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It was a day just like any other; another typical summer day. The heat from the sun was blaring down on everyone, while the fully-bloomed flowers blew back and forth in the wind and birds flew from one tree to the next with no rest stops in between. Children were running around, enjoying the first day away from school, their cheerful laughter mixing into the otherwise dull and gloomy sounds of the city around them.

           The playground at the center of town was the place to be that day. Every kid from the neighborhood was there running around like little maniacs without a care in the world for anything else that stood in the way of their fun. Some of them formed a line at the swing sets, waiting eagerly for their turn to defy gravity, while others gathered in teams for a massive game of kickball that was spreading like wildfire. Every single one of them was having the time of their lives; well, everyone accept little Sally that is.

           Sally was the girl that no one cared about; the one no one bothered with. No one ever noticed her or paid attention to her. She might as well have been a blip on their radars. Even her foster parents didn’t acknowledge her existence, nor did her teachers or any adult in her life for that matter. She was a lonely nobody living in a world filled with somebodies. All she could do was watch from the outside while others enjoyed the pleasures of life.

           She sat on the bench at the back of the playground and watched the other kids from afar wishing that just one of them would at least look in her direction. She just wanted to be a part of something, anything; to feel like she belonged. Even at school no one seemed to care that she was there. She was never called on to answer questions in class or to be on either team in gym. She’d felt left out for her entire ten-year-old life, and didn’t have a clue as to why.

           Sitting next to her on the bench was the only friend she’d ever truly had: Mr. Bearsly, the teddy bear she’d dressed in a suit and tie with a monocle and top hat to cover it’s missing ear that had fallen off years ago. Everywhere she went, he was right there by her side acting as a comforting presence in her time of need. He was the only friend she could truly rely on.

           “Someday they’ll ask us to play with them, Mr. Bearsly.” She said while picking him up and hugging him tightly in her arms.

           She ignored the kids in the background for a moment and played out her fantasy with Mr. Bearsly. This time he was a superhero, flying all around the city saving innocent lives from the bad guys. She laughed and giggled as she swung him around in the air while speaking his catchphrase into existence.

           “Bad guys beware. Mr. Bearsly is here.” She said in a deep, manly voice while chuckling to herself. This was the only form of fun she’d ever known, and she felt like she was having the time of her life. There wasn’t anything that was going to take that away from her; at least that’s what she thought at first.

           “Hey what’s that you’re playing with?”

           Sally nearly fainted with surprise as she was approached by another little girl that had been playing in the park. She couldn’t believe that someone had actually noticed her and wanted to talk to her. She clutched Mr. Bearsly tight to her chest and sat in silence for a moment while trying to figure out how to respond. This was new for her, and all of a sudden she was overcome with nerves.

           “I’m Rachel.” The girl said. “What’s your name?”

           Sally hesitated for a moment and remained completely still, as if this was just a dream she had yet to wake up from.

           “I’m Sally.” She finally responded.   

           “That’s a nice bear you have there.” Rachel said. “Mind if I hold him for a second?”

           Sally looked down at the bear and then back up at the girl, and then back down at the bear one more time. She became defensive, as if the girl was trying to steal him from her.

           “His name’s Mr. Bearsly.” She said nervously. “He doesn’t like talking to strangers.”

           “Well I’m not a stranger anymore, now am I?” Rachel asked. “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Bearsly.”

           Rachel reached out her hand to give the bear a friendly handshake, but Sally pulled him away and set him on the other side of the bench.

           “Hey that wasn’t very nice.” Rachel replied angrily. “I just wanted to play with him for a second, that’s all. I won’t hurt him, I promise.”

           “He’s busy saving the world right now.” Sally said while staring at the ground in front of her. “He doesn’t have time to play with anyone.”

           “Well what about you? Are you too busy to play with anyone?”

           Sally continued to look away as the nerves picked up. She remained silent and refused to answer Rachel’s question.

           “We have an open spot on our team in kickball.” Rachel said, trying to regain her attention. “Would you like to play with us?”

