A war is brewing. A game of cat and mouse is taking place inside New York Publishing House. The top-rated book publishing agency is in the mist of a bitter rivalry between two co-workers who have different views on how to market and publish a book called Two Fires.

The Battle lines have been drawn. Sophia Mason is on one side. Nadia Carter is on the opposing side. These ladies will do whatever it takes to get the win. One will use underhanded tactics while the other will use honesty and truth. The consequences of this bitter rivalry will be enormous.

Sophia Mason

Books are my world, my life. I loved books since I was a little girl and my love of books hasn't changed now that I'm an adult. I love the way authors create their stories. The written word is so beautiful and magical.

I don't like when people take books for granted. I don't like when people take the magic of the written word and use it for their own benefit. I don't like when people have such a disregard for books. I don't like it when people are selfish and only think of themselves.

Nadia Carter tries my patience every day I see her. Her voice annoys me. Her laugh annoys me. Everything about Nadia annoys me. She comes to the office thinking she's smarter than everyone. She sucks up to the boss and he doesn't think twice.

Everyone at New York Publishing House works their asses off to bring books to the people including me but not Nadia Carter. She has the boss wrapped around her finger and its sickening.

New York Publishing House won a big account, a once in a lifetime opportunity to publish a book called Two fires from the No.1 best-selling author Macie Shepherd.

Two Fires is the pinnacle of Macie Shepherd's work. I for one can't wait to get to work on this book. Today is my chance to prove to my boss I can handle working on a big project like this one. One thing I know Nadia is going to claw her way into my opportunity. I will not let her ruin my chance.

Nadia Carter

All these people are beneath me. Nobody is on my level not even Sophia Mason. I see her eyeing me and I will tell you this I will crush her and anyone who stands in my way.

I get what I want all the time. I will step on those who think they can beat me. I laugh in their faces when I win. I don't care about anyone expect me. I don't give a damn about books. I only want the money.

I've just received word New York Publishing House won the biggest account to date which means more money for me. Screw the book and author, show me the money.

This account will be mine. I will show everyone who's boss. Sophia Mason be prepared to lose.


Sophia Mason, Nadia Carter two vastly different people with vastly different views about their job are competing for a once in a lifetime chance to market and publish a book called Two Fires by the best-selling author Macie Shepherd.

What Sophia and Nadia don't know is behind the scenes Macie Shepherd and the owner of New York Publishing House are watching their every move.

No one at the publishing house has any idea Macie Shepherd and the owner are watching and listening to them.

Play Round one

Sophia Mason

I just received the manuscript for Two Fires with instructions to edit and to come up with ideas on how to market the book. I have great ideas for marketing. One thing I can't do is let Nadia see them.

I realized a long time ago that Nadia doesn't do her own work. I don't know how she does it but I know Nadia pays people to do her work and on top of that I know she steals ideas from us.

This project is too important to me, I have to protect my work from Nadia. I already see Nadia watching me. It's what she does. I've seen how she operates to get what she wants and I've seen how she hurts people. She won't do that to me.

Nadia can go to hell for all I care. She's nothing to me. Look at me I'm stooping to her level. I can't let her get to me. From across the room, I can see her smiling at me. Get back to work Sophia. Don't let her get to you.

Nadia Carter

The manuscript is in my hands. I already found some lowlife to do my work. This job is just a means to an end for me. I'm looking around the room, I see everyone hard at work and I laugh at them because they don't know what's going to hit them.

I looked at some of my co-workers ideas, I find I can use some of them. They don't think twice in telling me to leave. They know what I will do to them if they back talk me. Sophia Mason on the other hand is different than these pathetic people. She is not afraid of me but I will make her afraid of me.


Nadia Carter begins her play to get what she wants. Meanwhile Sophia Mason works tirelessly to get her work done.

Play Round Two

Sophia Mason

What is that woman up to? She's been in and out of the boss's office all day. I don't like the look of this. Nadia is up to something. Damn that woman. She's going to steal my account, everything I've been working for.

Nadia Carter

My dear Sophia, you don't know what's going to hit you. You think you can take what is mine well you are in for a big surprise. Here comes the boss.

