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(A beginning by Dawn Locklear that finishes with an ending by Redzuan Abdul Rahim)

ElizaMay exclaims while dancing, “I can see it now! Thank you!” As the first rainbow explodes onto the sky. The colors are bright and alive in the meadow of the forest where her folks had decided to camp for the night. The rainstorm comes on quick, drenching her and the rainbow of flowers that surround her. 

And as fast as the rain came it stopped, leaving the sky alit with arches of vibrancy. Dancing with joy and picking flowers as she romps, the little girl is giddy with the smells of rain, earth, the pungent array of flowers and even her smelly wool sweater.  

The sun begins to set and the sky answers in its festival of vibrancy. Streaks of magenta and orange fill the vastness as if flavors of sherbets dominate her world. Yellow and green splashes with bits of purple decide to take their turn. The sky is changing quickly now, so ElizaMay figures she’d better head back. 

She keeps watch above, because the planets start to peek their alignment. With Venus and Mercury at the horizon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter begin to appear. It’s a wonderful site indeed, so she stops to marvel at the shining orbs. With delight, she yells at the sky. “A true miracle is unfolding, thank you!”  

ElizaMay turns and watches her steps in the darkening dusk, as she reaches the edge of the forest. Although the colors in the clouds continue, they are subduing to welcome the next thing.  

“Hello Mam and Da! I’m back, what a sky! It’s as if I painted it myself!” ElizaMay exclaims excitedly. “I even got wet from a cloud burst, it was fun!”

“Well good for you Lit’lOne!” Da bends down to hug her. “We will eat in celebration then after we finish drying you off!” 

He takes her hand and leads her to the table where Mam has decorated with wild flowers and place settings as colorful as the meadow and sky ElizaMay just left. After eating the delicious meal of green beans, fried pork chops and homemade applesauce, all are quite sated indeed. They smile at each other as if a secret is being revealed and then look about as the next show begins. 

And so on cue, it does. Fireflies dance slowly at first, fluttering, as if a bit shy. Then more come to the party and it really gets going. Dive bombing the audience, zooming in and out of the trees and ferns. The lights spin into ribbons, connecting into a web of gold all around them caressing the happy family with joy.  

“This is incredible!” Mam marvels with tears. 

“Oh it sure is!” ElizaMay giggles uncontrollably because she feels they are tickling her. 

Da gets up to pull Mam into his arms and they begin to sway. ElizaMay joins in with her jig. The fireflies must like them bobbing with them because they swirl around the three, creating a beautiful canopy of sparkling lights. Some lightening bugs sway, as if imitating the family. Others flit and fly into more ribbons as more jump from the grass as if with glee. All are dancing to Nature’s song. Then in an instant the fireflies stop and all goes black. 

Quite startled because it is so dark, the family holds onto each other because they cannot see. As their eyes adjust however, the treetops begin to glow in that ever knowing aura of the moon. This is their signal to move out into the meadow. So Da pulls out little flashlights from his pocket to give to his girls. Mam picks up the blanket and they stroll out to the field. And there it is for their extended pleasure, a big, round and beautiful BlueFullMoon. It is just rising above the horizon showing off its splendor. 

They stretch out the blanket and lay down to watch the moon rise to catch up with the aligning planets. The set is staged with a very black sky, sparkles of stars are in the background to welcome the moon. This begins the next really big show. 

(Upstage ELIZAMAY, DA and MAM are laying stretched out on a blanket. The stage is lit to mimic the night. Enter MOON and SKY) 


It is sad to say but this family is a rarity amongst humans. 


Oh? Moon, are we sentimental tonight? 


When am I not, Sky? I long for simpler times. Every night I pass, this world becomes brighter. Humans have lost the need for the night with their advances in technology. I fear for the humans of this age. 


Are we jealous that they have turned their sights beyond you, brother? 


Jealous? No. Saddened? Yes. Only because they have outgrown me. 


It is only natural for them to look beyond you. They are a curious species indeed. 


They are curious at the cost of their true being. Remember the Shamans of old? The ones who regaled their people with stories of us? Remember the wonder and excitement that filled their eyes? In that moment, they were one with us much like this family. This is what living is about. Now look at the rest of the world. You’ve seen it. Every day is a rush towards an inevitable end. They are not living. They are debris circling an inevitable end; only hungry and never sated. 


Not all humans are as hopeless as you make them out to be. Give them time. We are here to observe the wonders that these tiny beings can accomplish. 


But at what cost? Sky, you’re nothing but a shadow of your former self. Human ingenuity at its finest. 


Yes, I have been better but I hold out with hope that they will learn. I’m not concerned for myself for I will heal with time and I will be here long after they have left Terra. We all have our parts to play very much like now. 


All too true. I digress sister Sky, I let my emotions get the best of me. 


It is quite all right. We are here now. Let us give this family a performance they have never seen. 

(A swirl of colors populates the stage mesmerizing the family orchestrated by MOON and SKY)  

And the planets shine even through the brightness of the Moon.

June 29, 2022 21:15

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