Black Crime Suspense


I care a lot about ( of) my garden. I spend hours there every day, not only to water the flowers and the plants, not only to check the ground where they  are. In short , not only to take care of the flowers and the plants, but also to be in their company, that they are a great comfort to me.

There are the most beautiful roses of the whole city, in my garden. Yes, the Almond roses, a species that was obtained in Japan.  They, the Almond roses in my garden, are really a wonder, an enchantment, a sunshine ,with their large petals, with delicately ruffled edges, of the color of

chantilly cream, which send a delicious scent of almonds.  But there are also Blue Geraniums in my garden , which come from Rhodesia, and Pink Violets, a real rarity, which come from Australia. Ah, my wonderful garden is truly unique. Yeah, of course, for me it remains ( is still) unique , wonderful, and absolutely without equal, even after …..what happened last night. As I said, I spend a lot of time in my garden every day , but  I never go there at night.

This morning when I went down to my garden I saw that three flowerbeds had been destroyed. The ground on which the pansies, the jasmines, and the daffodils stood , they had been dug, as if to get a pit that had then been filled with earth.  As I, completely dismayed, in shock, was looking at the disaster which someone had done in my garden , two policemen arrived and, without giving me any explanation, they took me at the police station. They just asked me if that was my garden, then they  said: “ You must come with us, MS Wings”

At the police station they took my fingerprints and mug shots. I also heard they were talking about swabbing me to get my DNA. “ Ah, but this later, we can postponed it…..Maybe we won’t need it” The one, who must be the Chief, said. The same one also postponed the so called interview with the psychiatrist.

They took me at the police station because ( since) Lucy D., who lives in an apartment, on the third floor, in front of my house , she, that…..very bad woman, slander and even crazy, said she saw me last night in my garden, where I would have been much busy to dig a great pit, indeed she said a grave…..in which I I would bury something or….someone.

Ah, of course , this morning I too  saw that a large pit had been dug in my garden, destroying three of the flower beds……  ouch my beautiful  jasmines, and the pansies with velvety petals, and my wonderful white daffodils, ah, what a pain, to make my heart cry, seeing them  all shattered and even torn to pieces, mixed with the soil. And, yes, I saw that large pit in my garden then had been filled with earth ( ground). But it can’t have been me, since I never go to the garden at night.

At the police station they, the police Chief and a young policewoman, who, every now and then , threw me a look that made me feel like shit, a look not  only of reproach, but really disgusted, as if she said: “ But you see this bad old woman, this old witch, what she did!” Time passed , and I kept on repeating that it absolutely couldn’t have been me who dug that pit in my garden, and that no, I couldn’t even know what was inside that pit, since I hadn’t done ( dug) it. And, still, no, how was I able  to know WHO had made that mess in my garden? Ah, I wished so much I could know that one!

While they two continued to harass me, always repeating the same questions, after a short phone call, to which the police Chief replied, they said me that I was under arrest. Oh, of course , I had to be arrested, the Chief said, after exchanging a look of understanding with the young policewoman . I had to know well what they had found inside that …..grave in my garden, right?

“ How do I know, if I wasn’t the one who made that pit? “I protested, but I was beginning to be afraid. Who knows WHAT they could have found in that….that GRAVE! Yeah, the inspector had said: grave….. They not only tell me, they also showed me the video framing what there were inside that pit in my garden. Hugh, terrible…. at the bottom of the almost deep pit there was a gutted cat, with all its entrails out , really impossible to see ( to watch), and, next the mangled cat, a child of three, four years, was lying, very composed, but without his head, which had been cut off. I would have wanted to scream, but instead I was only able to say : “ But it wasn’t me! It couldn’t have been me!”   “ Ah, and WHY couldn’t it have been you?” The Chief inspector asked me, in a dark, threatening voice, looking at me with grim eyes. “ But WHY I never go to the garden at night! And then….then I love cats ! Oh, whoever knows me, knows how much I love them! I could never kill a cat, me!” I said, almost screaming. “ Ah, so you could never kill a cat , you!” the inspector said, with a grin. “ But a child instead , yes, you could kill a child,  couldn’t you?”  “ Huh, but listen what speeches I had to hear…..If I could never kill a cat, it seems obvious to me that I couldn’t kill a child either “ I protested forcefully, indignant, but I was trembling with fear. 

