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This story contains themes or mentions of sexual violence.

Good morning God,                                                              03/20/2017

Today is a beautiful day. The sun actually woke me up, lol. Mitzy was lying beside me purring like usual. I think I’m going to wear something to welcome in the spring and pair it with my new Gucci bag. Spring is in the air. Bye, write you later xoxo

Good evening God,                                                               03/20/2017

Oh, I had a lovely day. Matt from accounting finally spoke to me during an office brunch. Well, he said hello, but it's progress. One day I plan to be Mrs. Matt Gwendder. But for now, I will work hard to get where I plan to be by age 25. Bye, write you later xoxo

Good morning God,                                                              03/21/2017

I had a nightmare last night. Oh, it was horrible. I dreamed that I was walking the streets of Philly just aimlessly. It seemed as though I was homeless in the dream. When I awoke, I hugged Mitzy hard and brought my white satin sheets closer to my chest. Bye, write you later xoxo

Good evening God,                                                                03/21/2017

God, I just had to put that horrible dream behind me and get myself a latte with a twist donut from the bakery two doors down this morning before work. I saw my friend buying himself a coffee. He’s always busy, but somehow has time to chat with me. We spoke about the weather and what he plans to do this weekend. He’s a good friend. I also bought myself the cute diamond earrings I saw at the jeweler. Bye, write you later xoxo

Good morning God,                                                               03/22/2017

 Another beautiful day! I love spring! My flowers are actually blooming, well only the ones by the window. Today the forecast calls for rain, so I’m putting on a yellow outfit, the Prada one. Yellow always makes me smile. I’m thinking of getting a chai latte this morning just to get the lingering thoughts of the dream away from me. God, do you actually read my writing? Bye, write you later xoxo

Good night God,                                                                   03/22/2017

 I feel a bit under the weather. I got rained on. I accidently forgot my Coach umbrella in the cafe and when I went out for lunch it was pouring. I got soaked. I’m just going to take herbal tea and sleep it off. Hopefully, my Louis Vuitton dress didn’t get ruined. Bye, write you later xoxo

Good morning God,                                                               03/23/2017

 Mom woke me this morning asking if I was ok. She worries ever since I decided to move on my own from Tombstone Arizona to Philly PA. I needed to spread my wings. She believes that at 21 I’m not ready for city living, but I am. I’m a bit sick, but I’m still going to work because I’m a strong, independent woman. Bye, write you later xoxo

Good evening God,                                                                 03/23/2017

 I was sent home from work today. I have a fever and I’ve been sneezing all day. I bought some over the counter medicine. I’m going to eat some soup then head to bed. Bye, write you later xo

Good morning God,                                                                 4/08/2017

 Last night I dreamed that I fell into a trap door and hurt myself. I was unable to walk. I don’t know if it means anything, but nonetheless, I will continue with my day. Today, I have to work in the inner city. I can’t wait, I’ve never been, but I heard it’s nice there. Hermès mini skirt suit will do for today. Bye, write you later xo

Good night God,                                                                        4/10/2017

 I went to the inner city to help give food to the homeless. It’s part of my job description to help my company look good. But on my way to the train, I took a shortcut and went through an alley. I was chased by a dog. As I’m running a car pulled next to me so I got in. It saved me from the dog. He drove me God, to an alley and raped me. I fell into a trap. I’m in the hospital now. I have a few broken ribs and my face is swollen from when he kicked me. Bye, write you later

Good morning God,                                                                  4/12/2017

 I’m still in the hospital, but I dreamed last night that I couldn’t breathe. I don’t know what it means, but at least I’m in the hospital where, if anything happens, I’m in good hands. They are telling me that I will be released today. I already spoke with the police and gave a description of the guy.  Bye

Good night God,                                                                     4/19/2017

 I was thinking, why didn’t you save me from the attack? I hurt all over and the guy hasn’t even been caught yet. Everyone in my office knows what happened. How do I face them? This is embarrassing. I cry constantly. You weren’t there!

Good morning God,                                                                5/30/2017

 I’ve been attending therapy. I understand what I did wrong that day. I should have never taken that detour through the alley. My therapist tells me that not to think it was my fault, but that I should be aware of my surroundings constantly. God, can’t you be aware of my surroundings. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT LURKS IN THE CORNERS!?

Good night God,                                                                     6/20/2017

 My apartment burned down. They say that I left my space heater too close to my sofa and it caught fire. I lost everything. But at least I had renters’ insurance so that will kick in soon–I hope.

Good morning God,                                                            7/3/2017

 I’ve been staying with my friend. He says that I can stay as long as I want. It’s good to have friends. He cares for me. He even gave me some medicine to keep the pain away and help me sleep. I have had some trouble sleeping ever since the incident.

Good night God,                                                              7/5/2017

 I went to work today. I just stayed to myself. I really just can’t wait to get home and take a pill and sleep. I haven’t been eating too much. My friend said to smoke some weed and it’ll help with eating. It’s true, now I do get cravings. Friday, I have to help homeless women fill out job applications. This time I’m taking an Uber to and from the place.

Good morning God,                                                       7/7/2017

 I was scared to go to the event for homeless women, so my friend gave me a sedative to calm my nerves. I feel so much better. I really like this medicine. I’m planning on asking my friend for the name so I can get a prescription for it. The little pill was blue. I love blue. It reminds me of the sky and the beach.

Good night God,                                                            7/7/2017

 I met a really nice lady. She’s homeless, but she’s so attentive to the needs of others. I told her about the blue pill and she told me that she can sell me some. She actually gets a prescription! I always see her speaking to different people. I’m happy that I met her.

Morning God,                                                        10/26/2017

 I lost my job today! How could you let this happen? They did a drug test on me and they said I failed. They even gave me pamphlets on drug rehabilitation centers. I’m not a drug addict!! How could you God? How could You!!! I didn't know that the bottom of the barrel had a trapdoor. WHICH I FELL THROUGH!! Now I'm hurdling down towards an endless abyss!!

Hello God,                                                                      03/21/2018

 My friend got evicted from his apartment. Now I’m homeless too. At least I took my laptop with me when I went looking for work today. I couldn’t find a job so I went to visit the nice homeless lady I met. She said that if I gave her my laptop, she would give me just one blue pill! Could you believe that!? My laptop is worth at least 10 pills!

Hey,                                                                             02/09/2019

 My parents came to pick me up from prison. I’ve been here awhile. I sold my laptop for 5 pills, so I haven’t been able to write to you. Mom let me use her home computer to write. She said that writing is therapy. I really don’t know how, but I’ll give it a try. She said it works if I write daily.

March 29, 2022 23:57

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00:08 Mar 30, 2022

That took a turn -- several of them. Oof! You've captured the vicissitudes of life. A roller coaster, complete with nausea and trauma. Great take on diary entries to God, who has a lot of explaining to do... :)


Annette C
10:22 Mar 31, 2022

Thank you so much for your feedback! I wasn't too sure about the setup, but sometimes it's best to just leave it alone and see what happens.


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