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Ruth woke up in the morning, happy, grateful, full of joy and bliss flowing through her veins. To the average reader, one would think that ruth had the perfect life. She doesn’t. Ruth is a targeted individual who was tortured and programmed by the Illuminati as a child. For her entire life, never missing a day, not only did the elite pay other people to be evil towards her, they also did their best to trigger her into acts of self-harm.

One might think this is out of the realm of possibility but do you research. Stay away from the kooks and google things like NLP, MK Ultra (documented Nazi mind control program) and bullying. Now that you’ve educated yourself, let us get on with this diminutive narrative.

Ruth knew what she was going to face, the same today as every other day. People calling her names, people being evil towards her, people stalking her and trying to trigger programming that no longer existed. The masses thought even if they couldn’t trigger her into performing particular actions which were detrimental to her (but fun for them to watch, because it wasn’t them), they could at least make her feel bad about herself, or perhaps she would begin to believe their lies. After all, for most of her life she had. This business of her not operating on triggers and loving herself, feeling happy, was new. Surely if everyone added more pressure onto her, she would break.

Something about my antagonists you need to know, dear reader, is they are not intelligent. We are speaking of people who mindlessly take orders from the Illuminati to be evil towards someone without cause. People who sway and fall under group think tend not to use their brains, nor think in a conscious manner. For all intents and purposes these people embody the definition of idiots.

And as for their masters the Illuminati, well, they aren’t too smart either. What kind of people don’t notice a change in a situation or personality? People who aren’t paying attention. People who keep trying methods that consistently fail are slightly more intelligent than the idiots they own, but not much.

Ruth was happy, regardless. Why was Ruth happy? How could a person so persecuted by the masses be happy with her life and herself? Because she had met herself. Because she was in communion with God and the Holy Spirit. These things may not be physical, but they are real and they bring such ease and flow into an individual’s life in spite of evil being done unto them. When you have nothing left but God in an untenable situation, your faith develops exponentially.

Ruth had been taught secrets by the energies she listened to. Ruth understood surrender and obedience in a way that the masses could never have grasped, even had she spelled it out to them, which she had, many times. God and the Holy Spirit gave her advice, sometimes spoken, sometimes in energy, informing her of the situation, situations she would face and what would be her best course of action. Ruth had learned what the joy of the Lord is.

The joy of the Lord is an incredible thing. Many (false) Christians will speak of it, but you won’t see it in their eyes, on their face or feel it in their energy. It’s just a concept to them, one they speak of, hoping to fool others into thinking they have something that they don’t. Real joy is incredible. It is a feeling with bliss.

How can a person feel bliss when dealing with people who are being evil towards you? I don’t know. It’s a miracle if you ask me. Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. It is a special ability to rise above a situation. It is God and the Holy Spirit stepping in and doing some incredible things to a person’s spirit on a subliminal level. It is a blessing affording to very few people in this world.

Ruth has the right to be angry and irritated, but she was told by the Holy Spirit that these emotions would not do her good. For starters, the emotion of anger would have led to trauma bonding with her stalkers. With such a powerful, negative emotion flowing through her, she would be able to be triggered, just like the bullies wanted to. So, working with God and the Holy Spirit, Ruth learned to let go of anger, forgiving and moving on. Do you know how hard it is to forgive people who aren’t sorry? That, also, she was able to forgive is a miracle.

Ruth made it to the end of another day, unfussed, unphased and uncaring of the fools and all their attacks. Ruth had discovered that she had worth and value and lies do not detract from that. The only value that lies manage to diminish is that of the people uttering them. One day, the world will see the truth in the situation. That day is not today, of course, because so many people keep their eyes covered, as that is what good Illuminati slaves do.

Ruth woke up the next morning. Fully prepared to face the evil doers, stalkers and slaves of the Illuminati with the grace she had received through her faith. Always the one with a positive attitude, ready to forgive and move on. Grudge holding was a burden too heavy for her to bear, especially if she wanted the treasures in heaven God had waiting for her at the end of her life.

The hostilities were absent the next day, the day after that, and all the days following, never to return for the rest of her life. What greater gift is there, than to give someone the peace and space they earned and deserve. It was not expected, as the bullies had promised they would never stop tormenting her, but it was received with gratitude. Ruth was able to move on with her life, without nary a care.

November 18, 2022 23:16

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