Crime Mystery Suspense

It was a night of excitement. Finally the senior year had ended in Hampton bay high. Twenty two young teenage adults made their mark in history as a graduating class, and tonight would be a night of celebration that no one in Hampton bay would soon forget.

It all started two days before the last day of school when Bobby Holder told his best friend Tommy Lance that he was going to throw a party in his uncles cabin down by Cedar Lake. They both agreed that it would be a private "BYOB" party of only the two and their girlfriends.

Bobby was a six foot one athlete that loved sports, he had played football every since junior high. His best friend Tommy was a thin laid back kind of guy with shoulder length hair, who loved to pull pranks and get a good laugh when ever he could.

" Hey bobby, did you hear another kid went missing last night?" Tommy asked.

"Ya, I sure did, I hope this wont keep Jenny and Alice's parents from letting them go out the night of the party." Bobby replied.

I don't think it will, it's only been younger kids that have been going missing, besides this is the chance of a life time to really scare Jenny and Alice" Tommy said as he laughed.

Jenny Swafford, a beautiful young lady with wavy thick red hair was Bobby's girlfriend. She was finishing her junior year and could not wait for her senior year to be over as well.

Jenny was to tell her parents that she would be spending the night at Alice's house the night of the party, and Alice would tell her parents she would be staying at Jenny's house. Alice Taylor was around 5'2" tall and had long blond hair. Alice and Jenny were best friends every since grade school and they were always together.

The plan was for Bobby to pick everyone up in his mothers SUV at the Hampton bay park on the east side of town, this would be close enough for both the girls to walk to without being seen by any of their parents being picked up. All of the parents in Hampton bay were watching their children allot closer since there had been six children that had gone missing in the last eight months. The local sheriff had even called in the FBI to help with the case but there were still no leads.

On the night of the party, Bobby arrived at nine thirty PM right on time as was planned. After loading all their gear they headed down to Cedar lake. "Well what are we going to do besides get drunk?" Jenny asked. " We are going to play a few drinking games and maybe if your lucky we will play spin the bottle" Tommy said as he laughed.

Bobby pulled in to the camping area parking lot and told the others that they all had to walk to get to his uncle's cabin down by the lake about a half a mile. Jenny asked "Bobby Why the hell do we have to walk , does your uncle know your using the cabin tonight?" Bobby replied " No he does not , he is out of town, but I don't want any one seeing my mothers car going down there and calling her and asking how her stay was." After all the whole town knew Bobby's family since his father, Bobby Holder sr was the town mayor of Hampton bay.

The four got out and grabbed their back packs and started the journey through the tall pines down to the cabin. The light of the full moon provided enough light to see the pine needle forest floor. The wind whispered through the tall pines as they finally seen the outline of the cabin and the moon dancing off the lake behind it. "This is going to be one hell of a night !' Tommy said as he slapped his best friend on the back. "Why have you never told us about this cabin before Bobby boy? You've been holding out on us this whole entire time"

As the four made their way to the front porch Bobby stopped and lifted a brick by the steps and grabbed a key that would let them in. He then opened up the door and retrieved his flash light out of his pack. " There is no electricity but there are oil lamps" Bobby told the others. " That's even better , truth or dare by candle light!" Tommy said with anticipation.

"This is kind of freaky guys ." Alice said as if she wasn't sure of the plan.

"After a few drinks you'll relax" Jenny replied as she laughed.

Bobby lit two of the lamps that lit up the front room. There was a couch that had seen its better days and a couple of end tables and magazines scattered about the room. There was a fire place with fire wood beside it and what looked like a cooking pot that sat on the mantle. There was only one other room in the cabin and it had a single bed and a dirty old blanket that was laying on it as if someone had been sleeping in it the night before.

"Are you sure your uncle is out of town Bobby" Jenny asked " It looks like someone has been sleeping in that bed , and this place stinks like dirty socks" Jenny continued as she tried to open one of the windows.

"Yes I am sure " Bobby replied."

Not even two minutes later the sound of a vehicle could be heard coming down the drive.

"Kill the lights !" Bobby shouted. "Quick lets get our stuff and get out of here!"

"I thought you said your uncle was out of town " Tommy shouted back at Bobby.

