Bedtime Inspirational Sad

The machines were hot

Almost humid,as I work my role

However awhile back,a worker was caught

And it scarred my soul

One day that could be me…

Screaming in agonizing pain

I saw his head get crushed in

And within seconds,death had came

The work place was loud

And smelled of raw metal

We were not allowed to take breaks

Or simply take a rest to settle

Our wages were low

And product demand was high

The children and women could now work

But was it worth the price to die?

It was dark in coal mines

Just mere miles away

I felt bad for the men

They gain diseases come what may

We were crowded

And all stayed ill

The boss stayed on our ass

He never let us sit still…

Only one meal for the day

And we stayed on our feet for hours at a time

They used our kids,constantly getting them hurt

Surely this is considered a crime?!

Our wages barely paid the bills

Or even for food

Perhaps the boss got a thrill

Knowing the supervisors were rude

They would beat us for talking back

Or slacking off

Hell I would get beatings daily

For only having to cough

I worked in the mines awhile back,

The ground beneath was slick and cold

It stayed dark and dirty

As they made the men constantly pull coal

The hill was a challenge

As we pulled on a small rope

It was a living hell

The ground was like soap

The machines released steam

As well as dirty air

Living in this era

It seemed almost too much to bear

Our progress was brutal

And beyond the word cruel

However thanks to us

New generations do not have to pull

Our living was hard

And the days were long

We may have made progress

But the way it was done,it was wrong

Productive times

And tight breaks to eat or rest

How the hell do they expect us to stay fast?

We can not even rest!

We put in sweat and tears

As well as time through our day

The very least they could have done

Was give us a slightly higher pay

Discrimination against the women

And child labor from my kid Jack

I feel pity for him

He has to help pick up our slack…

He has a dangerous job

And of course no pay,because he is eight

We are very lucky to get off most days

Me,and my family have to eat dinner late…

These “Tenants” they speak of,

We live in one with five other families like us

There were too many of us

We were enough to fill a bus!

Disease caught on

From the lack of personal space

Nothing was sanitary

Especially not in this place

One small bed,a wooden stove

And of course an old lamp

All of us slept on one another

Trying to make camp

We would smell the waste of others

Just in front of the room we called “Home”

I wish we had stayed in the country

Were we could happily roam

But we needed these jobs

My wife,and I

We needed some way to pay for food

Even if it meant seeing my child cry…

I dread coming home with him

Knowing he was hurt by another machine

But I could not help him…I wish I could

It was the law,for him to help keep factories clean

My wife made porigde for all of us

As we wait and sat down

It was very,very much crowded

If we walked,the floor below would hear every sound

During this time the Telegraph was invented

As well as the cotton gin

Or even the light bulb

And lets not forget the steam engine

We had created transportation

As well as light

Do you below our labor was worth it?

Do you think our era was bright?

It was a living hell

In the hours we continue to work

However below all the sweat and tears

A greater purpose may have lurked

Many have lost lives and limbs

As they got sick

Some would puke their guts out

After they had been kicked…

The abuse was horrible

And the lack of pay was worse

I could barely keep up with my bills

And my life had became a curse

I was nothing more than a worker

Or even a machine in their eyes

These damned supervisors

They never cared about my demise

One thing in this era is clear

Is that it was cruel

Machines had spread

And started to rule

Not many had the luxury of being rich

Or having a good life

Especially in the coal mines,

Once it begun,it was filled with strife

The illness of many

And many more not far behind

However history is never over

What else do you think we will find?

The best wisdom many were told

Was to “Work,and don’t ask”

Even today,society is cruel

And many wear a convincing mask

Many may know what I mean

When I say words like the phrase above

I sincerely hope it does not happen

And that you recieve plenty of love

Many more may know this experience already

A little to well

For you people,I will hope

That your accuser will be sent to hell

All people are the same

They demand respect in return

Respect is never truly lost

And it should always be earned

These people,workers such as ourselves

In their every-day lives

They should not be abused

Especially for being deprived

I try to see both sides as I tell a story

Especially one like the one right here

Then I pick a side,and state my reason

I try to make myself very clear

Do you think a tale like this

Should be justified or not?

I would very much like to know your opinions

And what wisdom may be sought

I did not live through this…

So I know not,of what life really was

But after all I have heard

I would like to know from someone who does

This was not my best passage

However I hoped you enjoyed the read

I wish they had a chance to actually live…

However instead,they dread every breath they breath

Thank you all,for reading another tale

I appreciate it very much so

I plan on writing another soon

What I write next,no one will know

Not because I keep secrets

But because I can not decide

I wonder what story I will tell next…

Just check,and be ready for a ride

I hope my stories do not bore you

And that they entertain well

My goal is to let you read on

As if your under a spell

Please let me know your opinions

And of course what you think on what I write

I may not be perfect,or an official writer

But I hope to get some new sight

Have a good day

And I hope you do great

If I post a new story

Try not to be late…

December 21, 2023 13:25

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