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    We all worship Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was considered being a lady’s man. Sometimes he acts like a child, sometimes as a lover and a wonderful ruler. We all believe that he has some special power for which we worship him, along with other deities. We all know how Lord Vishnu has taken birth as Lord Krishna and the different roles from a child to a ruler his journey sets examples for all the people of the next generations who worship him and believe. But Lord Krishna has some favorite person one of them was a lady name, Karma Bai. She was born on 20 January 1615in the family of Jiwanji Dudi in the village Kalwa in Nagpur district. Karmabai’s father was a devotee of Lord Krishna. Once he had to do some work away from home, so he instructed Karmabai to have food only after offering the food to Lord Krishna. Karmabai was very young, and she took this instruction literally. The next morning, she woke up early and made khichdi for offering it to Lord Krishna. But when she saw Lord was not eating, the innocent Karmabai ate nothing at all and waited for the lord to come and eat first. Lord Krishna was very impressed by her determination and showed mercy to her. He appeared before her and ate her khichdi. She would prepare this khichdi just after waking up, doing no other work, not even bathing. He follows the same routine till her father’s return.

        One day, a nearby priest visited her house when she was just about to offer khichdi to Lord Krishna. The priest told her why doesn’t offer khichdi to Lord Krishna after taking a bath. As she is an innocent girl she thinks maybe the priest was right. So the next day she wakes up and starts her work before bathing and thought that after she took bath she will offer kichdi to Lord Krishna, so after taking bath she prepares khichdi for Lord Krishna and offered him. In the meantime, Lord Krishna already reach her house at the original time, but there was no khichdi for him so he was feeling starving as he was late for his next visit. Actually, after having the khichdi from Karmabai, he visits his temples. That day he was waiting for her to offer the khichdi as soon as she offered he complete quickly in a rush where he forgot to clean himself. At the other place the priest who told Karmabai to offer kichdi to Lord Krishna was chanting mantras of Lord Krishna to call him but Lord Krishna was late to appear that day and the temple where the saint was calling was a Jagannath temple where there were kichdi in all of the faces of the statue by looking which the priest realizes his mistake and the next day he again goes to Karmabai’s and rectifies his mistake by telling her to continue offering Lord Krishna khichdi the way she was offering before.

          One day when Karmabai’s father returned, she told him everything. Her father was shocked and refused to believe her. Karmabai pleaded before the Lord to appear once again to prove her innocence.

         It is a common belief that she had offered khichdi to Lord Krishna in his presence. As this news spread and reached the saints of Puri, they asked Karmabai to come there and give khichdi to Lord Krishna. Krishna appears there as well. After that, karma bai started living in Puri.

       Now during Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra, the chariot of Lord Jagannath stops near her samadhi for a short period. It is believed that, without her sight, the chariot couldn’t move a single inch and it is God’s own choice for Karmabai. The story of Karmabai gives us a glimpse of a mundane ability that suddenly becomes a superpower. We didn’t see all this story through our naked eyes, but we believe all this whatever we hear from one person to another. There is no proof to all these things but some incidents couldn’t deny the fact. We are not sure whether Karmabai was a real-life character or not. But as I mentioned above, the chariot couldn’t move further from her samadhi without her sight; it feels that these stories are true. Or it is hard to deny it also. Lord Krishna is itself a mystery sometimes as we were not born in that era it is hard to believe all those sayings but as it says that sometimes we make very dull things a big one. The work that lord Krishna did as a child from killing Kans king to rule over Dwarka. even during Mahabharat Lord Krishna played the role of a politician. We often compare Lord Krishna as our ministers. The way he manipulates everyone to fight. So Lord Krishna was a very normal person but he has some special powers for which he has become a superhero in Indian history during Dwapar Yug. But as we are in the next generation we are not sure whether the things we get to see are true or not, but people who believe in God always believe all the stuff that is written in books or shown on television. We got to see so many shows regarding the life of Lord Krishna in films, shows, etc. This story of Karma bai is also one out of it where Lord Krishna was so much impressed with her innocence that he could not hold back and started appearing in front of her. But in this generation no one is innocent and maybe because of this these incidents always remain as stories in our minds and heart. Even if the presence of Lord Krishna, his favorite people like his friends, mothers, sisters, devotees are mentioned but we don’t have any solid proof as no one has seen it through naked eyes or the people who saw those were no more in this era. These are all at the base of belief. Some people believe and some people don’t believe. So we can make a common man superhero through our beliefs and bhakti. Here Karmabai was affected by Lord Krishna's bhakti which resulted in him appearing in front of her.

August 13, 2021 15:44

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