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Dear Charlie,

I found the last letter you wrote to me buried in an old leather pouch. It's been a while since we last spoke, and there has been so much that has happened I felt it was time to share with you. Also, I want to find out how you're doing. What's the weather like up there, and are there more birds your way than over here?

Shocking news! I went back to school to learn about astronomy. I thought it would be fun to star-gaze together, only this time, I'll understand your in-depth explanation about the cosmos. Yes, I'm laughing because you noticed the fog look in my eyes with the words you used to explain about the planets and the stars but never skipped a beat in sharing with me anyway.

Tammy and Johnny now live in Greece. They send postcards and photos, sharing their special moments. They even mention you in their emails, wondering if you're near their area as you travel from space to space. Oh yeah - guess what else! You'd be surprised to know there's a new addition to the family. Yep! A beautiful baby boy who has the blue in your eyes. Every time he laughs, I can't help but smile because I think of you. I wonder if you can see yourself in his peepers like I do. 

Sometimes, I wake in the early morning to the sound of rustling in the other room. It's so loud and sounds like someone is walking into the walls and tripping over the couch. My heart starts pounding so fast I jump up to see if it's you, only to be greeted by two green eyes glowing in the dark. It's my new cat, Theo, who recently adopted me and his forever home. Every night, he'd sit outside on the back porch in your chair and cry until I let him inside. How could I say no?

When Theo wakes me up at two or three a.m., I have a hard time going back to sleep. After tossing and turning with you on my mind, I get up and walk outside under the streetlights. You heard me right! The city finally approved your request to put them up a couple years ago. I know what you're thinking…. It's unsafe for me to be out at that time of night, and if you were here, you'd have your hand wrapped around mine. Even though we're so far apart, somehow, I feel as though I'm protected as I stroll, accompanied by many sighs and even a few tears, wishing you were walking with me.

The world seems to have gone crazy like you said it would. It's everyone in all areas of life and across the entire globe - fighting every day! They yell and scream at each other so loud I'm sure you can hear it out your way. The funny part is, I know you'd get a kick out of it like you did years ago the last time it happened. I can see you sitting in your chair shaking your head, "No," wondering if a peaceful resolution is on the way. Declaring there are infinite possibilities for everyone in the world as you went outside to stare at the clouds, sun, moon, and stars.

Oh, how much I miss you… and yearn to have another long-winded conversation again. The topic can be anything, or better yet, remember those corny jokes you shared. You know, the ones that only you and I laughed at! So goofy and adorable! It was our own private comedy show.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Sometimes, I can still smell the scent of your hair, often turning around to see if you snuck in through the garage and are standing nearby. Although it faded from my pillow so long ago, it shall always be locked in my nose… in my memories.

My heart longs to spend hours talking by the warmth of the fire with you and playing one more round of Scrabble, even if you steal my tiles to win when I go into the kitchen. I never told you I could hear your snickering as I walked away, yet I kept silent so you could beat me. Why, you ask? I loved to watch your face glow and eyes light up while trying to get a reaction - a smile or giggle from me, which is worth so much more than winning a game. Thank you for those good times.

I always thought there would be a tomorrow. I took for granted you'd be here with me and not so far away. My only question to you is, have you found the star you were looking for yet? You know the one you would make wishes upon for us.

It will be our anniversary in a few days - it's been nine years now, but it only feels like a month ago.

I'll keep this letter short so I can feed the furball who is now crying at my door. I just wanted to say I miss you every day and can't wait to see you again. 

I hand these letters to our postman, Howard. Yes, he's still here. I call him our gatekeeper, helping us share our thoughts and feelings like before. With a smile and friendly good morning, he glances at the letter I place in his hand. He looks down at the words on the envelope that reads: 

Mr. Charlie W. Moon

Address Unknown 

Cloud Central, Heaven 


He smiles and wishes me a good day without a giggle or hesitation. I know you hear me read them out loud, and it's you that watches over me every day. Now, me and Theo, that is. 

Happy anniversary, baby!

I know we'll be together soon, so make me a comfy spot on your cloud couch and bring out the game boards and music because I'll be with you again…  where we will dance and laugh from one star to the next.

Infinity - Forever and Always



August 26, 2023 02:10

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