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No one would’ve ever believed it or even thought it was possible. Animals that were extinct are now with us, alive and pumping blood. There is no illusion or some type of magic trick, they are actually here! There’s the tasmanian tiger, the dodo bird, and even the wooly mammoth. Many extinct animals are cramped inside this rocky planet, sharing it with the top apex predator of all, the human beings.

Throughout years of cloning and replication of each extinct animal’s DNA, scientists and companies have finally achieved the ability to resurrect such creatures. However, there is a secret spice to this research. These extinct animals are very intelligent and capable of human speech. Their sentience goes above and beyond and are no different than us, fully conscious with a friendly face. The wild and violence of such creatures are tamed into an empathetic and cooperative creature. They live with us and are productive members of the world. 

Now these animals aren’t like our animals in this timeline. Horses are still horses. Cats are still cats. And the little monkeys still swing and play in the jungle. But let’s say a wooly mammoth is nearby…. you think it might stomp on you or maybe just see you as a threat, but nope! It is simply working in construction labor and building our infrastructures. 

There’s only one mystery that everyone is dying to know. What about the dinosaurs? Yes those! Well, no one has seen any yet, but how about we give it up behind the genius of these animals. Everyone applause to…

The tv screen turned black and was no longer visual. The presentation that the man in the yellow suit gave out was now a part of the empty black void.

“Ugh, I can’t stand this anymore!” roared the large saber tooth cat. It growled at the remote and bit it as if it was its prey. It munched on it many times, making the screen flip back on and off. An arm extended from the opposite side and snatched the remote away from him. 

“Hey man, I know, but it can’t be all bad right, I mean, you’re alive and happy right?” said by a man with curly hair and dressed in his obvious comfort clothes. 

The saber cat gave him a snarky glare and slouched down on the couch, its head resting on his two front paws. “This isn’t happy sunshine, Marcus, we’re generally treated as objects and are forced to participate in this weird work labor…whatever it is!” The saber cat calmed down a bit. “I just can’t believe that this is happening.”

Marcus, his dear and trusted friend, looked at him. “Hey, I know Sharp Claw, but look at it this way, you got a nice place and cool friend like me!”

Sharp Claw’s eyes quickly glanced at Marcus and slightly smiled, his two front teeth making it impossible for him to smile widely. Sharp Claw loves Marcus and doesn’t see him like he does with the other humans. Marcus is a bright and happy guy. He clearly treats everyone equally and his optimism is so powerful that it can make someone like Sharp Claw himself, to feel at ease and safe. 

Marcus and Sharp Claw live in a single room apartment and share their lives together. Marcus is a journalist and blogs as a side hobby while Sharp Claw works in an office. Marcus has a dream of becoming one of the best journalists ever and Sharp Claw simply works as that is now the purpose of his existence. The office work doesn’t fit with the angry cat, if anything, it makes him angrier. The amount of paperwork and repetitive phone calls makes him want to rampage against everything. 

“I don’t like that you’re going to an interview with that scummy company, but if it will make you happy and better financially, then I’m here for you, my friend.” Sharp Claw looked back at the screen of the tv and pressed the red button of the remote. The presentation that caused him rage was over, instead, it just showed a commercial with a dire wolf eating a brand of cereal.

Marcus watched the commercial and laughed at the dire wolf getting excited eating the latest new brand of cereal: Dodo puffs. “I know you don’t like this company, especially since they created you guys and all, but I really think this position can help me, and also you. I can create a whole new report and even spin a positive image for the extinct animals.” Marcus once again was back at his ideals. “Who knows, what if something gets big and goes viral for my blog or my twitter?”

ExtinctKingdomCo was the name of the company responsible for bringing the beasts of the past to life. Marcus saw a position opening for a journalist and millions of happy thoughts came into his head. Working for a famous company like this was bound to get him ahead in life. 

Sharp Claw sigh. “Alright.” I believe in him, he does good. But that’s the problem, good people get hurt and manipulated easily. 

“Gah! It's already 9, I need to go to bed and get ready.” Marcus quickly got dressed in his night clothes and wished his friend goodnight, closing the bedroom door behind him.

“Goodnight,” Sharp Claw whispered and drifted into slumber on the old couch. 


