LGBTQ+ Romance Sad

Hello there! My name is Logan, and I'm gay. I recently got into a relationship with another girl by the name of Regan. Regan and I have been together for nearly a year now, and even though we love each other more than anyone else in the world, it's hard sometimes. You see, we may love each other, but we have our differences. And we disagree a lot. Over our views, mostly.

I believe in settling down after we're twenty, but being married. We should at 30 adopt a couple or few kids. She believes that we will be married, be wild, and eventually adopt a couple. I believe in love, she believes in money. I believe in nature and spirituality, she's into indoors and facts. Still, we persist in a good, healthy relationship. She loves me still, but her parents are not supportive of her. She still is with them often and constantly tries to please them as much as possible. I think she shouldn't do that.

Still, we're in a relationship and we love each other. We make up immediately after every fight, and we always knew we wanted to end up together in the end. So recently, I proposed. But Regan got upset and said no. She said we weren't ready and she wasn't ready. This really hurt me. I thought she wanted me. I thought she was ready. She seemed so happy whenever I told her that I would marry her one day. Eventually.

But now, I've realized that Regan was always kind of wishy-washy. She always seemed to not have a defined answer and she went back on her word often. I worried. I want to marry Regan. We live together and I've never loved anyone the way I love her. But she isn't willing to even get engaged with me. It makes me worry if I'm good enough. If I love her enough. If she even loves me. I know that her parents didn't approve of our relationship, but she moved out with me.

Now, her parents had kept in touch with her, but she never visited them. When she did send them letters, they were Christmas cards and we just told them little things. My parents were fine with us but kept their distance. We visited them sometimes, but not very often. Mostly for holidays or if they wanted to see us. They wanted us to be happy, and they were happy for us. They were proud of me and were happy, but never really talked about it. We didn't care, because they were somewhat supportive.

We ran off together so we could love each other and not be barred from loving each other by them. I thought she loved me, that we would get to be endgame. But I guess her moving out was another one of her decisions that she went back against. I never believed in going against your word. If you were committed, then you should try to stay with your word. But a week later she moved out. She left me in tears.

"Regan, I love you! Please! We don't have to get married. We don't have to be engaged! It was a mistake! I'm sorry!" She looks at my heels and dress. She shook her head and strokes my hair as she pulls me into a hug. I'm sobbing, and she's crying a little too. She says she's sorry. She pulls me over to the couch and tells me why she's moving out.

"I met a guy a few months ago. I've been going out with him all month. That's why I said no. My parents told me I'd be cut off from the fortune if I didn't start going out with guys. Specifically this one. I love you, and once they are out of the picture, I will come back for you. But right now, I have to get settled. Wait for me. I promise I will come back. I love you. But I need the money for us. But for now, we'll be secretly engaged, and when I come back, we'll get married, ok?" I nod, smiling, but I need her.

I hug her and cry. She's leaving me for money. I want her to stay with me. She left me, and I cried all night. I was so sad. She's gone, and who knows how long she'll be gone. But I was engaged. I was going to be with her. Whenever she came back, I was going to get to be with her. I was going to get to love her, and be with her. Forever. We just needed a few months apart first. But then I got a text.

Regan texted me that we could meet up every week, and we would see each other frequently. We were going to make this secret work. As long as she needed. I was already doing fine, but her tunnel of money was going to be through their family's empire. If we were really going to live as nicely as possible, this had to happen. Especially if we were going to live together or even have children at some point. We were thinking about adopting children a year after being married.

We went on dates and kept the secret running for three months. And luckily, it worked. To my happiness, we found that her parents had decided that our relationship is fine. The guy she met was a suitor as it turned out, and she did it to please them. When they saw how unhappy she was, they were fine with the ways she was. They thought that her happiness was essential to running the business empire.

We got married and happily, we lived together. We adopted three children and we decided that we would be happy however they turned out. However, they might love or decide to be happy. We were going to be proud of them, and love them all the time. My parents and their parents are extremely supportive of us and are proud of us and the kids. It was hard at first, but we've overcome so much.

February 08, 2022 13:04

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