Suspense Horror

Hi my name Yanda. I lived in In Georgia since well forever. I lived there with my sister Trice and My mom and dad. My dad wasn't always home He was a busy man. We lived in a Not so big but a good size house. My parents made good money but not that much even though we had enough for us. I know live in North Carolina after what happen. Me and my sister now live in a apartment. My mom and dad live in a house a few miles from us we visit them often but we never plan on going back home our old home. It all started in when my sister was Five. We been living there for 18 years or at least that what my mom says. I was 9. There was a rumor that a our house what hunted by a demon but we never suspected anything or seen anything unusual. Until that uneventful night.

I had the most bizarre dream. I was in a forest. It was nighttime and I was being chased. I just kept running until I made it to a house. I hid in a basement but the thing it kept trying to bang it way in. Just banging. BANG BANG BANG BANG! It was so loud. The basement was light by a mini window and in shone moonlight. I then found a lantern I turn the nob until the light turn on. It went quiet. I looked around the basement it was dusty and cobwebs everywhere. I seen there was a table on the table was a mirror. I looked into it but It wasn't me in the reflection in was a little girl bout my age or Ten maybe. She was bleeding from her forehead and on her arm. She was hurt and then she called my name and screamed. I jumped out of my bed and dash into my my mom and dad's room. I told them about the dream but they said it was just a bad dream And to go to sleep. I asked to sleep with them but they refused. My sister came in and gave me a big hug.

My dad carried me in my room and put me in my bed. I grabbed his arm "dad I'm scared" I said with fear all over my body. My sister came in the room and climbed in my bed. "I sleep with you" she said Sweetie your sister going to be okay. my mom said trying to cheer Trice up. "No I sleep with Yandy" she cried "Fine so be it." She said leaving the room. "Night girls" My dad said. "Night daddy" we responded. I slept for about an hour when Trice woke me up "Yandy girl in yo room" she whispered. She looked petrified and I got chills. "Where is she?" I asked her scared to death. She pointed in the corner of my room. She there I asked she shook her head. Then we heard giggling It got louder and louder. We both screamed at the top of our lung as we seen her appear out the corner of my room. My parents rushed in and saw a gimps of her and she vanished into thin air.

I'd have the dream every two weeks a month for three. My sister would have nightmare about the girl ever since that day. My dad finally decided to do some research on the house. It turns out that there was a girl found dead in the basement of our house. She was ten years old. It's said that Her family were attacked and Killed and that she escaped and darted off into the woods. She was running and was being chased by someone and then she came across our house and went into the basement where she was then later killed. She was found by the teenage boy and his family that lived ther before us They never found who killed her and that their was something unusual about the killing that their was no sign of struggle and no bleeding But the was evidence of bleeding just no blood. No stretch bruise nor marks. So the file was closed and seal off. Now with the new knowledge I tried to communicate with her and I did. She didn't want to hurt me nor my sister she wanted our help. She was stuck here and wanted some friends.

My sister and I had a play room so we'd played with her in there. The nightmares went away but there still were more unexplained thing that happen. It continued did this for 3 years. My parents kept thinking that we had an imaginary friend. That we were causing the problems or incidents. Two years later now that I was fourteen and my sister 9 we stopped play with her. We didn't like being blamed for her actions. We told her we didn't want to play anymore and she got irritated and started shrieking Loudly. My parents came in the room thinking it was us and seen her shrieking. My parents told me and my sister to get out the room. Her shrieking filling the breaking glass pictures everywhere. They told us to grab a bag and stuff what we could in them and run to car while they did the same. Five minutes passed neighbors are outside in the road looking at our house. One called the police and they arrive three minutes later.

We bursting out to the car as everyone staring at our window. Int6he window was the girl still screaming but what stood behind her well be burned in our memories forever. It was dark and disfigure it hard to tell if it was even human. Me and my parent said that we never go to that house again because now it the Demon's House. We lived in North Carolina ever since it been six years now since we left and we never going back. My mom's forty-eight and my dad is Fifty. I'm twenty and My sister is sixteen. We live better lives here in North Carolina no more paranormal things happen. No nightmares or anything. We still remember that night those days. But we never let it get the best of us. We've to deal with our past and moved on. I don't even want to think about that house. After all I been through those year I decided to forget but I couldn't. So now that I've told my stories to anyone who live in that house, you now live in the Demon's house be aware.

June 11, 2021 22:10

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