A roller-coaster ride

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Coming of Age Teens & Young Adult Western

Today's the day I change, mostly all of us say that to ourselves at some point in our life. But does we really mean it when we say it.

I worked all night just to complete the column, but my superior said- Venessa what the bullshit is all this? Is this what you are paid for... and I have to redo the work. I lived in rooftop small apartment with millions of dream to become an author one day. But somehow I ended up taking the job of columnist in a small magazine. Whenever my work got rejected, I think many times in my head "Do I really want to be an author?" Living in this big city with no money, no family or friends is just like living in the footpath. I got this job and I am grateful for that. "I am living a big size ordinary life" that's what I always say to myself whenever I see people in love, getting promoted. I am happy for them it's just that nothing is working out for me. My parents believed in me and sent me to become a very-renowned author. I can surely tell by looking at my current situation that it's not gonna happen. My mother calls me every then and now to know about my whereabouts and advises me to settle down with rich husband who will look after me which pisses me off everytime she starts talking about my marriage. It's just the stupid hope within me who motivates me to go on with my dream.

Born in a rich family with no worries. That's my life full of friends, lavish bunglow, costly cars, big shot bodyguards. I went overseas for my higher education. I was filming my journey till now to post it on Instagram just when my girlfriend called my name- hey, Edward baby where's wine glasses? . I started my new semester in the college, made a bunch of buddies, weekend parties- house parties all night that's what my life means. My parents have suffered a lot to give me such a king size life. They both work day and night to maintain our entertainment company so we are not able to keep in touch much but they never forget to express their love for me. I am an party animal totally, having drinks, girls, drugs and what not. My parents and me share transparent bond, they knew about my party habits, they never stopped me. They wanted me to be a good person with hardworking personality. My life here seems to be so much fun. This is the life I wanted and I chosed. I was popular on Instagram with millions of followers.

Venessa was struggling on daily basis to achieve something in life, she was assigned to write a column on the instagram influencers(specifically rich brats of the rich parents). She was surfing on the internet that's where she saw Edward profile and added his name for the column. She was feeling jealous of these spoon feeded brats. She heard from a colleague an opportunity to participate in a competition of short novel writing. The winner will be provided with lump-sum cash prize and training to write a novel under famous personality, the novel will be published by the very famous round table writers agency. She started working on that. Whereas Edward was arrested by the police, in case of hit and run. He was interrogated by the police and the investigation team. His parents appointed best lawyers to save him. During his court sessions, he admitted in front of the court that he was heavy on drugs while he was driving and by mistake he hit the man. He was just sentenced for 4 years of prison. His family agreed to compensate to the loss of the victim. He has strong lawyers who cut his sentence almost half. He is emotionally, physically, mentally broken. His parents visits him in prison time-to-time. He is not able to look into his parents eyes. His parents felt torn-apart. She didn't win the competition, felt exhausted with her life. He was depressed, alone, the life he never imagined. His king size life was blurry now.

After few years later, they were invited to a talk show of the town which aims to bring change in the society. Venessa became a famous author, Edward became a director running his family entertainment agency. The talk show host Olivia enjoying talking to them about their experiences, personal life, holistic approach about society. They all seem to having fun, just when the host played her card asking them about the what does "Today's the day I change" mean to them? Edward talked about his biggest mistake, regret in life which is not at all forgiveable-"hit and run case". Though his good personality, good attitude with other cellmates made him serve only for 2.5 years in prison. It left a deep impact on his life. He then told himself "today's the day I change" after that he never touched drugs. He changed into a completely different person. Host of the show Olivia added that his company donate 1/4 of the profits to the NGOs who are working against drugs and awaring youth about non consumption of drugs. Whereas Venessa talked about how people think of her as a gold digger still even after 8 years of marriage with one of the round table writers founder. She talks about how low she was feeling when she didn't win the competition. Just after that she get a text from him. "Today's the day I change" she said to herself thinking that she will forget about her dream, will play around with boys. They went on dates, fell in love, get married. She even achieved success after her marriage. She's now living "big size unique life". She thinks in her mind how I and Edward completely different person but the change they have faced in their life, made them closer to each other.

October 30, 2021 15:57

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