Christmas Happy Holiday

Hi, I'm May and coincidentally my best friend's name is June. We're both 12. She asked me for a PS5 for Christmas but there is a problem, there is only one left in the WORLD. SO I'm going to make it my mission to get my hands on that PS5 and make my best friend have the best Christmas of her life.

Here is my plan: I will go to bed at 9:30, sneak out at 10:00, and get to the bank to make my savings account. My mom would never let me have a savings account so that's why I have to sneak it.

"May, time to go to bed!" My mom yells that to me every single night. It has now been thirty minutes and it is now time to sneak out. I still have two minutes left but I don't care. I need to go as fast as I can to get out of my house and release the nerves. I walk to the bank, make myself a savings account, and start walking home.

"MAY LEE ANNE!" My mom caught me! "Yes...?" I was terrified "You are in so much trouble!" I knew it, I was going to be dead after sneaking out. It was the next morning and I had to get to school without my mom seeing me, if she did I knew she would start yelling at me from what I did the night before. A bus comes to my neighborhood to pick up kids for school. That will be my escape. My mom is normally awake early so I have to be awake and ready extra early so I can leave the house before my mom is awake. I normally wake up at around 3:00-4:00 am so this shouldn't be a problem.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP." That's my alarm clock. I slam it and start getting ready. The bus comes at around 6:40 am so it can make it to high school and middle school in time. They both start at 7:40.

I make it to the school, barely. I see June and I'm so happy "June!" I was super excited to tell her. "Hi may!" She was happy to see me too."I made a savings account!" I said. June knows how strict my mom is. "What! Your mom let you?" "No, I sneaked it." I said. I was worried she would tell her mom but maybe she wouldn't. "How did you sneak a savings account?" She asked while giggling. "That's a long story I could tell another time" I said. "Okay well I have to get to class." Said June "BYE!" I yelled. I got in trouble for being so loud. "You listen here young lady, I'm not going to tolerate you yelling in my halls. I have students working so you either be quiet or get detention." That was Mrs. Sun. She's my math teacher at the 7th period of school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She is known for not letting you go to the bathroom if you have your phone with you.

I started walking to class when I heard June. "May." She whispered. "Why do you need a savings account." "I...needed it for my brother's Christmas gift. I said. I didn't want to tell her anything about her gift, only because I might not get it. it was on the market for $2,000 because it was the last one in the world. There is probably a 1 in 400,000,000 chance that I will get it.

It was the second night and it was time to sneak out, again. I did my plan to get out, went to the bank, added money, and left. The next day was a Saturday which meant my mom was gone and I was baby-sitting. I could make money, add it to my savings account, and be $500 closer to that PS5.

I have to babysit my mom's friend's daughters. Their names are Sarah and Gracie. Sarah is ten and Gracie is seven. They are both very good kids. I have to baby-sit them for 2 hours and then I can get to the bank. It was 1 hour and 50 minutes into babysitting and all the kids were doing was just lounging around on their tablets. "Ding Dong." That was their mom picking them up from my house. I was so surprised that their mom gave me $400 dollars for baby-sitting her kids. She said it was because she wanted to give me $200 an hour but I only said $10 an hour. I only needed $220 until I had the PS5.

I had to check if it was still on the market. I went on my computer, on the site, and found it. Nobody had bought it yet. I looked into it a little bit more and saw that it had a time limit. There were only two days left until it was gone. I needed a plan to get more money. I was going to make a lemonade stand. June was going to help me. I texted her to come over to my house. She arrived and we started making lemonade. Soon I realized that it was winter and we couldn't sell lemonade in the winter. She said that we could bring it down to a local doughnut shop and they give you $20 for each pint. We made 3 pints so that is $60. That means I only need $160 until the time is up. But someone might buy it so I have to get the $160 fast.

It was time to go to the bank but instead of putting money in my bank account I'm going to take money out and put it all together. I'm going to use some of the money to buy chips. Each bag is $1 at the store but I'm going to sell them at school for $2 each. I bought 40 bags of chips so I'm going to have $80 if people buy all of them. They sold out fast and I only needed $80 to finally have $2,000. I was already making lemonade with June and we had double the fun. We made 4 pints in 1 hour and my mom brought June and I to the doughnut shop.

The next day I told my mom about the PS5 and she let me buy it. I was so happy. I had bought it online and the next day I went to pick it up. It was only 3 day until Christmas and her mom came to pick the PS5 up. On Christmas day June and I were on a call and I watched her open her present. She started crying of happiness when she saw it. That was the best Christmas of our lives.

November 23, 2022 19:49

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Marty B
21:25 Nov 30, 2022

I liked your first line.


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13:26 Nov 26, 2022

I really enjoyed this story. I can relate the main character because my best friend growing up was born in the same hospital, same day, and around the same time as me! We weren’t named similar but we became friends and figures this out years later!


Emma Bob
18:05 Nov 26, 2022

Oh that's so cool, Thank you!


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