The sun rises up and everyone is awake for the day. Extinct animals and people return to their usual routine of life. Marcus is ready for his interview especially. He has his business attire on and a nice suitcase to go with it. His hair was smooth and shiny, and he had a pair of glasses that matched his entire personality. He wishes Sharp Claw a good day and arrives in the scrambling streets of New York, waiting for the next bus stop. 

The bus pulls up and the door spreads wide open, encouraging those to come in or get out. Marcus gets in the bus and pays the Glyptodon that rode the vehicle. Extinct animals and people were all aboard. Some spoke with each other, but it mainly remained in silence. Something like this was too awkward and didn’t feel real.

Marcus finally arrived at his destination and left the silent bus. Here it is. ExtinctKingdomCo. People can be seen walking and discussing with other superiors about their latest projects, some dressed professionally, and some wearing uniforms. There are little extinct animals to be found in sight, but understandable due to a lot of hate they have for it. Marcus enters the enormous building and sees a woman at the front desk. 

“Hey,” Marcus starts as he approaches the woman. “I have an interview with David Hossman.” The woman nodded in approval and told him to go to the elevators and the 10th floor. Marcus thanked her and followed the instructions given to him. The elevators had mirrors and can show everything in hindsight. Marcus has seen many extinct animals performing jobs and even some talents like singing and playing an instrument. This place is so big, I wonder what else is there to explore. Marcus arrived on the 10th floor and felt a cold breeze hit his shoulders, making him shudder and feel stiff.

Where is David Hossman? I know she said the 10th floor, but it feels like I’m in a freezer. Marcus continues to search for him, but it feels like a dead empty room with just computers.


A low growl came from a door with a black and yellow danger hazard sign. Marcus choked and dreaded the feeling of being in the same place with that door. GrrrRaaaa. This time it was longer and louder. Marcus couldn’t stand this terrifying silence anymore. “Mr. Hossman, where are you! This place is pretty scary.”

The growling stopped and stayed silent for a few more seconds, a voice then boomed. “My dear boy, can you please come in. Mr. Hossman is not here at the moment, and he trapped me in here. That cruel man. Please my dear boy, come in.”

Marcus' whole body went from cool to flat out frozen. A memory flashed into his eyes. It was him and Sharp Claw, talking to each other one day while playing a board game. Bad man, good man. Bad animal, good animal. It doesn't matter whether it's an animal or human, don’t let anything bad hurt you, understand? Not everyone is as good as you. Heck, I had this bison friend, call him Dust Horns, and he almost got backstabbed by this jerk Dire Wolf… Sharp Claw continued to ramble on.

“Why is this memory popping up in my head now,” Marcus said in a raspy voice caused by both the cold and fear. 

“Please let me out,” the voice again boomed. 

Marcus blocks off the memory and gives in. His heart bleeds from the cries of the voice, and his morals finally clings to him. He opens the door and realizes he’s in a whole new room. It appeared to alien and advanced. The voice boomed again and sounded like a scaly growl. “I’m in here my dear boy.” Marcus turned and saw a large tube, inside of it looked frosty and had a few icicles too. Marcus comes closer and waits again for the voice.

“Thank you,” the voice said as his head came forward. The sight of it almost made Marcus faint. It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It had sharp teeth and glazing yellow eyes. Although he was intimidating, the glasses it wore gave it a softer look making his eyes look bigger and cuter. 

“You were asking for help?”

The T-Rex nodded and smiled widely with cluttered sharp teeth. “Please let me out, that Mr. Hossman is a villain and kept me in this frozen chamber. I am a good animal you see that evil man is jealous and hates to see me free.” Its snout came closer, and he later bent down, getting a good look at Marcus. “You seem like a sweet fellow, I like you.”

Marcus' heart once again warmed up and figured that this dinosaur was good and probably has been mistreated. “So, you’re the only dinosaur huh?”

He nodded in response. “My name is King Brute, if you let me out, I would like to talk to you more.” King Brute told Marcus on which buttons to press and to pull the leather once finished. Marus pressed all color buttons in the order he was told and released the supposed friendly giant. 

The tube opened wide and let out a snowy storm. King Brute lowly growled and let out an evil laughter. The impactful giant switched his demeanor and roared at his rescuer. “Thank you idiot, now if you excuse me, I’m going to kill you and then I’m going to kill that pathetic fiend Hossman!”

