"Remember when it was the first day of pre-school? you were my first friend."

"Remember when I fell from the slide and you were the one to help me up?"

I choke on my spit trying to get all my thoughts out of my head before she leaves.

"Remember the time we pretended we were princesses who ruled the world?"

"Remember when we told everyone we were sisters?"

"That day my sister died from cancer you told me that I had one more sister left. At first, I didn't get what you meant but then I realized you were talking about yourself"

Tears trail down my face toward my lips and I blink fast so my eyes don't look too glassy.

"Remember when everyone was making fun of you because you didn't know how to swim? I was the one to stand up for you"

"Remember we gave each other nicknames to be cool? Yours was Tom-Cat."

I smile thinking of that moment inside my head.

"what was mine?"

"Blue-Bear" she whispers

I try to look her in the eye but its too hard. I stare at the wall behind her. I would have never imaged we would be separated by time.

"Remember in middle school when we had our own friend groups? but we always somehow found ourselves together."

'Remember when we could read each other's mind? And we could finish each other's sentences?"

I look down talking deep breaths and play with my fingernails. There's a pause and I look up to see her eyes watering too.

"Remember when Mr. Norris told you that you had to stay for lunch because you didn't complete your homework? I stayed in his room with you until you were finished."

"Remember how you hated to go to the dentist and you would only go if I came along?"

I laugh as I say this, but it sounds like a whimper.

"Remember on the forth of July how we would ride our bike to the lake, and see the fireworks? You were the one who taught me how to ride a bike."

"Oh and remember when we had that big fight? I can't even remember what it was about"

It pops into my head and I say "I'll be right back". I get up from my chair and walk into my bed room. I grab a blue bracelet and go back to the living room. I hold it out in my hand so she can see.

"Remember this? Its the friendship bracelets we made together."

I see her eyes get bigger as she looks at the bracelet. She takes her own arm and pulls her sleeve a litter higher. And there it is the same blue bracelet as mine. I can feel color flooding my face and a smile appears.

"Remember that time when we rode that motorcycle and almost crashed it? We almost died on that thing!"

I couldn't help but bring this day up. It was the day I learned that there was nothing else you need in life if you have a great friend. Without her I don't know where I'd be I think to myself. She helped shape my childhood.

"Remember when that guy made you cry? I hit his jaw way to hard. I'm pretty sure I broke it."

She lets out a laugh.

"Remember the time where we almost burned your whole kitchen down? I think we were trying to make lasagna."

We make eye contact and I feel my face getting red. We haven't talked like this in years.

"Remember that time I almost got bit by a snake at that park? I froze on the spot and you were the one who pushed me aside. Thanks for that by the way" I say rolling my eyes with a grin.

"Remember the first time a police officer gave u a ticket for speeding. We were headed for the beach. You know you almost fainted when the police man came to the window. He thought we were crazy"

"Remember how we would jam out to Tylor swift? We even went to one of her concerts"

"Remember that day when we got our college letters?"

I look at her and try not to frown. That was the day everything went down hill.

"You went to Arizonian State University and I went to Rice University. It was our last summer together and we just stopped talking to each other, right? I ask her as if we could go back in time and change that. She doesn't take it as a question, instead she keeps on listening.

That day I had lost a piece of me.

We started to have separate lives. Living in different ways. Now she's a dentist and I'm a pre-school teacher.

"You know why I'm a pre-school teacher?" I ask

'Why?" she asks instead of answering my question.

"its the place where I met you" I say trying to smile without making more tears fall.

"You know why I'm a dentist?" she asks

I never had thought about that. "why?" I ask her the same way she asked me.

"because if I was ever at the dentist you were there with me and I just..." her voice trails off.

I take that in for a second. We both sit in science. At this moment I feel as though I found that missing piece I had lost so long ago.

Just as I think the conversation was at its end, I see her taking something out of her purse.

"You remember this?" She says

It was a doll. My doll.

"I thought you would want it back." she says with a smile.

"where did you get that?" I ask trying not to sound that surprised.

"you actually left it at my house" she says.

I take the doll from her and examine it. The doll has blond hair and a pink dress. It looks so old but at the same time new.

I can't help but hug her. She hugs me back and says "Its time for me to go, but this time remember to keep in touch. No matter how busy you are."

"you remember that too okay?" I say as she walks out of the door.

May 07, 2020 04:57

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Aneka Williams
16:22 Jun 11, 2020

I liked this alot. The emotions and the honesty. Otherwise from that, my only suggestion would be to add something else to scene that could help transitioning a little better. Repetition helps when you’re trying to get across but it also has limited use. Every other sentence begins with “remember when”. You don’t want that statement to become redundant. Maybe they could have been looking at photos and she uses those as transitions to start instead. Sometimes items around us can tell the plot and how it’s written as well. Cheers!


Lata B
16:26 Jun 11, 2020

Thank you so much! This helps a lot!


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03:12 Jun 05, 2020

This was really sweet! Some proofreading would polish it up even more


Lata B
15:11 Jun 05, 2020

Thank you!!


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Annora Chen
22:53 Aug 05, 2020

Awww, this is so sweetttt, all the moments they had together rlly made me think this is the closest best friend relationship i've ever know, and the ending is amazing! <3


Lata B
23:02 Aug 05, 2020

Aw! Thank you so much! :)


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נιмму 🤎
17:43 Aug 11, 2020

such a sweet story about friendship. The ending is very cute too!! <3


Lata B
17:48 Aug 11, 2020

Thank you so much!!! :)


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