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Coming of Age Creative Nonfiction

I walked on a path of light and darkness. In front of me was a learning place. It told of all these different kinds of God's. Which one was right? Was I a God? Was God, God? Was a better man, than me, a God? Were there many God's, before? Was all of man his self, a God? Would this life time, be enough time, to learn all of these things? If God exists, surely he would make sure we knew of Him, before we left this place. Would He send us, to the next place, and let us know after, this life? Maybe, there would be many, many, places that we would learn, and at the end of eternity, if such a thing, then we would know. Would the collective consciousness, be a God to most people? It seemed that, it was the thing that resembled destiny the most. The collective consciousness, all believing in one thing, the same thing. Then it would surely come true, if all of us believed. How could it not? This would lead us to knowing the difference, between science, and God. We're the two, actually one?

I can do magic with science. Yes, I can do magic, I can grow an ear on a mouse. Then, in turn I could grow an ear on a human, that lost an ear. Someday I will grow a human appendage on, say, a pig. This is all done, with stem cell growth research. This feat has never been done before, and I am truly amazing. Isn't this grand. That me, a mere man, could grow a body part, that before, only God could do.

I am a scientist as well. I can grow a flower with an eyeball in it. I am a chosen one, of God's children. Can it see us, we can only wonder, what a flower sees. This has never been done before, by man. I am the first, only with God can we do these things. Look at this prize. Just gaze at God's work, this awesome creation. This plant that must be able to see.

I meditate always. I am a yoga, and I can levitate, only through the act of being one, with one's self can I do this. I rise through the air, with my legs crossed, from being seated on the ground. This is not a trick of the eye, I am in tune with the earth, I can fly. Watch me. Look what I have created, I am light as a feather, I have proved it, time, and time again, to you. My science is mastering my bodies functions.

I am also a scientist, I am learning to travel, at the speed of light. Look at my vehicle. The atoms of this earth, part before me, when I race through objects. I don't split in half, I go right through solid objects. Distance has no meaning, and time has very little, of this word "meaning". This must mean to you, that we are almost invincible. Man is an amazing creation. We are the creators, are we not? We create all that is on this earth to see, don't we?

I am a great being. I also can travel at the speed of light, I can teleport. I have seen the whole earth. I travel to places instantly, only through, HIS power, can I do this wonderous, trading of places. Praise to Him, our creator. To me, my master. I am doing the wonders of my mind, yet someday soon it will be of science, that people can travel this way

I am a touch healer. I can heal the sick, with the touch of my hand. He has risen and given me these life saving tactics. To keep the ones, the people, that make it to my presence. Glory to this man. Glory to God we say, for all my power. He was one of the great scientists, Jesus. Did he not master making water to stay drinkable, by making it into wine. He also was a great inventor, he first used fishing nets, with his people. What a scientist, he was.

I am a doctor, a physician of the body. Again a scientist. With a mind, to believe in the well being, of all mankind. Why, I also heal the sick, and lame. I feed them my medicines, and it helps, and heals, the people I serve. I am like a God, to the people. Thank you Lord for creating us.

Look here though, I can memorize 52 playing cards, in row. Praise be to me, for I have a photographic memory. I am a product of my parents, they created me. They must be the creators. The mother and the father, yes, they have to be, some sort of scientists.

Hey, over here, I can look through your eyes. I am a telepathic, pick one of those playing cards and I will tell you what it is, without looking at it. I am a creation in itself, am I not. Would it be scientific, when you study me? Do I read the card, or your mind?

The Father of the church says. Over here! Here is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I do not see poltergeist, but I see angels everyday. What a concept, to have all dimensions, in three. Glory to all three. The trinity is the master of us all. I study the Bible, Scientists, all do studies, like me the Father of my church.

The mediums eyes light up, she says" gentleman I talk to those of our dearly departed, they tell me all kinds of tales, of your past with them, I speak. Yet, I have never known you or them before. Through you, we must be God like. Glory be to me, and this New Age, and to you. Science is man, she says.

I have seen many of these, God like, man like, spirit things too. I to can see, but not the past, I can predict your future says the psychic. I can tell your fortune and be correct. I study your future. So be it, I be HIM. My science is the future, in you.

I hear voices, I have a science all of my own. I know these are not me, but the scientists tell me, they are. Am I not a scientist too, studying my own mind? That ten people, can sound like one person, and one person can have the sound of ten different people. This is a life long study. With the world my students. Me, the student myself forever. We are all scientists of some sort.

When God and science become one.

March 14, 2022 07:33

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