The Surprise Of The Fallen Leaves

The Continuing Story Of Maddie-Rose

(Read about Maddie-Rose in my story: “Singing in the Rain”)

When we last left Maddie-Rose she had just returned home after being abducted by her father.  

Rainy season was over, but that was okay with Maddie-Rose. She always loved playing in the rain but now has discovered a new obsession. Playing in piles of leaves. Since they had a huge tree in their backyard, there were plenty of leaves.

“Please, Mommy,” Maddie-Rose cried. “Can I just play outside for just a little while?” She tilted her head to the side, “Besides, I have to collect some leaves for my art project.”

“Okay, okay,” Kelly said. “Thirty minutes. Then it's dinner time.”

Maddie-Rose ran up to her room and put her on her sweater and matching hat. Then came racing down the stairs and out the back door.  

She grabbed the rake that was leaning against the house. She started raking the leaves into a pile.  

After a few minutes she was happy with her pile. She placed the rake back up against the house. She stood back to admire her pile. She let out a happy yell and jumped in it.  

She was laughing so hard that Kelly couldn’t help wanting to join Maddie-Rose in the pile of leaves.

“Mommy,” laughed Maddie-Rose as Kelly jumped in the pile of leaves, “You’re so silly!”

Both Kelly and Maddie-Rose rolled around in the leaves laughing.

“Okay,” Kelly said, getting up and brushing the leaves off herself. “It’s time to call it a night.”

“Five more minutes Mommy,” Maddie-Rose said. “Just let me collect some leaves for an art project I’m working on.”

Maddie-Rose ran across the yard without waiting for an answer from her mother. She quickly picked up some leaves from under the oak tree.  

She had a handful of leaves and had just picked up one last leaf. She was getting ready to head back to the house when something caught her eye.

She bent down and started brushing away leaves. “Mommy,” she called across the yard. “Look what I found.”

“Maddie-Rose,” Kelly said sternly. “I hope this is not a ploy to avoid going inside.”

“No, Really Mommy,” Maddie-Rose said. “Look at this. It looks like a box. There’s the handle.”

Maddie-Rose tried to pull the box but it wouldn’t budge. “It’s stuck.”

“Here,” Kelly said. “Let me try.” Kelly pulled on the handle but it wouldn’t budge for her either.

Kelly quickly walked to the garage and grabbed a hand shovel. She came back.  

Together Kelly and Maddie-Rose worked to dig that box out. They dug and brushed and finally Kelly was able to dig the box out of the ground.

“Mommy,” Maddie-Rose cried as Kelly placed the box next to the hole. “What’s in the box? Open it.”

“It’s locked.” Kelly said. “Let’s bring it inside. Besides, it's getting dark.”

“Listen,” Kelly said as she put the box on the kitchen counter, “Let’s get dinner out of the way, then we’ll check out the box.”

“Okay,” Maddie-Rose said reluctantly. She took off her sweater and hat but couldn’t keep her eyes off the box.

They had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner. Maddie-Rose couldn’t stop going on and on about the box.

“I wonder what’s in there.” she said. “Maybe, it’s gold, or diamonds...or maybe a million dollars.”

“I don’t think so,” Kelly said. “Why would someone bury a box with something so valuable?”

“Maybe, it’s a treasure chest.” Maddie-Rose said. Kelly knew there was nothing she could say to convince Maddie-Rose of anything until they opened the box.

Maddie-Rose helped clean up dinner. Then sat at the counter waiting to open the box.

Kelly got a screwdriver out of the drawer and joined Maddie-Rose at the counter. It didn’t take too long before they had it open.

“What’s inside?” Maddie-Rose asked.

Kelly pulled out a large envelope. It had a heart drawn on it with the initials ‘MRT’.

She took it out and closed the lid of the box making sure it didn’t lock again. 

“Look Mommy,” Maddie-Rose said pointing to the heart. “MRT, just like me, Maddie-Rose Thomas.”

Kelly quickly opened up the envelope. There was a letter wrapped around a stack of envelopes.

“What does it say?” Maddie-Rose asked.

Kelly read the letter:

To whoever finds this, I hope you are in for an adventure. If so you must follow the instructions on the following envelopes exactly.

They are numbered 1, 2 and 3 and must be opened in that order. Also you must not open the next envelope without completing the instructions on the previous one.

Good luck,


Kelly lined up the envelopes in number order.

The one marked ‘#1’ stated DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE FIRST LIGHT OF DAY.

“We have to wait till morning,” Kelly said. “So how about heading upstairs for a bath, then bedtime story.” 

“Aww, man.” Maddie-Rose cried. She jumped off the chair and stomped up the stairs. Kelly followed close behind.

After her bath and bedtime story Kelly tucked Maddie-Rose into bed. Kelly didn’t think Maddie-Rose would fall asleep but within minutes she was fast asleep.

Kelly headed back down to the kitchen. She looked at the envelopes on the counter. She wondered who left them buried under the oak tree in the backyard. She hoped she would find out in the morning. 

Kelly was so excited, she had a hard time falling asleep.

Kelly awoke the next morning to Maddie-Rose poking at her. “Mommy, Mommy,” Maddie-Rose yelled. “The sun will be out soon. Remember, the note said open at the first light of day.”

“Okay,” Kelly said. “We can’t do anything in our pj’s so go get dressed. We’ll eat a quick breakfast and then open the envelope.”

