Happy Inspirational Romance

I remember the first night we met.  It was a Friday night and I was home alone and bored with nothing to do.  I didn't have anybody to hang out with. My best friend was out-of-town with her family. So, I decided to go for a walk. My condo was in walking distance of a shopping plaza and a few restaurants so I could easily find something to do but I just didn't want to hang solo. However, I had no choice and I was hungry

So, I grabbed my purse, my denim jacket and slipped on my shoes and headed down the street to see what I could find to eat.  It looked like it was going to rain that day.

So I rushed through a couple of stores to beat the rain; although, I wasn't in a shopping mood.  I was just bored and wanted to kill a little time before eating.  I decided to walk some more and a nice aroma of freshly baked muffins and the smell of vanilla and mocha led me in a cozy little coffee cafe.  I took a seat at the counter and got a warm welcome from a friendly waitress.  She insisted that I try the blue berry muffin so I did and even though the coffee smelled amazing I ended up getting a warm cup of fruity tea.  

The atmosphere was nice and after I enjoyed my last sip of fruity tea I walked over to the cash register to pay the waitress and she told me my bill was already cleared.  I was shocked and wondered who had paid my bill.  But, I didn't even ask and as I was about to leave this tall handsome guy approached me and asked me to let him get the door for me.  I thanked him and walked on down the street.  

I kept looking back and noticed this tall guy from the coffee cafe was following me.  I was starting to feel a little paranoid and I quickly ran into a pizza shop a few stores down.  I stood there for a few minutes looking out the window and then I decided to walk back out.  I looked around hoping he was gone. I didn't see him anymore.

So, I continued walking for a few more minutes, until I heard someone say, "Miss, I paid your tab."

I stopped abruptly and looked back and it was the tall handsome guy again.  

I said, "It was you?"

I thought to myself, "that was nice of him to do that."

I asked him why he was following me? He said he wanted to talk for a few minutes?"

I wondered why he wanted to talk to me.  He didn't know anything about me.  

I had no idea what his intentions were but for some reason, in my heart, I felt it was right to at least listen to what he had to say.  After all he was nice enough to pay my bill.  Anyway I did something I wouldn't normally do I took a chance and talked to this guy whom I didn't know.  We stood there for about two hours talking and I found out that he was actually a nice guy.  We walked across the street and sat on a bench in the square and continued our conversation. We also made plans for dinner.  

"Rena, hold on let me stop you! Who was this guy?" asked my husband Drew.

I said, "Honey, you don't remember, do you?  The tall handsome guy was you."

He said, "Baby, You thought I was handsome?"

I said, "Yes and I'm talking about us when we first met? Anyway, you're not paying me any attention?"

He said, "Baby, I am listening to you."

"Okay, so do you remember that night was officially our first date? You don't remember?  Let me finish telling you what happened", I said.

Later on that evening we walked around the corner to this 'Bar and Grill' the place that 'WE' had made plans to eat at.  It had started to rain.  The night was cool and we got wet; but, that didn't ruin our plans at all. Drenching rain fell like Niagara Falls, as we ran inside and was seated at a quiet table against the wall. We were staring at each other and we held hands.

The gentleman that served us lit a candle that was setting on the table.  It was so romantic and our meal was nice.  We both ordered the same thing and I still remember what we both ate.  It was asparagus with steak and mashed potatoes dripping with brown gravy.  It was delicious!  Baby, we ordered dessert.  You ate apple pie and I delighted in a slice of strawberry cheesecake.  You said dessert was okay but mine was simply divine!  After dessert we agreed on a walk to enjoy the cool breeze and shed some of those pounds from all that food we ate.  

 We took a midnight stroll down a slick wet, paved, and misty street lined with a group of colorfully lit trees all in a row on the left and right.  The trees swayed as if they were  welcoming us with their bright kaleidoscopic lights making it look like Christmas.

The scene was serene like a painting glistening with a bright hue of green, different shades of blue, and splattered splotches of yellow, orange, and red paint on the canvas.  It was beautiful. Both of us was so happy. I remember thinking, "He likes me, this is the one and this is a real date."  

The date was really sweet. You held me tight with one arm and the rain had calmed. I was excited, I felt like a child opening a 'Christmas present'. I had never met a man as gentle as you.  I did not want this night to end and I could tell neither did you.  However, it was getting late; and we both had to work the next day.  So, we agreed to walk for a little while longer.  

As we continued on our walk, the sound of pitter patter little feet ringed out in the street and standing before us was a little pooch wearing a collar that read 'Moochie'.  He was the cutest little thing.  We mingled with that little pooch for a while.  Then our furry little friend escorted us to the very end of our date which we ended with a long steamy kiss.

"Baby, this was officially our first date?" I asked, "Do you remember?"

He said, "I do remember that little pooch."

April 05, 2022 09:20

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Dawn Govender
09:13 Apr 14, 2022

I have to agree with TM Kehoe about the edit. But I love a story with a happy ending and this sure delivered! Thank you for posting!


Shirley Smith
17:52 May 06, 2022

Thank you Dawn.


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T.M. Kehoe
21:46 Apr 13, 2022

I loved the husband twist! It could use a good edit. Starting sentences with "So" isn't good form, and there are a few typos. In all, though, a delightful story. Thanks for sharing.


Shirley Smith
17:54 May 06, 2022

Thank you T. M. Kehoe. I will go back and look at it again. I appreciate that advice.


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