The Bank Robber's Sponsor

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Crime Drama Friendship

"So what's the catch?"

"No catch. Just you, me, and KC going to a bank."


"In ski masks."


"Okay. Okay, man! God, you're so pushy. Ya, ya we're gonna rob it."


"Come on, dude. I need the money, bad. You know who this business goes, sometimes you're down and sometimes you're-"

"High?" Jack finished, grabbing the spliff from Sawyer and stomping it under his foot.


"That's what happened at your last job isn't it? You got high and screwed up?"


"So you need me to come in and take charge for you so you don't screw this one up?"

"Well, when you say in charge, what exactly are you imagining?"

"You want me to be you're fucking sponsor? What? I just follow you around and take lighters from you?"

"You're my oldest friend."

"No, Sawyer! I'm the only one that could put up with your shit!"

"Chill out, dude."

"God, I should have seen this coming! I got out of this stuff, man! I started over. I promised Angie I would leave this behind."

"And you wouldn't be breaking any promises."

"What are you talking about?"

"Getaway car."


"You want a piece of all the action? Fine, fine. But your cut ain't getting any bigger-"

"I'm out."

"Jack, please! I-I'm in serious trouble. It’s The Gaters."

"You went to loan sharks before me?"

"You just said you put it all behind you! You made a promise to your girl!"

"No. No. I'm out. Don't you get it? You go to me first! You ALWAYS go to me first. Fucking shit, man! I-I promised-"


"I promised you first."

"You're in?"

"One ride. Getaway car."

“You got the J-Man back in, dope.”

“Just shut the door, KC.”

“Ouch, J-Man.”

“And throw that out.”

“It’s just a little beer, it ain’t gonna hurt anything. You know I can’t do these things sober.”


“Cool it, guys. We need to plan this one out.”

“What? Not cool, Soy.”

“Jack’s involved this time, KC. We got to be professional.”

“I always am.”

“Let’s go over it one more time,” Jack started, tracing the map with his finger. “4:55 pm: KC and Sawyer go in and tip the contact. At 5:10 KC makes a distraction while Sawyer slips in the back using the door that the contact opens. 5:20: KC will get a message from Sawyer when he has the money. KC will go through the front, and Sawyer will find me in the back. I drop Sawyer at his apartment, and I never see you to again.”

“Harsh. dude,” KC said.

“Get that thing out of your mouth.”

“Seriously, Soy?”

“Listen to him. We go sober for this one. Jack’s the law.”

“Damn right I am.”

“All right everyone, get out.”

“That’s cold, J-Man.”

“Just relax, KC.”

“No, Soy. What’s got this guy acting like frosty the fucking snowman? That guy was warmer than you and he was made out of fucking snow.”

“Sorry, K.C. I just want to get this over with.”

“Huh. Bye,bye J-Man! Try not to get us arrested!”

“He’s just a kid, Jack,” Sawyer commented once KC had gotten out of the car.

“A kid shouldn’t be in this business. He won’t be a kid for much long- if he doesn’t get himself killed first.”

“Hey man! He chose this. Kid came to me a year ago in deep, deep shit, and I pulled him out. He’s loyal and has a good head. It ain’t my fault if he realizes the world isn’t perfect.”

“Is that what your first boss said to you?”

“I’ll see you on the flip side, Jack.”

“See you on the flip side.”


“Where are you, Sawyer? Get in this damn car right now.”




“Get your shitting hands off me!” 

“Sawyer Maddison, you have the right to remain silent.”

“This is just a whole misunderstanding fellas.”

“Uh huh. You have the right to an attorney.”

“Let’s just talk this out.”

“Anything you say can and will be held against you.”

“Jack! Jack! They’ve got him!” 

“He knew what he was getting into, kid. Get in the car.”

“I can’t stay in here!”

“Yes you can, Kid.”

“He’s your best friend. How can you just leave him?”

“He told you that?”

“Well, ya. I mean, isn’t he?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Why? Because you got lucky and landed some office job? Because your parents earned some cash and got you into college? Me and him ain’t got that. We don’t got some fancy degree. This ain’t some rebellious phase for us. It’s do or die, man. Kill or be killed.”

“And if I let you go back out there you’re going to get yourself killed. Sawyer wouldn’t want that.”

“How would you know what he wants? You left him, man! You got up and left him in a ditch! I’m all he’s got, and he’s all I got. I can’t leave him.”

“You have to.”

“Unlock the car, Jack!”


“Unlock the fucking car!”

“What’s your plan? You’re going to jump two cops? That’s not the same as robbing a bank.”

“I don’t care.”

“You should.”

“I don’t!”

“I’ll get you into college, Kid. You can crash at my place.”

“Like I care about college!”

“Whatever you care about, I’ll get it to you. But if you go out there, you’re going to get killed, and you’ll never be able to have any of it.”

“I only care about Sawyer! Now unlock the car!”

“I’ll pay for his bail and make sure he gets a fair trial.”

“You know that won’t happen!”

“I’ll get him a lawyer and-”

“You’ll run away again, man! You’ll leave him just like you left before and those white collar judges won’t give a shit about him!”

“He made his choices, K.C.”

“No he didn’t! He’s not the one in deep with the sharks. It’s me! He was just protecting me! Now open the car!”

“Well, I’ll be damned.”


"Well, I'll be damned."

March 11, 2023 01:45

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