“ On, now you have to tell us where you put the head of the child you buried in the grave” The policewoman asked me. I started to scream: “ No! I cannot know! It wasn’t me! It couldn’t have been me!”


Lucy D., Winnie’s neighbor, is a forty years old who can’t suffer that old witch of Winnie_____and that’s just one of her, and not even the heaviest definition, she gives of her ( Winnie). Now, one, if not the principal, reason why Lucy D. finds her neighbor absolutely unbearable is precisely……her wonderful garden. The old Winnie not only spends  most of the time, every day, in her fabulous garden, taking care of the flowers and the plants, but she is always talking about her magnificent garden, which she repeats oh,it is unique, an absolute marvel! Lucy D., who lives alone, often sees her 14-years old nephew Karl, son of her sister. Karl had been often in a reformatory, since he was accused of theft, and also of acts of violence towards his peers. But Lucy D. likes her nephew Karl, it seems she means perfectly with him. Yes, Lucy D. and her nephew  Karl get along very well.

Lucy had a lot of fun looking from her window the old Winnie all busy in her garden. When she watched her neighbor together her beloved nephew, they both had a lot of laughs at that old bad witch, for how she moved, for how it was evident that she was all taken by the flowers and plants of her garden.

Lucy, unlike the boy’s mother, her sister Daisy, who hated him, finding him violent and downright unpleasant, appreciated Karl. Together with the desire to please him, indulging his impulses, his tendencies, she felt the growing temptation, more and more strong, to use her nephew to carry ouy actions, that is crimes, which she would have liked to commit, but which she could not realize.

Lucy knew that Karl hated children, at least as much as she  hated Winnie. So she decided to indulge Karl who, thanks her collaboration, killed a child that she made available to him in her house. Karl killed the poor child, strangling him. Everything else studied, concocted in order to get Winnie locked up, she was, Lucy D., to accomplish it. She, Lucy, dug the grave at night in the wonderful garden of her hateful neighbor. She gutted the cat, and she cut off the head of the poor child which Karl had strangled. Then, again she, Lucy, threw the gutted cat and the beheaded child into the grave, and filled the pit with earth. Of course, it had been always Lucy who phoned to police to say, in an alarmed voice , that she had seen the madwoman of her neighbor digging a pit in her garden at night. And that in that grave the crazy old woman had buried something or….someone. Let them come immediately, Lucy begged, ( had begged), that all they neighbors were tremendously worried about how much for sure she had combined, that wretched Winnie. Ah, that very bad madwoman was a danger to all of them. But what were they waiting for to lock her up, one like that?

When Winnie found her precious garden flowerbeds destroyed, this morning, oh, what face she made! Lucy could see her face very well, as she could see Winnie was trembling, since she was looking at her with the telescope of her nephew Karl. Of course, Winnie didn’t notice that she was watching her, she was too upset. Lucy also saw her when the two cops took her away. Oh, sure, she would have preferred they had emptied the grave in Winnie’s presence. Ah, then yes that the old witch would have been hit, in front of the gutted cat and the beheaded child!

They , a team of four men , are empting the grave now. Oh, sure, Winnie is about to be arrested. In fact she, Lucy D., thought of everything. On the gutted cat and on the poor headless child they will find Winnie’s fingerprints. They also will find organic material from which they will obtain  (derive) DNA, which will be Winnie’s DNA. Ah, it wasn’t too difficult for Lucy to find Winnie’s fingerprints , and also bits of Winnie’s skin, and nails, and hair in her garden. But her really brilliant idea was to hide the head of the child, strangled by Karl ,in Winnie’s house. Ah, when they will search Winnie’s house, as soon as they will open the trap door to go up to the attic, the child’s head will fall on them. Winnie will have no escape. For all she will be indisputably guilty, and she will be locked up, finally!

August 06, 2021 03:21

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