           Sally’s face lit up with excitement as she looked back up at Rachel. She couldn’t believe any of it was actually happening. Was she really being invited to play with someone, or was it all just her mind manifesting her inner wishes into the real world?

           “Well, would you?” Rachel asked again, growing impatient with her.

           “O…okay.” Sally replied nervously. “Can Mr. Bearsly play too?”

           “Of course he can. I’m sure he’ll do great. He might even win us the game.”

           Sally actually laughed at the comment. It was the first time she smiled in a long time.

           “Come on Mr. Bearsly.” She said while picking him up from the bench. “We’re going to play a game now.”

           “I’ll race you there.” Rachel said while taking off into a full-on sprint to the other side of the playground before Sally even had time to react.

           When Sally finally caught up, she was greeted by some of the other kids on the team. She suddenly felt like she belonged there. Everything she’d ever wanted was finally being given to her all at once. It felt like Christmas.

           “You’re up to kick, Sally.” Rachel said while helping her to get lined up into position. “Try to kick it over all of their heads, okay. Show them what you got.”

           “What about Mr. Bearsly?” Sally asked. “Does he get a turn to kick too?”

           “He can be next. Why don’t you let me hold onto him until it’s his turn? I’ll stay right here with him, I promise.”

           “You hear that Mr. Bearsly. You’re up after me.”

           She handed the bear over to Rachel and readied herself for the ball to be rolled in her direction. She stared forward with confidence and positioned herself at home plate, ready to kick a home run and gain all of their respect and admiration. This really was the time of her life.

           Before she could even blink, however, the ball was already rolling toward her at a pace she hadn’t expected. When it finally got close enough to her, she swung her foot out in front of her and tried to kick it. Instead, she immediately lost her footing and fell flat on her back right there in the dirt and grass with everyone watching.

           “Look at that girl.” One of the other kids shouted with laughter while pointing his finger at her mockingly. “She can’t even kick a ball.”

           Every single one of them that had been playing, teammates and opponents alike, joined each other in a chorus of laughter as Sally lay there looking up at them with tears in her eyes. Even Rachel was in on the humiliation as she held Mr. Bearsly hostage.

           “She even carries this stupid bear around with her.” Rachel said, tossing the bear on the ground next to Sally. “What a loser.”

           Sally leaned over and grabbed Mr. Bearsly, hugging him tightly as she rose to her feet and dusted herself off. She continued to stand there in silence, crying her eyes out as the other kids mocked her some more, calling her names and throwing dirt at her in the process. She wanted to turn around and run away from all of them, but the embarrassment and shame was holding her there like an anchor keeping a ship from moving with the tide.

           “Aww look at her crying like a little baby.” One of the other kids shouted while pretending to cry in a mocking manner.

           Now she’d finally had enough.

           Sally’s tears had now become tears of rage. She no longer felt humiliated, just angry. Something was boiling up inside her now like a pot of hot water spilling over on the stove top. She felt like there was a fire burning up inside her, ready to burst out at any second.

           “Stop laughing at me!” Sally cried. “Stop it.”

           They weren’t listening to her cries. They were all too busy laughing at her expense. Some of them had even started replicating her fall and lying in the grass in the same way she did.

           That’s when it happened.

           Suddenly everyone stopped laughing and became completely silent in unison. They were still looking in her direction, but the mocking grins on their faces had been replaced with a look of shock and fright. Sally looked on in confusion as they all ceased their mocking and just stood there staring at her. That’s when she noticed it.

           The kickball that had been lying on the ground next to her was floating in the air now, spinning around as if it was a drone being piloted by a controller. Then out of seemingly nowhere, the ball flew forward with the speed of a fighter jet and smacked into Rachel, sending her falling to the ground in pain before anyone could even react.

           Sally continued to look on in confusion, but a slight grin started to form on her face. She felt herself enjoying what just happened. While everyone was looking at her in horror and screaming with fear, she stood there smiling with Mr. Bearsly still held in her arms. Then she began to laugh just as they had.

           Her wish had finally come true. She had their attention now.

April 14, 2024 23:43

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