Marcus' realization hit him, and he curses at himself for being this naive. He ran away from the violent monster while his laughs echoed through the rooms. “They say we have small brains, but from the looks of it, I say you do,” King Brute taunted. “When I get rid of all these humans, I’ll be taking charge of this company,” King Brute spoked in vain. “I'll call it DinoCo or something, make this world back to being dinosaurs only again! Ha!”

Marcus arrived at the elevators as sweat dripped from his face. The elevators opened and Marcus couldn’t believe it, it was David Hossman! Panic surged in his face as he noticed King Brute was let out. “What did you do?” Hossman freaked out. 

“There you are Hossman!” King Brute massive stomps could be heard as he grabbed Mr. Hossman by the collar with his sharp teeth and threw him to another part of the building as Marcus escaped successfully on the elevator. King Brute growled in frustration. “Now I have to kill everything I guess.” King Brute operated all the systems in the building and made sure it was locked so no man or creature could even escape. “I think I want to get that young guy first,” he says in a sadistic tone. 


“We were resting, you know. We could hear your loud screams and conflict.” A tasmanian tiger barked at him. It meanly stared at Marcus as soon as the elevator opened to this new area. 

“I need help! King Brute is after me!” Marcus cried out. He saw the look of panic in the tasmanian tiger’s eye. 

“Sorry, but we can’t help you there, that guy is a menace, and besides, we refuse to help the same things that make us work forever.” The tasmanian tigers’ day was disappointing as they walked away from Marcus. 

Marcus keeps forgetting that extinct animals and most humans don’t mesh well together or even trust each other, but he had no choice. He had to find someone to help him out. Marcus traveled everywhere and asked for help from nearly every extinct animal he could find. Nothing but “nos” to “I don’t trust you” or even “let him get ya, we don’t like you guys anyway.” All of this hurts Marcus. Sharp Claw really is his only extinct friend. 

Marcus went up to a black rhino and asked for help. The black rhino just scoffed at him and said, “there’s no point in running, accept fate, my kind died a lot and now I’m brought back to slave away.”

Marcus felt his whole energy slowly depleted. His optimism felt bleak, and he became sorrowful. But he at least understood most of the extinct animals’ feelings. GRAAAA. The roar echoed throughout the building. People and extinct animals running away in fright. Hope seemed lost and Marcus accepted his fate. Poke. Marcus felt someone touch his shoulder as he turned around and saw a Dodo bird.

“I can help you!” The Dodo chirped happily. Marcus doesn’t feel protected by this creature but lets him speak away. “I don’t know why, but I feel you have a good heart! That King Brute guy just talks a load of pretentious rubbish anyway. Brawns have no brains, don’t you know! Also, my name is Tatter Beak.”

Marcus looked down and had no choice. “Alright, anything to help everyone here.” 

Tatter beak gleamed from the response. "Don't you worry, that Rex guy doesn't have all the smarts yet, that was why it was locked up in the first place. He still a violent one."

They both walked back to the elevators and came right back up to the intense battle. Tatter Beak confidently walks up to King Brute and looks him straight to the eye, instilling its own pride and showing no fear.

“Hah, so this is what the million years has come to. You weird things, large gross beaks and look nothing powerful or capable of anything,” King Brute mocked the silly thing. 

“Actually, did you come from that weird looking tube over there, I’m not very smart.”

“Yes?” King Brute chuckled at his dumb question.

“Well, I heard that all the great dinosaurs need to stay cold so they can regain strength. Being left in the warm can make a dinosaur really weak,” Tatter Beak blurts out randomness.

King Brute took a liking to something about strength and power. “Well, I like the sound of that, and I do feel strong, but it still sounds fake.”

“Show me then,” Tatter Beak said. 

“Hmph.” The large scaly king stomped towards his old freezing prison as Tatter Beak followed behind him. “I think I feel the strength, watch me chomp up your entire face and then I’ll go back to-” King Brute comes to a halt as the door is shut on his face and a loud beep pops up, ensuring that he is trapped again in his freezing cell. King Brute growled in frustration once again. He tried the puppy dog look with his glasses and begged to let him out, but Marcus wasn’t falling for that again. 

Tatter Beak and Marcus are at relief as they fix everything in the systems, and everyone seems to have recovered from this unexpected event. Marcus learned a lot from this odd adventure. I have so much to tell Sharp Claw. Even better, a great report is about to be in the makes. 

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