Mystery Romance Suspense

I came back to the Big Apple, for one reason and let it be known… Revenge.


I cherished growing up here, my father and I didn't have much but we had each other and that was all we needed. My mother died when I was 3, so it had just been us for a long time. My father always did his best to make sure my life was fun and adventurous. I loved him for that. And when the time came for college, I was certain to make him proud.

Like I said we didn't have much, and my father didn't come from much either. His dream school was to go to UCLA, but he could never go. And I wanted to honor him by going with a full ride. Nothing made me happier than to see the look of joy and excitement on my father's face. I begged him to come with me but he proclaimed his life was in the city and that I’d always have a home there.

I visited him, every opportunity I got. I sent him postcards, letters, and called him as often as I could. Until one day he stopped responding. I was in the middle of midterms, making me unable to leave but I worried. Day in and day out.


A week later…

My worry began to eat me alive. My friends assured me that perhaps nothing was wrong but something urged me that my father was in danger. As I walked past the commons, I noticed Fox News was on, and before I could tune in Esra had beat me to it.


For a moment I was confused… the whole world had seemed to fade away from me. Why would my father be on the news? I didn't want to assume the worst but could he be, because he had passed. But that couldn't be either, surely someone would have contacted me by now to inform me. But it was something I could never imagine.


My same father picks bugs up from inside the house, and releases them back outside, committing a murder?? Like I would ever believe that a day in my life. My same father that I spent Thanksgiving with volunteering at soup kitchens to feed the homeless? There was no way.

Jess was my best friend here at UCLA, she heard all the stories about my father, she knows how good he is to me and the people around him.

Jess: Ryan? Listen I know it can't be true, but we should really get out of here. People are starting to stare and this isn't a good look for you. 

Jess was also my roommate, so she escorted me back to our dorms.


I sat down and burst into tears.

So, this is why he went M.I.A he's in prison?? How did this even happen?

Jess: I have no idea, but trust me I don't believe it for a second. I met your father and he's one of the kindest people I've ever met. Listen, you know I come from a rich family, and with being rich comes connections. Let me call my father and we will get to the bottom of this.


2 days later…

Ryan: Any word yet?

Jess: Yes, I actually just got off the phone with my father.

Ryan: And??? Is it bad? Has he been set up?

Jess: The evidence is strong. If he had been set up the people behind it would have gone through some serious trouble to set him up. It was a woman who died, someone who was having sexual relations with your father it seems. Your father was the last person to see her, and after her death, he received a large sum of money. The investigator on the case seems to think he was hired for a hit on her.

Ryan: What? That doesn't even make any sense. My father didn't even tell me he was dating somebody, and he tells me everything.

Jess: Maybe he didn't tell you about it because it wasn't serious. After all, with you being gone, he could just be lonely.


Jess: Ryan, no. You know I'm on your side. I think that we should go to New York and find out the truth for ourselves. I already booked our tickets, we leave tomorrow afternoon.

Ryan burst out into tears again

Ryan: Thank you, Jess. I don't know what I would do without your support.


We arrived at night. We were both jetlagged and exhausted.

Jess: I don't remember the last time, I was this tired. Let's check into our hotel and do some digging in the morning.

Ryan: Are you kidding me? The longer we wait, the more at risk my father is of being prosecuted. You get some rest, but I want to start figuring out how something like this could have possibly happened.

Jess: Look, I'm too tired to argue with you. I have some files in my bag detailing the night of your father's arrest, his alibi, and the evidence that they have against him. You look into it and catch me up in the morning.

Ryan hugs Jess.

Ryan: Thank you! You're the best.


Ryan stayed up all night looking through those papers. But she didn't find the answers she was looking for. In fact nothing about this case made sense. It seemed that the woman they claimed he murdered was named Yolanda, and that the two had been seeing each other for weeks. According to my fathers statements, he denied a romantic relationship with Yolanda and stated that they were just friends, looking to start a business together, and that's where the large sum of money came in… from an investor. On the day of the murder, Yolanda’s body was found in the back of an alleyway. And my father’s alibi states that he was in a restaurant across town with a man named David. But like Jess told me, the evidence around him seemed to be very incriminating. Her body was found the next day, by a couple looking for a spot to make out. When the police began their investigation they found that Yolanda had been spending a lot of time with Mr.Roberts, Ryan’s dad. And they were anonymously tipped pictures of the two meeting about an hour before her death, a couple blocks away from the crime scene. Which would explain how my father would have had time to make it to the other side of time, without getting caught. And the fact that the security cameras were wiped made his situation even worse.


