bring happiness into our minds".

Bernadette gazed admiringly at her auntie. She was eighty years old and her eyes were a bright blue. Her hair was grey and she always wore the most beautiful clothes. She frequently dressed like a gypsy, and that was because she had lived once the gypsy lifestyle.

I lived next door to her Auntie and I too was barely eleven years old when Bernadette told me this. I had been a constant companion for her since the age of six when my mother went off on a tour to San Francisco because she wanted to catch up on her prayers. and left me with my grandmother. In our family, we prayed together a lot because an angel had reputedly told the owner of the bakery across the street from my grandmother's house that the family that prays together stays together.. I was allowed to ramble around the villages long as I visited several old women who were living alone, which I did because I found them interesting to listen to and because they also gave me lots of really nice treaty food to eat like apple and raisin pies, sweet potatoes, frazzled biscuits and creamy jelly, peach pies, and date puddings. 

In our village, elderly women were very spiritually inclined and often looked out their doorways at the sky and said they wished an angel would come and visit them and tell them how long before they would embark on a trip to heaven. They regarded themselves as holy souls. They never suggested that it was only their souls that would make the trip, they were forever hinting that they would be in heaven having tea in a tea shop there and when I would go there at the end of my time on earth they would look out for me and we could hang out in Heavens Tea Parlor and feel Gods Love in our hearts we ate cookies together.

My gypsy friend, Bernadette's Aunt Bridget, was only one of these wonderful people. There was Katrin who owned one cow who was living in a field near her house but when the cow needed to be milked, Katrin's friend Shaymus would walk her cow to her front door and ring her doorbell. Then Katrin would open the door and the cow would come into the house and through the dining room to the back door which opened out into a yard that had a stable in it where the cow would hang out until it was milked and then go off to sleep on her bed of straw there for the night.

Then there was Mts. Canvan who was rich and owned a few mills and a store that sold wheat and other flour. She did not need to work because she had a manager and a stepson who ran the whole show. All she had to do was sit in her beautiful sitting room at a small table and play Solitaire, she called the game "Patience" because she explained to me that she was waiting for the right cards to show up in her hand every day and that way she would be happy. 

And then there was Miss L, and then there was Sis M- I could go on forever about these fascinating old ladies who wanted me to come and chat with them anytime during the daytime because they wanted me to grow up to be a happy person.

I wanted to be happy. I loved them. My own mother was a saintly woman who would light candles in our home and say that the flames from them were seen in heaven they were like light signals to the angels that they would be welcome in our home. I wanted the angels to come too because I liked the pictures of angels I had seen. They looked nice, and then I heard that I had my very own angel, who was with me all the time, even while I was asleep. My mum, whose name was Pearly, taught me how to cross my heart with my arms when I was falling asleep saying this was a signal to my guardian angel that I loved her and that I appreciated her being there watching over me.  

When Bernadette told me the story of the lady telling her the whole world was destined to share the same thought I decided that I would go and talk to Father Aherne at the golf course. I was out playing golf and standing on the fourth tee where I often sliced my drive out of bounds onto a railway track. The only way I thought I could stop myself from doing that was by saying aloud, "God keep my tee shot in bounds and land my golf ball onto the fairway, Please!" Father Aherne came up behind me and said "my dear child, don't let fairy stories about how close God is to You make you go on a wild goose chase for your life"

"But Father I said "aren't we all forgiven and nobody is going to be punished or lost, we are all going to be gathered together and made into stars.. Heaven is a real place and all of the minds in the universe are gathered there emitting energy that heals and makes everyone feel as if they are being held by loving arms. Nobody is going to feel their body is the enemy. Everyone is going to feel a warm flame around their hearts and the ability to float through the air without worrying about what they might collide with. We will be able to wave to each other and share the space. We will be able to write messages with clouds and rush to help anyone who calls us. Happy memories will be shared in beautiful gardens where lovely seats will be for anyone to sit on and enjoy the sky and the sound of water fountains. Girls will be girls happily and men will be men happily and harmoniously always looking for ways to share their natural gifts with the women who are their constant companions. And there are golf courses and tennis courts for people who want to play perfectly and score their best game scores all the time".

"ok ok, let's keep playing. I will go first" said Father Aherne. He took one practice swing and wham- hit a fabulous drive right down the middle of the par five fourth hole. 

"oh my God, that is the best drive I have ever had here," he said

"Let me see if I can outdo you", I said, looking at the heavens. where a rainbow had appeared.  

"hit the rainbow young lad, and I will believe anything you tell me about us all being one"

"I hit my tee shot and my ball went a record distance up the fairway and bounded close to Father's ball and then hit it."

Wow you've made a believer out of me young man. You did not hit the rainbow, but you sure showed me how much I have to learn"

And that is how we proved that Berndadette's predictions were true.

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