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"Oh, what a ridiculous daughter that you have Jimery," Paulette says to Jimery as she puts on red lipstick in the mirror in their bedroom.

"Ridiculous is a bit mean darling" Jimery adds as he folds his arms across his chest.

"Ok, then the girl is delusional."

"Will you stop calling my daughter horrific names."

Paulette gets up from the cot and approaches Jimery in a devious manner.

"I call her what I see. What she said about the ship was horrifying what child speaks in vain."

Paulette pushes Jimery out of the way as she passes by him.

5 am this morning Lilliet woke the house when she suddenly let out an horrendous scream. Paulette who is Lilliet's stepmother along with Jimery jumped out of bed and ran into the room that Lilliet was in.

"What is it Lilliet?!" Her father shouted.

"I had a vision."

"Oh, not this again Lilliet this is unacceptable!" Paulette adds.

"What did you see, darling?" Jimery asks Lilliet as he rubs her sweaty forehead.

"The ship"

"What about the ship?"

"I had a vision that the ship was going to sink with us on it."

Jimery was a sailor and he had owned a battleship.

"Darling, maybe it was just a bad dream I don't think that the ship is going to sink it hasn't before."

"Daddy, you never believe me anymore it's all because of her."

Paulette points her finger in Lilliet's face while saying "Don't be a naughty girl. Your father and I need to rest, go on back to bed."

Paulette tugs at the sleeve of Jimery's shirt.

Jimery walks out of Lilliet's bedroom with his wife Paulette.

"You don't believe her, do you?" Paulette asks Jimery as her left eyebrow rises.

"No, of course not darling."

"Good, because you and I both know how wrong her visions can be. Remember last year when she had a vision that my mother dropped dead in her garden while picking roses well, my mother is still alive and healthy."

Paulette and Jimery continue their conversation for 30 mins more while Lilliet lays in bed with eyes full of tears.

Lilliet inherited the gift of vision from her late mother.

The next morning Lilliet, Jimery, and Paulette boarded the ship.

"Oh, honey I cannot wait to sit inside of the ship to have dinner. Aren't you excited Lilliet?"

Lilliet stares at Paulette without a word to say.

During supper, the chef served Lilliet beets with rice while her father and Paulette had eaten the well-done steak, baked potatoes, and broccoli.

Paulette told the chef to serve Lilliet a dish for disobedient children.

"How come I have to eat a meal that doesn't like my taste buds father?"

Jimery stares at his wife before responded to his upset daughter.

"Because darling you were being disobedient."

"Father, how? I was only telling you what I saw. I don't like the things that I see but I can't help it and you know that."

"That's enough talkback young lady, you finish your supper so you can go off to bed," Paulette demands.

"I'm not hungry, I'll go to bed early."

"No! You must eat what you were served," Jimery shouts

Paulette lets out a snicker.

"Who are you?" Lilliet asks her father as she removes herself from the dinner table.

Lilliet finds the nearest empty room on the ship to escape the bitterness that was appealing at dinner.

Meanwhile, Paulette comforts Jimery with a glass of white wine.

"Here, drink this darling don't allow that child of yours to disrupt our dinner."

Jimery takes the wine glass out of his wife's hand and gulps it down his throat as if it were his last drink before death.

2 hours have passed and Lilliet still sits in the dull room angry with her father when suddenly she heard a light knock on the bedroom door.


The voice appeared to be from her father Jimery.

Without Lilliet's permission to enter the room Jimery made his way into the room.

When he entered the room Lilliet sat on the bed looking outside of the window. She could hear and see the waves of the ocean.

"Lilliet, I didn't mean to shout at you but you were in the need of discipline."

"I'm not the kind of child that needs to be disciplined."

"You frightened Paulette and me with your vision of the ship sinking."

"You know I didn't mean to startle you father it's just I felt the need to tell you what I saw."

Jimery folds his arms staring into the sky.

Lilliet notice that her father wasn't saying a word so she turned in his direction.

"What is it, father?"

Jimery's face turned beet red as he stares out the window that Lilliet's near.

Lilliet looks out of the window and sees the ocean transforming into a Tsunami.

"Oh, no!" Lilliet screams.

Jimery runs of the bedroom like a scratted roach.

Jimery runs past Paulette to start the ship.

"What's going on, Jimery?"

"There's a Tsunami occurring," Lilliet says to Paulette.

"A Tsunami? That can't be."

Lilliet opens up the curtains to the window of the room to show Paulette what she and her father had seen.

Paulette's eyes jump out of their socket.

"This is all of your faults! You jinxed this to happen!"

As Paulette points her pointed finger at Lilliet's chest, Jimery tries to move the boat in the opposite direction that the Tsunami was heading.

"Come on!" Jimery yells as he turns the wheel.

The strong waves made it hard for Jimery to move the boat in the opposite direction.

"This is happening all because of you! If your father would've just listened to me when I borough boarding school to his attention I wouldn't be dealing with this black magic that you conquered up!"

"I didn't jinx anything I only told you and my father what I saw through my vision."

"I dont believe. I never believe anything that comes out of that rotten mouth."

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