The next day Ryan had caught Jess up on everything she had read.

Jess: I understand how stressful this is for you, but you looked like you haven't slept one bit. You get some rest, while I go explore the city a bit. I'm going to meet up with a hacker here, to see if I can find out what happened to that missing footage and when I come back, I'll bring you some food.

Ryan: But-

Jess: But nothing. If you wake before I come back, order room service.

Ryan: Fine


Jess meets with the hacker.

Jess: Do you think you can find the missing footage?

Hacker: I don't think so. But I can retrieve the footage they already have.

Jess: Good, let's start there.

It appears that right before the camera cut where Yolanda and Mr.Roberts were seen they were a hooded man, who seemed to be close the entire time.

Jess pointed that out.

Jess: Could this be something? Do you think he was involved with the murder?

Hacker: He could be but given we can't uncover his identity. It would be a long shot in court.

Jess: Dang. Well, will you send the footage over to me? My friend is going to want to see this.

Hacker: Sure thing, I expect a tip as well

Jess rolls her eyes



Ryan: We have to take this to the police now

Jess: I don't think that's a good idea. We don't have enough evidence to support this, and if we try to turn this in, your father is benign framed. This would put a target on our backs instantly. Then, we won't be able to help your father.

Ryan: So, what do we do?

Jess: We hire a private investigator. We’ll get them to do some digging on Yolanda, the investor, and David.

Ryan: Why David?

Jess: You didn't hear?

Ryan: No…

Jess: David has just been arrested for stolen money. It seems that David was the investor, and he was the one who wired the money into your fathers account making him look even more guilty. And to make matters worse, David is now claiming that he found out about his hit on Yolanda, and was planning to turn Mr.Roberts over to the authorities, but he found out that he knew before, and threatened his family next. He claims that Mr.Roberts backed him into a corner to pay the investment money if he didn't want him to come after his family next. Which led him to steal the money, because he didn't have the funds to pay the amount your father demanded.


Jess: I know. I know.

After reading the article Ryan had no doubt this was a plot behind someone rich with power, and she had her heart set on Vengeance.


Ryan was determined to get to the bottom of this. She was meeting with the private investigator today after all her time was up. To no surprise, her father was sentenced to life in prison. While David only received 6 months of prison time.

Private investigator: Hey, I'm Jackson. I'm guessing you're Ryan?

Ryan: Y-yes. In the flesh

Ryan blushed. Man Jackson was beautiful, he had the perfect curls, a gym bod, green piercing eyes, and a smile that sent shivers down my spine.

Jackson: Ryan? Are you alright? You look a bit puzzled.

Ryan: Oh, yes. I'm just in shock with everything going on

Jackson: Of course, who wouldn't be. Mind catching me up?

Ryan: Right. Of course.

Ryan catches him up and Jackson was also completely convinced he had been set up.

Jackson: Wow. This is a lot but fortunately for you. I have had a few cases like this before, believe it or not. And I’m the best in the city. I promise we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Ryan shook her head in comfort.

Ryan stared into his eyes as he was talking, she heard every word he said but she was in a trance. How could a man be so beautiful?

Jackson clears his throat.

Jackson: Did you hear that last part?

Ryan: No, sorry.

Jackson: I said I’m going to need a list of people who hated or disliked your father

Ryan: Well that won't take long considering everyone loves him. Although there is this one woman who is always rude to my father. Her name is Heather, I believe she’s married to the man who owns Scots Global. 

Jackson: Interesting I’ll look into it.

Ryan: Thank you, truly.


Ryan felt sick to her stomach. Her dad was in prison for a crime he didn't commit, and even worse they wont let him have any visitors. This was the longest they had ever gone without talking to each other. Jess could see the pain growing on her, but she had to go back to campus. She had classes and a life to get back to.

Jess: Call me if you need anything. I got the dean to give you a pass of absence, as long as you do all your work online. I’m sure your professors will be lenient in these dark times for you.

Ryan: Thanks girl. I wouldn't be able to figure any of this out without you.