Sophia Mason

I can't believe what Mr. Booker just announced. Nadia's marketing plan is going to be presented to Macie Shepherd. How is that possible? She hasn't done any work. I can't believe this. What hold does she have on Mr. Booker? I look around the room, nobody has said anything. Am I the only one who is angry? I have to do something about this. But what? Damn that woman to hell.

Nadia Carter

God, I love this. No one dare say anything or else I'll have their job. Now I have to get rid of Sophia Mason, my main competition. Do you want to know the reason why I hate Sophia Mason? Here's the reason why I hate Sophia Mason and its simple. I can't stand the sight of Sophia. I hate everything about her. Time to go Sophia. Your job will be mine.

Sophia Mason

Despite what Mr. Booker said, I finished my work. I'm ready to present my project, then I get a call to go to Mr. Booker's office. I enter Mr. Booker's office and immediately he tells me to leave the work I've done on my desk and I'm fired. I'm in complete shock. I ask Mr. Booker why? He tells me I've been stealing my co-worker's ideas. I tell him that's not true. Mr. Booker doesn't believe doesn't want to hear me out. He tells me to leave.

I leave Mr. Booker's office hurt and angry. I see Nadia smiling at me. I go to my desk pack my belongings and leave but before I leave and unbeknown to Nadia and Mr. Booker, I backed up my work in my notebook. Nadia think's she's won. She better think twice.

Nadia Carter

Finally, Sophia Mason is gone. I have the work I did or rather she did in my hands. Tomorrow is the day of the presentation. All that money is going to be mine.


The unforeseen consequences of Nadia Carter's and Mr. Booker's actions will be swift when the owner of the publishing house and Macie Shepherd show up.

Play Round Three

Sophia Mason

My whole life has just been blown up. I love my job, now it's been taken away from me by a jealous woman who has no business doing my job.. I don't know what to do now.

My ideas for Two Fires are amazing. I know Macie Shepherd would have loved my ideas, now I won't be able to show my work but I know who will show my work, Nadia Carter. I can't believe this is how it ends, just then my cell beeps. It's a message from an unknown sender. I read the message. "Come back to the publishing house. I know what's been done to you."

How is this possible? Who is this person? and how did he/she know my cell number? There is one way to find out. I'm going back to the publishing house.

Nadia Carter

I finished my presentation. I know I did a good job. I look at Mr. Booker, he mouths "You did a good job." Macie and Shepherd and the owner are talking, hopefully about the amazing job I did. Here they come.

Lauren Quinn- Owner of New York Publishing House

"Mr. Booker, Ms. Carter your presentation while it was good and believable, I don't believe this was your work. You see I have a confession to make. Myself and Ms. Shepherd were watching your every move and we know the work you presented was not your work but the work of someone you Mr. Booker unjustly fired. Sophia Mason, please come out. Mr. Booker, Ms. Carter you both are fired. Sophia Mason will take over as the new editor in chief and work directly with Macie Shepherd."

Nadia Carter

No this can't be. I can't be fired. The money was supposed to be mine. "No this is my job. I did all the work. I did it all. No one was better than me not even Sophia Mason."

Sophia Mason

How dare she say that about me. I did all the work. She did nothing besides intimidated and scare us. "You did not do any work. You had Mr. Booker wrapped around your finger. We all saw it but every one was too afraid to speak up, not me. I saw everything and wrote everything down. You stole other people's work and passed it off as your own. I was not going to let you do that to me. I backed up all my work including the presentation you stole from me. Those are my ideas not yours."

I'm done with Nadia Carter's bull. She is nothing to me, now the truth has finally come out. I feel relieved and happy they were both exposed. Now this rivalry between me and Nadia can go away for good.

In other news I'm so excited to be getting a new job. My dreams are coming true, I happily wave goodbye to Nadia and Mr. Booker. They got what was coming to them. In the end all the hell Nadia put me and everyone else through is finally ending. There will be no rivalries among co-workers anymore. This is the beginning of a new day.

October 06, 2022 22:14

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