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Horror Mystery Suspense

Walking across the Detroit Bridge on a sunny cloudless day. Heading west of Cleveland with moderate traffic passing by as the wind is gracefully touching my skin. Glaring ahead at some brown objects in the middle of the sidewalk, I began to approach them to get a better view. While stepping closer I noticed a Muslim woman striding ahead towards me wearing a black hijab and a red and black matching Islamic dress. Disguising her silhouette as I have known many Muslim women to do. Odds are we were trying to figure out the same point of curiosity while in route to separate destinations.

Questions arise when I start to see the boxes ahead. What are in them or are they just boxes? Upon gaining sight I began to view what appears to be several grey handled bags inside. In my mind all I can think is that someone has disrespectfully dumped their trash on the sidewalk. Glancing in the opened boxes of bags as I almost walked right past it, I noticed something shining as if it was a diamond. I started stepping closer to see what was inside.

Soon catching sight of the Muslim woman proceeding to get closer to the boxes. I began to observe her green alluring eyes as she was approaching in my direction. I quickly grabbed a bag to open it and found an 1811 Napoleon diamond necklace. I delighted with excitement as I continued to grab and open more bags. The Muslim woman finally comes and grab a couple of bags from the other boxes. Suddenly an all black Rolls-Royce Phantom with chrome trimming pulls up beside us.

I looked shocked as well as disappointed. Just thinking that the treasure I just retrieved is no longer going to be mine. But when this handsome man no older than forty-five. Steps out with a pair of designer red and black Girotti shoes, a tailored cut black Brioni's suit and a fresh haircut. I seized the moment to look around for camera's when he insisted, I get into the vehicle. Stepping in with no control or clue of what is to come of this journey.

I noticed that we quickly drove off heading in the direction of Edge water beach. Suddenly in the blink of an eye we wound up in Hidden Hills L.A. My thoughts were absolutely flooded with questions as we soon approached a fenced off abandoned building. No one in sight as we step out to walk through the opened portion of this 6-foot-tall fence. Upon entry there was a pungent smell lingering in the trashy hallways of this treacherous building.

Unable to turn around from walking up the stairs as we are approaching an unblemished golden elevator. Yet and still confused at the fact that no one has spoken since stepping foot in the vehicle. Acknowledging that I have not been able to speak as I was still in shock. Only having questions in my head of the situations to come.

I was unsettled as we continued to go up on the elevator with no numbers to be seen. Ding is what I heard before the doors slide open to reveal this stunning penthouse suite. Walking in I noticed both security guards standing on each side of the elevator. A woman greeted the man who brought me here. Saying " Was she any trouble?

Surprisingly, she also has the same eyes as the woman from the bridge. Except this time, she has an alluring slim fit black laced, red dress with a black blazer. Asking for the jacket of his 3-piece suit.

I looked over to the right as I tried to put things together. I saw two familiar body figures sitting at the dining room table. Heading to their direction to see who it is that I may know. To my sudden surprise it is Janet and Chelsea. Two old friends of mine from school.

I started to ask questions like. What are you two doing here? Who are these people? Where are we? What is going on? What is going to happen to us?

Janet grabbed me and said " Elizabeth calm down. I know you are a little freaked out. But everything is going to be fine ". Turning my head left in the direction of this man whose name is still unknown to me. I was watching as he started undressing not only his clothes but his skin as well. Scared out of my mind as I watch the slimy flesh drop to the ground.

Staring back at Janet and Chelsea to see a portion of the flesh on their faces are peeling off as well. Janet still had me by my right arm and Chelsea slowly walked towards me. I quickly grabbed the closest object to me with my left hand. Then within a fast swift moment I was standing over Janet's body. Looking over at Chelsea ready and prepared to fight my way out with this weird candle holder in my hand.

This unknown creature arises looking increasingly like a devil. As a bright light from the ceiling emerges from behind me. All I can see is the beautiful heavenly clouds and a hand reaching for me as I turn around. I felt it lifting my body off the ground as everyone in the room moved at a deliberately slow speed. I began to think I was safe, and things would be ok.

Suddenly I was quickly falling back into the same room. As if I did not deserve to be rescued from what I was experiencing or I was not done with what I had to do here. Once hitting the floor, I hurried back on my feet and headed straight for the window. Searching for a landing point as I wasted no time before I jumped. Falling on a roof top then I climbed down and hit the ground running.

Mind racing with the fact of what just went on. As I tried to get away and save myself.


February 27, 2022 01:36

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1 comment

Tricia Shulist
13:11 Mar 05, 2022

That was interesting. But I’m confused — a dream, right? But when does Elizabeth wake up? And is this part of a serial or longer work? Interesting. Thanks for this.


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