Maddie-Rose quickly ran to her room and changed, while Kelly did the same. They quickly went down stairs and had some cereal. Just as they finished the sun started going up.

Maddie-Rose grabbed the envelope labeled #1 and handed it to Kelly.

“Open it, Mommy,” she gleefully yelled. “Open it now.”

Kelly opened the first envelope. “Okay,” she said. She began reading the note inside.

If you are reading this note then you found what I buried under the oak tree. Follow my instructions and you will be rewarded.

“I told you it was a treasure,” Maddie-Rose stated. “Is there a map inside?”

“No, but there is a list of things to do.” Kelly said. “Are you ready for this?”

“Yep.” Maddie-Rose said.

Kelly read on:

First you must go to the basement.

Maddie-Rose ran up ahead. She opened the door. “What next?” she asked.

#1 From the top of the stairs count down 10 steps.

#2 Then count up 3 steps.

#3 Then count down 4 steps.

Maddie-Rose did as Kelly said. She laughed doing so.

“What next?” Maddie-Rose yelled up to Kelly.

The light from the morning sun should be shining on a panel next to that step. There should be a small hole.

Maddie-Rose pointed to the panel. Kelly came down to the step that Maddie-Rose was standing on.  

“Look, Mommy.” Maddie-Rose said. There’s the hole. I never saw that before. What does it say now?”

Pull on the hole, and the panel should come off the wall.

Kelly did as the note said. Behind the panel was a hook with a key on it. Kelly took the key.

“What does the note say now?” Maddie-Rose asked.

Now go down to the bottom step. You should see a keyhole.

Use the key you just found and lift the step up.

Again, they did just as the note said. Kelly inserted the key and lifted the step. Inside was a long box. Kelly slowly lifted it out. She placed it on the basement floor. She lifted the lid.

Inside the box was a beautiful doll. Kelly lifted the doll out and handed it to Maddie-Rose.  

Inside the box was a note.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful doll. Now go to envelope #2

They climbed the stairs and headed back to the kitchen to get the next envelope.

“I wonder how they knew a little girl would find the box.” Maddie-Rose said placing the doll on the counter.

“I don’t know.” Kelly said picking up envelope #2.  

Kelly opened the envelope and read the note inside.

I hope you enjoyed your little adventure. I hope I made it a little fun for you. Now for your next step.  

Go to the closet at the top of the stairs. There is a secret panel on the back wall of it. Don’t forget to bring your doll with you.

Maddie-Rose quickly ran up the stairs, with Kelly right behind her. Kelly opened the door to the closet where they kept their towels and sheets. Maddie-Rose carefully sat the doll down against the wall.

Kelly began pulling everything out of the closet. Sure enough they saw a panel on the back wall. She had to pull out two of the shelves to get to it. She picked up the note and began reading it.

When you find the panel you can just pull on it. Behind the panel will have another surprise for you. 

Kelly pulled at a small hook on the panel. It opened up. She reached in and pulled out another box.

“I wonder what’s in that box.” Maddie-Rose said. On the top of the box was a note.

It’s time for a tea party for you and your new friend.

Kelly lifted the lid off the box. Inside was a little tea set.  

“Wow,” Maddie-Rose said, picking up one of the little teacups. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Yes it is.” Kelly said. She looked inside and saw another note.

Now take your new friend and tea set to your room. Then go get the last envelope. 

Kelly helped Maddie-Rose bring her doll and tea set to her room. Kelly went down to the kitchen to get the next envelope.

Kelly returned with the envelope and opened it as soon as she got back.

So if you have gotten this far you now have a new friend, and a new tea set. You need one last thing before you can have your tea party.

Go to your closet and again on the back wall is another panel. Under the skirt of the doll is a key that will fit in the panel door.

Maddie-Rose lifted the skirt of the doll and found the key. Kelly went to the closet and pulled everything out. She saw the panel and the key hole. She inserted the key and pushed the panel open.

Maddie-Rose grabbed the flashlight she kept in the nightstand next to her bed. She handed it to Kelly.

Kelly saw a string hanging from the ceiling, and pulled on it. They could not believe what they saw. It was a small room. It was decorated with pink and purple flowers.

In the center of the room was a small table and chair set. Maddie-Rose ran over to it. On the table was a note. She handed it to Kelly.

Kelly read the note:

Dear Little Girl,

One sunny morning a young couple came and looked at this house. That couple was your Mom and Dad. Your Mom was pregnant with you and very excited to announce they were having a baby girl. So once I knew they were going to buy this house I set up an adventure for you to go on. So Little Girl, please enjoy this secret room with your new friend. In the trunk in the corner you will find tea party clothes for you and your doll.

Love Always, 

Mary Ray Thorton 

Every afternoon Maddie-Rose played in the leaves and when it grew too cold she would play tea party with her new doll, Mary Ray.

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Mercy Ineke
19:24 Nov 12, 2021

Interesting story. I enjoyed reading till the end.


Lisa Neuvelt
19:59 Nov 12, 2021

Thank you. Hope you enjoyed “Singing in the Rain” too!


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Kossiwa Logan
23:33 Nov 10, 2021

It's a sweet story but I'm not sure who Mary Rae Thornton is, unless I missed it in the story. I liked it. It kept me reading it. Maddie-Rose is adorable.


Lisa Neuvelt
23:37 Nov 10, 2021

She is the person who left the box on the ground for Maddie-Rose to find She wrote the instructions for Maddie-Rose to follow. Remember the heart on the first envelope with the letters MRT Thanks


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