The 3 girls met together and told each other a secret they kept.


“I’m a animal Lover and I have a cat named Ginger Pot” said Theresa

“I’m a whizz at solving puzzles, and I have a high IQ” said Tessa

“I’m a Witch and I like collecting door knobs, especially golden door knobs” said Clara

They all were impressed with their secrets, Theresa and Tessa were really impressed with Clara’s secret. 

“So Clara, what's going on in Witch Land then” said Theresa. 

“Well first of all Theresa, it is not called Witch Land it is part of America, and what’s going on

are the witches getting ready to go on striking?

“Whatever for Clara,'' said Tessa. Clara started to explain what was going on.

Well one of the companies who makes chocolates has gone to a promotion company to promote her chocolates and wants a poster done of a witch. “That sounds fine to me” said Theresa. You haven’t heard the whole story Theresa, Clara said please listen.” 

“The client wants a picture of a witch with a long nose and warts on her chin”. said Clara. “What's wrong with that?'' said Theresa and Tessa. It's a known thing that witches are like that.”

“Well witches are not like that in real life and when Halloween comes around some of the witches get really upset and there are those witches who fly away on their broomsticks and live in another country till Halloween is over” said Clara. 

“Look at me for instance, I am a blonde and I have features just the same as you humans,

witches don’t like being branded as ugly old crows, looking things, we are really nice looking things, you know what I mean,” said Clara.

Theresa and Tessa looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Clara couldn't believe her eyes how could they, “Well if you’re going to be like that then fine, I will put a spell on you both”

She was just about to do her spell on them when Shane came walking into the picture.

“Hi gals, how's it going?” said Shane. Shane was a redhead with white complexion skin and glasses. Tessa had a thing for Shane, Shane had a thing for Tessa as well. The girls said Hi

Would you gals like me to treat you to a burger and chips with a coke? said Shane.

“Wow Shane that is so cool where shall we go, let’s go to Burger King” said Tessa.

“I won’t go thank you Shane, I’m not keen on Burger King. I like Macca’s better” said Theresa.

“I’ll come along,” said Clara. “Bye you lot, '' said Theresa. “Well that’s three of us, let's go then.” said Shane. 

They headed towards Burger King, they entered Burger King it was packed but not too packed they found a table. Shane said ``What are you having gals, I’ll have a chicken salad? ' said Tessa, and what will Clara have” said Shane. I’ll have a triple cheese burger, chips, and an ice tea, thank you Shane” said Clara. You could tell Clara was stressed by what she asked Shane to order. 

“Are you okay Clara” said Tessa, sorry for laughing at you before, it’s just that it sounded so funny. We didn’t know that it was so important to you”  “Yes it is important to me to help come up with a solution so everyone will be able to get along, and my Aunty Endora won’t fly away every Halloween season, it’s okay Tessa. What do you suggest then,” said Clara. “We can talk when Shane gets back with our orders Clara”said Tessa, 

“There you go, gals” said Shane. “Thank you,” said Tessa. “So what’s up,” said Shane as he sat down and started eating his chips. “Well you see Shane, Clara is trying to sort out how to help her family. They are witches and they are going to go on a protest march against people who make pictures and call them names like old crows,” said Tessa.  

Shane looked at Tessa and Clara with a look of astonishment on his face. “What for real?” said Shane. “Yes for real”said Tessa and Clara together.  Shane's facial expression turned to a grin on his face.  “It’s not about that lady that wants a picture of a witch like an old crow is it” said Shane. “How do you know that?” said Tessa and Clara again. 

“My Aunty is doing the promotion on it at this moment” said Shane. “Oh is she now” said Clara with an annoyed tone in her voice. “And what does she think about it herself?” said Clara.

“Well she really isn’t that keen on the idea herself, she is into health and beauty, she is trying to convince the person to change her mind, and do something more to the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. Said Shane.  

“The Lady wants it for a promotion for her chocolates she makes and sells? '' said Shane. 

“Yes said Clara,” that's the one.” Will you be able to keep us informed of what is happening?” said Clara. “Sure,” said Shane,” I will text you and let you know what’s going on.”  “Thanks Shane” said Clara. With a big smile on her face, she looked so relieved. 

They ate their salad and burgers and then finished off with their drinks, they made plans to meet the next day at Macca’s to catch up. Tessa would let Theresa know they were meeting at Macca’s the next day after highschool classes had finished for the day. 

The next day dragged on slowly as Tessa, Theresa, Clara, and Shane knew what they were going to catch up at the end of the day, at highschool. Shane text Clara at Lunch time to see if they were meeting at Macca’s. As far as she knew it was still on, she texted the other two to see if they were still meeting at Macca’s too. 

Tessa and Theresa still had plans of meeting up at Macca’s as well they each confirmed with a emoji thumbs up. The girls were the first to arrive, Shane showed up 5 minutes later, “Hey girls how are you doing”. “We're fine.” said the three girl’s. Tessa had filled Theresa in on what was going on, Theresa was amused. 

They all ordered separately this time and brought their orders back to the table where they had taken their seats at Macca’s. Shane looked at all the girls' orders and spotted that one of the girls had a Chocolate Mousse.  “Hey that looks Yum, I might go and order one of those later”  said Shane. 

They all listened to Shane, while they ate their burgers and chips. “So did you find out what’s going on Shane with the poster promotion?” said Clara. “Yes I did Clara, I found out that my Aunty refused to do the poster promotion unless they considered making the poster showing a good witch.” said Shane. 

 “Well they fired her for one day, but realised later she is one of the best poster designers they have had, the promotion company was able to pursuade the chocolate company to change its  mind” said Shane. “How did they do that Shane?” said Clara. “Don’t ask me, I don’t know.” said Shane. Well everyone was pleased of the outcome, and that was that. 



June 05, 2020 20:26

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