Ryan and Jackson began to spend a lot of time together. Ryan may have been the one who caught an attraction for Jackson at first but Jackson is beginning to grow feelings over the course of time they spend together.

Jackson’s POV:

I'm doing everything I can to help Ryan prove her father’s innocence. So far it has been dead ends and I have not been able to find anything on Heather, but I cannot deny the fact that I haven't been looking as hard as I should. Truth be told I want to spend as much time with Ryan as I possibly can. Getting to know about her and Mr.Roberts has given me hope for humanity. It's been a while since I've stumbled across good people with good morals. She was gorgeous and I loved how passionate she gets, and how her face lights up when she thinks we were close to solving the mystery. Her beauty is rare, her golden locked and doe-like eyes, she had a smile that could cure cancer.

Ryan’s POV:

The only reason I haven't fallen into depression is because of Jackson. He really has been my rock these past 4 months but I feel really guilty about my feelings for him when my father is sitting locked away.

An idea has struck Ryan.

Ryan: WAIT A MINUTE! Remember my dad’s alibi

Jackson: Yes…

Ryan: We should go back to the restaurant he was at, and see if anyone recognizes him or maybe overheard their conversation

Jackson: That's a good idea! It's weird that I haven't thought about that already.


When we arrived at the bar we began to question those around us but when we asked certain locals about Mr.Robers, they either made a strange face or claimed to know nothing about him or that night, even the workers.

Right when we were about to leave, this woman bumped into me.

Woman: Oh, my! I am so sorry about that!

Ryan: It's ok, you have a good day.

Woman: You as well.

And she smiled and walked away.


When we arrived back at the hotel I had been staying at, Jackson urged me to check my jacket pockets.

Ryan: Why are you so intent on me checking my pockets? I told you there's nothing in them.

Jackson: Remember that woman who bumped into you? Well that's often a tactic people use when they try to steal something from you or even plant something on you.

Ryan found a note in her pocket… The note read “Your father is innocent.


But little did we know what was coming… one of the bartenders had tipped off Heather that we were snooping around. And yes, Heather played a part in the murder. Turns out they framed Mr.Roberts, and David was in on it too. They picked Mr.Roberts to take the fall because he was an easy target considering the only person he was close to was halfway across the country. Turns out Yolanda had known a dirty secret about Heather, and Yolanda was the one who threatened Heather to invest in their company or else she would tell everyone. Heather couldn't take the chance so she began to frame Mr.Roberts and ordered the hit on Yolanda. She hired David to play a role in this game because he would already go down for his own murder charge, but as long as he listened to Heather, he'd only be sent away for a few moths. Anyone who spotted Mr.Roberts that night was paid into silence. And to no surprise, David had gotten out of prison early on good behavior. Heather took this opportunity to try and cover the tracks before it was too late.

Heather: She's onto us David. Find out who she was with at the restaurant, and bring him to me.


I had received a text from a blocked number stating if I wanted to see Jackson again I needed to meet the sender at the location disclosed in the text.

Heather: Well well well. Look at you playing detective with a P.I.

Ryan: Wow. So, it was you all along.

Heather: Not exactly. But you need to stop snooping around. I hear you attend college at UCLA. You should get back to your studies.

Ryan: Or else what?

Heather: David brings the man out.

Jackson was blindfolded, had his mouth taped shut, and his hands cuffed behind his back.

Heather: As I understand it, you have come to love him. Cross me, and I'll kill him.

Ryan's face dropped. How could someone be so evil? What did they do to deserve this?

Ryan: Fine. I'll drop the case, but you need to let him go first.

Heather: Good. I knew you would be smart about this. Now you go back to your studies and never let me see your face here again.

If I hadn't gotten involved romantically with Jackson, maybe this all would have never happened, but as guilty as it makes me feel. I am willing to risk giving up this case for the moment if it means I get to be with Jackson.


Jackson: I am so sorry. I feel like I’ve failed you, but surely they'll slip up again… and we’ll be waiting.

Ryan: I'm counting on it. After all, you did make me a promise.

Jackson: And I intend on keeping it. 

Jackson: Listen. Why don't we both go to LA? You can show me around and we’ll find someone else to carry on this case without us having to be in New York.

Ryan: You would give up your life in New York to come live in LA?

Jackson: Listen, it's not a big deal. I can leave for business trips but I'm not missing out on the chance to explore what we have.

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