The Word Beautiful

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Sad Coming of Age

The Word Beautiful

The word beautiful shouldn’t even be a word at all. I think it should be eliminated out of all existence.  It’s a word used to describe someone more elegant than pretty. Beautiful can also mean of a very high standard, or excellent.

The words beautiful and pretty are fake. They shouldn’t have even been made. The word beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It’s not something physical. 

There are so many people in the world that believe that they must be beautiful or they are nothing. The thing is though, beautiful things don’t ask for attention. 

What Beauty Really Means

I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself. So many people that I’ve met think they need to be the best of the best all the time. Every single time I tell them that they are beautiful, they deny it and say that I’m speaking lies. Really though, I’m telling the truth.

Boys like saying the word beautiful to describe something that they think they're prettier than other girls. I think that what they really mean is that they are wonderful to them. Some girls think that they will never find someone to love in their life, all because a person told them that they looked weird, different, or ugly. This happens all the time, and I’m getting tired of trying to talk to people about it, only to see that they will completely ignore what I’m saying. 

How The World Came Up With The Word Beautiful

People thought it would be a good idea to come up with the word beautiful, but honestly, in my opinion, it’s the worst decision of all history. People don’t really care about what I am saying because they think I am calling them ugly, but let me tell you something; You are amazing! Don’t get me wrong, I use the word pretty to describe a lot of things, but people is not one of them. I use beautiful to describe an object, not a person.

Beautiful was a word made up so that people would feel good about themselves and feel ok for once. It makes me hurt inside, knowing that people in the world really do compare themselves to other people. Every time my friends tell me how they are feeling about their beauty, they just tell me all the bad things about themselves. They never bring up something they love about themselves, like maybe their glasses, or their sun kissed face. I get jealous of them, wanting a face like them. I tell them this, but they say they want a face like mine. Which makes no sense at all. That's just how the world works. Everyone wants to look like everyone.

The world is just so confusing and weird. Everyone gets jealous, has their own beliefs, all of it just swirls in my mind all the time, like a roller coaster. I just want people to understand that they are beautiful in every way. People are just swarmed by lies and ugliness that we people call sin. Not everyone realizes how much of an impact we all would make in this society if we would just accept each other for who we are. I feel like not a lot of people want to contribute to this cause that would mean so much to so many people all around the world. 

When people smile, they might not always feel ok inside. Some people, like me, cry themselves to sleep every night, never wanting to wake up ever again. Some people don't realize that words hurt. I can't even count how many times people just don't listen. The words they use to hit back might be funny to them, but to the other person, they die inside. Now, I know you're probably wondering why I'm here to tell you not to do certain things. One of them... the most important, is you shouldn't kill yourself. So many people face this daily. I know I'm definitely one of them. All I have to do everyday is say the same things to myself over and over again, every morning. 

Don't kill yourself until you finish your shampoo and conditioner at the same time.

Don't kill yourself until you tell someone your best pasta resipie.

Don't kill yourself because all of your friends will crumble without you.

Think about your old friends... how much they'll miss you...

They won't be able to function without you. 

They TOLD you that...

Just put down the sharp things you use to hurt yourself...

Just stop.

Think about how many of the beautiful stars you'll never get to see.

Think about all the amazing sights and sounds all around you.

I know it's just so hard to function when so many people hurt you.

But somehow... you'll make it through it. 

You'll find love one day.

It might just be right around the corner.

So yeah, it might take a million of one more of those "One more mornings" until you get to, "I can't wait for tomorrow!" 

Just listen to yourself and all your friends. 

Even if you have none, listen to your heart. 

Don't listen to your head.

Your head tells you lies. 

Your heart tells you the truth you've been searching for all your life.

So I need you to look for it while you still can, before your world crashes down upon you and you can't stand another day.

Just keep fighting until you finally get what the world has been throwing at you your whole life.

I remember when I was in 5th grade, I got called the worst names ever. 'The ugly duckling' was the main one. People took sides. No one took mine. They knew if they did, they'd be bullied like me. They would chant the same thing over and over again; "Look, its the ugly duckling that will never turn into a beautiful swan" The teachers never even cared! They just wanted to tell us to fill our brains with knowledge. They didn't care about the ugly duckling. No one ever did. They made me seem like I was nothing. I also remember entering that talent show, smiling with joy on the day of the show. I knew people would notice me for who I was. I was wrong. I had given them another reason to bully me. They told me my singing voice was horrible and I was worthless. When I got off the stage, no one clapped. Only the teachers. It broke my heart when I saw it. I teared up and ran into the bathroom. It was like time had stopped. I remember sobbing for like, an hour. I came out when the teachers told me to. I hated that teacher. She broke the time. She snapped time back into play. I got up and walked out, people announcing the ugly duckling was here. The teacher didn't even care.

October 12, 2021 17:50

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