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Let me tell you a story, a chapter in the life of Tiny Town. The citizens who lived there had a super hero.His name was Vince the Invincible. He was an intelligent guy, caring and cheerful. Vince loved telling comical, funny jokes. He was friendly, smiling and a happy go lucky kind of guy.

Vince looked heroic. He was immense, three meters tall. He had strong biceps, his body was toned with magnificent muscles. Vince had golden blond, wavy hair, and his tanned skin showed his perfect complexion. His best feature was his dazzling smile, lighting up his face.

Vince smiled at almost everyone. He did have one problem. The gnomes!!! These were the type of little people who really annoyed Vince, so he did not smile too much at their cunning plans. The Gnomes were invading Planet Earth, trying to blow up the whole world, and destroy all humans at the same time.

Gnomes all looked the same. They were all under a meter tall. Most them had bald heads, fringed with long, stringy, greasy and matted hair. Their noses were flat, and not one of them brushed their teeth. So their dental displays were black, green and rotten. They appeared and smelt grotesque. They always wore filthy clothes. Every one of them carried a booming weapon of mass destruction. The gnomes were so devilish and mean.

Their chief of Gnomes was Jerome. He was leading the invasion, from somewhere deep below the planetary surface. Jerome's aim was to lead his ghastly little troopers to eliminate all human life, and take over the beautiful globe.

Meanwhile in Tiny Town, morale was dipping, people were trying to act as normal, despite wasting thoughts on the dreadful Gnomes. Everyone wondered when the Gnomes would invade Tiny Town. The residents only wanted to feel safe, that is why they all hoped Vince the Invincible could protect them.

Their super hero was sauntering along one sunny day. It was a breezy day, the green trees were swaying gently. Blue skies were smiling at seemingly happy citizens, laughing for once. Tiny Town was enjoying a normal suburban Saturday. Gorgeous gardens displayed brilliantly colored blooms. Children giggled, waving to Vince. They adored their super hero, just seeing Vince was good for everyone's morale. Vince was unbelievably super strong, and astoundingly brave. If anyone could protect Tiny Town and all its people, Vince the Invincible was their man.

Vince did possess his own unique weapon. It was an incredible Super Laser. He could shoot anything, he was an accurate dead eye shot at any target. One this fateful Saturday, Vince the Invincible suddenly saw a nasty rabble of gruesome Gnomes. They had arrived, to take over Tiny Town. '

"Scatter, kids!" Vince yelled loudly. Tiny Town folk ran home, hoping that their super hero was their One. Jerome, the chief Gnome, was aiming a weapon blaster of mass destruction, right along Main Street, the heart of Tiny Town. Vince the Invincible was taking notice, and started chasing Jerome, surrounded by his horrible troops.

"What do you think you are doing? Who are you?" Vince queried.

"Who the hell are you?" Jerome, the chief Gnome, turned around and shouted at Vince.

"I am Vince the Invincible. And you are.....?"

"I am Jerome. What do you think you are doing with that gun, bigshot?" Jerome was not trying to make any friends in Tiny Town,

"Put down your gun!" Vince commanded.

"In your dreams!!!" Jerome, the chief Gnome, swung his gun around and prepared to fire at Vince, the Invincible.


"Oh, yeah?" Jerome and all his Gnomes scoffed at Vince.

"Yeah, absolutely!!!!" Vince drew his Super Laser. Jerome and the Gnomes all turned to stampede to the end of Main Street, but there was the railway line. The giant express train was looming into view. The Gnomes had nowhere to run now.

Jerome, the chief Gnome, was furious. His mighty plans to take over Tiny Town were being ruined by this handsome super hero. Jerome stood and proceeded to fire incredible blasts of molten bullets. Flames and booming filled the air. He was so stupid he missed every time. Vince the Invincible smiled, calmly, silently. Jerome and his nasty midget Gnomes were angry, furious.

"I'll shoot that stupid grin off your face!!! Then I am going to blow up this town and Planet Earth, all of it!!!!"

Vince was the quiet, serene hero. Slowly, he raised his Super Laser Rifle. His super sensitive eyes concentrated. A thundering shot rang out, acrid stench filled the air. Vince the Invincible had shot Jerome, the chief of the Gnomes! He blasted him right between the eyes. Jerome collapsed, dead as mutton.

The rest of the Gnome army retreated. They were terrified, and did not look where they were going. The massive blue express train flattened them all, splattered. The Gnomes were destroyed, and only a stinking puddle of slime remained, long after the train had roared off into the afternoon.

Yes, Jerome and his Gnomes army were quite disgusting, now vanished, all of them. Their evil plotting had come to nothing, they had been so futile. Slowly, the good citizens of Tiny Town emerged from their homes and hiding places. They were totally impressed by this display of might and power by Vince the Invincible, super hero.

Vince smiled and waved to the happy people, they were his kind of guys and gals.

"All back to normal." Vince the Invincible advised them as he resumed strolling through Tiny Town. Vince felt skillful and pleased with his efforts that day. His mission each day in life was to rescue and protect other people, to maintain Good. It was the great Vince the Invincible way.

The local citizens of Tiny Town did cartwheels, and an instant street parade was created. Flags and bunting appeared, marching girls, the town's brass band. Soon, there was a street food market in Main Street. The whole town was celebrating. Cakes and lollies were free, with refreshing cool fizzy drinks for everyone, especially for Vince, the Invincible. Vince had restored the team morale of Planet Earth, focusing on his home, Tiny Town. Let's party!!!!

December 14, 2023 18:15

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Larissa Freeman
07:14 Dec 21, 2023

What a cute story. The description of the gnomes was vivid. They grossed me out and I don't even live in Tiny Town. Thank goodness for Vince!


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Hannah Lynn
22:52 Dec 20, 2023

Aww I love how you called it Tiny Town, that instantly made me want to read the story! ;)


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Mary Bendickson
15:17 Dec 15, 2023

Tiny good story telling.


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