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Trent Brody had just played a set of songs at his most recent gig at Charley's Bar. He was shredding his electric guitar with a dizzying array of power chords. Trent was enjoying making music, he was getting paid fairly decent money, and on top of that, he loved doing gigs at bars because he would get free drinks.  

Trent was getting ready to leave the stage at the bar when a man in an expensive-looking business suit walked up on to the stage, too. The man clapped his hands slowly.

"That was an excellent performance, sir. My name is Stanley Clark, I'm a talent agent, and I'd like to offer you a contract!" the man said in a thick english accent.

Trent was excited. He was finally about to become a ROCK STAR!

"Mr. Clark, I wholeheartedly accept your contract offer!" Trent Brody replied.

"Splendid!" Stanley then pointed at the dotted line at the bottom of the contract. "Simply sign your name on the dotted line, and Bob's your uncle!" he declared.

Trent wrote "Trent F. Brody" on the dotted line.

Trent recorded his first album under the stage name "Torrent Trent" or "Torrent" for short.

Torrent played his first official show at a concert hall in his hometown of San Diego , shredding his electric guitar with a dizzying array of power chords. He performed to an almost full music venue.

After the show, Trent checked into the hotel. In the lobby, the folks in the lobby turned to see Trent and went full-on Fangirl and Fanboy.

"AAAAahhhhh!! It's Torrent! Torrent Trent!!" screamed a 20-year-old girl.

The small group of fans marched up to Trent.

"Trent, may I please have an Autograph?" asked a fan.

"Hi, Trent, will you take a selfie with me??" asked another fan.

Trent wrote autographs and taking selfies with the fans, because there were only a couple dozen people, if that even. But he was a little annoyed that it was taking that much longer to get to get to his hotel room to sleep for the night, and he was tired.

"It's not that many people."

Trent finally got to his hotel room and slept in his bed. The morning after, Trent went down to the hotel lobby to have some complimentary breakfast. As he ate his waffle and Omelet, he couldn't help noticing people taking pictures of him with their cameras and their phones. Several people walked up to his table in the breakfast room, asking for him to sign an autograph, or take a selfie with them.

Trent took selfies and signed autographs in between eating his breakfast.

Three days after that, Stanley walked up to Trent. "Good news, Trent! I booked you a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles!"


Trent performed his hit rock songs at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Stadium was filled to maximum capacity.

As Trent went to the hotel in Los Angeles, there were close to a hundred people that went full-on Fanboy and Fangirl. "Can I have your autograph?"

"Would you take a selfie with me?"

By the time Trent was done with signing autographs and taking selfies with his fans, it was past midnight, and Trent was pretty tired. "Fuck...I'm beat...."

Trent slept through complimentary breakfast time at the hotel, he didn't care, he figured he'd get breakfast out somewhere. "I've got MORE than ENOUGH money to just buy breakfast somewhere..." Trent whispered to himself when he woke up at 11 AM.

So he took the taxi to the nearest Starbucks. At the Starbucks, a 19-year-old woman pointed out Trent and yelled "OH MY GOD!! IT'S TORRENT!!!" The customers and the employees rushed Torrent, pushing him into the glass door.

"Can I get an autograph??"

"Will you sign my CD??"

"People, please! I just want a Latte and a breakfast sandwich!" Torrent said.

Trent ordered a Latte and a breakfast sandwich, as he ate, customers and staff took pictures of him eating. After signing a few autographs, Torrent Trent went to an Ampitheatre for another show, then he stopped at a recording studio to record his first single.

When he stopped at a nearby restaurant for dinner, the diners and wait staff swarmed Torrent Trent for autographs, selfies, and even a photo op to give the restaurant publicity.

"People, people, I'll pose for a photo op and sign some autographs if I can just eat some dinner!" Torrent said.

It was like that everywhere he went. Portland: "OH MY GOD IT'S TORRENT!!!" "Can I have an Autograph?" Seattle: "It's TORRENT!!!" "Can I get a selfie?" Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Saint Louis, Cleveland...


Torrent was pushed down to the ground by a horde of screaming fangirls and fanboys at a Chipotle in Washington D.C, and at that point Torrent decided that enough was fucking ENOUGH.

Torrent Trent went to the rock-n-roll radio station in Baltimore where he was going to be interviewed by the Rock DJ.

"Hey, hey, hey! I'm Nick Foster, I'm your main rock man in the tri-city area! Today, I'm talking with Trent "Torrent Trent" Brody, who's gonna perform a song live for us afterwards!"

The Interview went fairly well. When the Interview was about to conclude, DJ Nick said "So, Trent, is there anything else you want to say before we end this interview?"

There was a small pause, followed by "Yes. I thought I wanted millions of adoring, screaming fans, but I can't go anywhere without my fans rushing and harassing me! I wanted to be a famous musician, but I don't want to be a famous musician if it means I can't have even a moment's peace. That is why I formally announce my retirement from making music! This song I'm performing is from my single, "Let me live my life!" Thank you, and goodbye!"

After performing his last single, Trent bought a one-way plane ticket back to San Diego and bought a house in the suburbs, and settled for working a part-time job a an uber driver who lived a modest, simple lifestyle. He was making a hell of a lot less money, but at least he had private time again.

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