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American Speculative

This story contains themes or mentions of substance abuse.

I woke up late for work, again. Carrying a luke warm tea to the bus stop, luke warm because I couldn't wait for the kettle to boil, or I would of missed the bus. I was trying to wash down a piece of toast, with just peanut butter on it, no butter, because,we didn't have any. I also couldn't find my change for the bus. I was a quarter short. My favorite black sweater, was in my roommates room. It was cold enough out, outside, that I needed my black sweater. She had half of my wardrobe already, darn it all anyways. Living with a crackhead and an alcoholic as roommates makes for, change missing, clothes missing, sandwidge meat missing. At least the crackhead helped me look for, the three dollars or more, of my spare change. I know he stole it the other day. Pathetic, isn't it? That he really thought, that I didn't know that it was him that took the big change. But hey,I wasn't late for work. Nope not this morning. No one will look at me sideways, when I walk in on time today.

The bus driver had his " hot" coffee in a thermos. I kind of wanted to say to him, " how is that HOT coffee."He wouldn't of understood. My tea? I had dumped it at the bus stop, with one sip out of it. The peanut butter toast underneath it. The driver complained that I was 25 cents short too. He said" pay double next time, lady". I couldn't believe he could count the change, in the big change holder and drive, at the same time. Twenty five cents, pay double? So I asked him, if he meant the whole fair, or just fifty cents next time? He told me he was just kidding. It didn't sound like he was kidding, when he said it the first time.

Then the story lady beside me, told me how darling her cats were. All 12 of them, and one with six kittens. Also, she often doggysat her daughters three poodles. It would have explained the smell, all the way to work.

I got to work and it was girl gossip time.

I was dying to tell my story about my on and off again boyfriend. The other day, when I was sort of coming down with a cough, he insisted that he would come over. One thing led to another and I had a uecolyptus cough candy in my mouth. Things got kind of hot and one thing, like I said, led to another. I was in the middle of telling my story when " donkey laugh lady" I work with, started telling her story. A story about this guy she met in Mexico, and how she almost fell of the balcony, after she went to his hotel room. She interupts me, then, she was the only one, laughing at her own story. Personally my story was alot more interesting,than falling off a darn balconey. Hahahah hee haw hee haw. Everybody cringes when she laughs because it's so insane. The hahahaha donkey laugh that is. They cringe at her perfume too. It's flowers in the raw or something like that. It's an awful smell, and she sprays plenty of it on. Me, I just use body spray. It's called " Axe for her". I buy mine at the dollar store.

So then lunch time comes around. I don't know why I did it, but I invite her for lunch. I order a Ceasars salad with no dressing and and hold the bacon. She orders a cheeseburger and fries, AND gravey. She also orders a glass of non alcoholic wine with her meal. Non alcoholic wine? Who drinks non alcoholic wine? At lunch on a work day? It's not like, cheap non alcoholic wine is really tasty. Then she procedes, to chew each fry a hundred times. A HUNDRED, each fry. My salad was already through me before she was finished her 10 fries. The burger was almost untouched. Why even order that lunch, if your not going to eat it.

Then, I get back to work, and I look in my cash drawer, and somebody changes my 100 dollar bill for 5 twenties. Ugh, I hate when people go into my cash drawer. Do I go into thiers? No!

I told my other co-worker about the fry chewing and the none eaten burger. The other worker thinks that hee haw hee haw is anorexic, and throws up in the bathroom everyday. Probably that louse of a boyfriend calls her fat, or something.

After the living arrangements with the drug addict, and the alcoholic, I'm very anal about my finances. At least the alcoholic admits it once in awhile. Ohshya I took a bitayerchange lastnight, she sometimes says.

I raised some Kaine about the 5 twenties and hee haw hee haw says " oh ya , I didn't think you'd mind?" I mind. Also she seems to take home alot of our stores product, and never really seems to do much at work. I think she has alot of at home clients. Basically she is lazy. She never stops complaining about her boyfriend that cheats on her. I know he does, because he came on to me, at our Christmas party last year. He tried to get me to drop her off, then come back and drop him off. What! Like I am some dummy, or tramp, that's going to fool around with my co- workers boyfriend. Then he grabbed my hand and held it. Not only that, but, did he think she was stupid? Did he really think, neither one of us, were not going to notice, that the two of them, didnt get dropped off at the same time? She was in the back seat. She drug him out of my car. Then they both fell down on the ice, and were laughing, when I drove away. He is a cheating loser.

Between work and my home base, I don't know if I can stand it. The complaining, the stealing and the, all around discontent of them all. I mean how does a perfectly nice person like me, end up with all these people I have in my life? Nobody listens, they are cheap, they complain,

gossip, interupt, are gluttons, and don't have anything nice to say about anyone

Well another day is over, I'm not walking home. You guess what? I have no change. So I guess I'll gringe the bus driver for a free ride home. Maybe when I get there my alcoholic roomie will have drink for me. The cocktail can be on her, I've paid enough. Ive really been avoiding, those after work cocktails. They were getting s little to frequent, Maybe I'll just have one with her. Then watch donkey laugh will call me,to complain about her love life again.

Me, 7:00 nocompaints.

Other than no one had done the dishes in four days.

I'm just going to let them stack up.

"In life, avoid the ditches, have very few permanent hitches, watch out for the B@#!%S, and you'll probably be just fine, one day at a time". Maybe it's just me?

January 11, 2022 01:23

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Dustin Gillham
00:29 Jan 21, 2022

Wonderful second submission. Thank you for sharing your talent.


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