" Well I kind of lied about this being my uncles cabin, but we don't have time to chat about that right now , lets get out!" Bobby replied.

It was to late to go out the front door, there were headlights already shining in the front window. The four made their way to the other room and after a few struggles with the old window, Bobby finally had it open.

After jumping out they made a dash for the closest tree they could find for cover. As they sat there in silence they noticed a familiar figure of a man get out of the car. The Man opened the trunk and pulled out what looked like a pile of clothes wrapped in a blanket, only this pile of clothes was moving franticly like someone trying to get loose. They could hear muffled screams of what sounded like a little kid scared to death.

"Oh my god, we got to help that little kid!" Jenny said in a loud whisper.

"SSSHH!" Bobby signaled.

" Bobby what did you get us into, this is bad, really bad!" Alice silently whispered.

"Look guys, I came across this cabin a few weeks ago when I was fishing. I scouted around and stumbled on that brick and found a key. The place looked abandoned so I figured this would be a great place to have our own little graduation party, and if I told you guys I didn't know who's place this was , you guys would have never came." Bobby explained.

"We got to help that little kid some how!" Tommy said as he started to crawl to a tree closer to the cabin. "Wait!" Bobby tried to whisper, but before he could get it out they all heard the man groan as if he was spooked. The man had bent down to get the key from beneath the brick but it was gone. The man sprung up and took his victim into the cabin and quickly came back out to his car and retrieved what looked like a hunting rifle from the back seat.

Tommy froze and kept his head down as the man searched the area with a flash light in one hand and a rifle in the other. " Who's out there?" the man had asked , "Come out now or I will shoot"

Bobby and the two girls got up and ran down towards the lake without any hesitation. The man had heard them and started running in the direction he had heard the sound of multiple feet running through the pine needles and leaves.

"oh crap" Bobby shouted as he stumbled over an old row boat that had been docked up on the bank. "Quick, get in!" Bobby said to the girls as he got up and started to push the boat out into the water. After they all had got in the boat Alice asked while crying "What about Tommy?"

"Tommy should be alright, the guy is chasing us?' bobby answered Alice. "Didn't that voice sound familiar you guys?" Bobby asked. Before anyone could answer a shot rang out through the silence. Bobby began to paddle faster. BOOM! Another shot rang out, this time hitting the boat. As water began to fill the boat the three decided to swim for it.

Tommy finally got the child calmed down enough to keep him quiet as he led the little boy out into the woods away from the cabin. after hearing the second shot Tommy told the little boy to stay hid and don't answer anyone if they call out, and that he would be right back after he helped his friends.

Not knowing what to do, Tommy made a quick decision to pick up the next big rock on his way towards the lake where the third shot had just came from. As Tommy approached the water he saw the man raise the rifle again "BOOM" the man let off another shot, this time hitting Bobby out in the water about forty feet from the shore. Both girls started screaming uncontrollably. The man had raised the rifle again but before he could get off another shot Tommy knocked the man in the back of his head with the rock he had picked up.

Tommy yelled out to his mates and told them it was ok for them to come back to the shore and that the mans head had been split wide open and he would most likely never get back up again. The girls pulled Bobby back to the shore, he had been shot in the left shoulder and could barley keep afloat even with the help of both girls.

The four were finally reunited once again. "Lets see who this creep is." Tommy said as he helped Bobby out of the water. Jenny picked up the flash light the man had chased them with and shined it on him. What they all seen next would be something that the whole town of Hampton bay would never forget. The sound of the familiar voice was that of Mr Holder, Bobby's father, The Town mayor.

August 18, 2021 09:00

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Rodrigo Juatco
17:26 Aug 24, 2021

Creepy story, especially for Bobby. Had me on the edge of my seat. Nicely done.


Holland Wells
21:57 Aug 24, 2021

Thank you .


Rodrigo Juatco
23:22 Aug 24, 2021

You're welcome. If you have the time, could you please read my story 'Good boys tell no lies?' I would very much appreciate your feed back. Regards.


Holland Wells
04:05 Aug 25, 2021

sure will.


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Holland Wells
04:37 Aug 25, 2021

The story was good, kept me reading till the end. I will follow you and read some more of your writings. thanks.


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