Giraffes have tall necks. That's how they reach heights. I wish I had a tall neck or at least I wish I was tall. I would reach heights easily. I could easily reach my books at the top of shelf instead of asking my mum and dad for help.

 That night I stayed awake. It's not that I did not want to sleep, it's not that I wasn't sleepy. It was the last day of my boarding school. I was too busy planning my summer break. So I was awake all night, awake dreaming about my awesome summer with homework or rules. Awake dreaming that I would be able to see my parents and friends. Dreaming that I would be able to walk anywhere and everywhere.

 My eyes closed a fair few times but I awoke myself. I could not sleep, not today. Today was a day to celebrate, not sleep! But I couldn't hold it anymore, I closed my eyes telling myself.

"I'll just close my eyes for one second…" as I closed my eyes.

The next morning, Miss Daylily arrived to pick us up and she was happy as ever.

"Alohaaaa kākou e nā keiki. How are my favorite kids?" she asked us laughing to herself.

"Hi Miss Daylily." We answered. "We're great! How are you?" Everyone chimed.

"Amazing! I am happy and content as ever! Mahalo" She answered back happily. "Ok kids, you might want to hop in. We are leaving in 5 minutes sharp."

But first, we might want to backtrack a little. You might be wondering who am I? What's my name? Why are you in a boarding school? Well you're in luck. I'm ready to answer all those questions! My name is Hazel Chenge. Daughter of Sabine Chenge and Jacob Chenge. You might be wondering why I'm telling you my parents names here and that's because my parents are really famous for their extrodinary powers and the triump that occurred during the Serpentine world war 1(S.W.W 1). And if you're wondering what I mean by powers, I mean magic, special ability! And if you're wondering what my power is, I didn't unlock my powers yet.

Our bus took exactly 57 minutes to reach my house but for me it felt like 10 minutes. I totally forgot about the "little" amount of homework my dad assigned. But we arrived and I was expecting a large balloon saying, "Welcome home my dear Hazel."

But I definently expected WAY too much.

"Dadd! Momm!" I said while running to them dramatically. "I missed youuu soo muchhh!"

"Hazel, dear, what's wrong? What's with all this dramatics?" My mom said completely bewildered. "But otherwise, I missed you too!" She said while reaching over to hug me.

I was heart-struck, my mom had changed a LOT.

Seeing my pale face, my mum spoke again.

"Haha! Hazel, I got you! You really think I would say that to you?" Mum said while laughing heartily.

My eyes opened, I couldn't believe it. I was lost with words so I responded to her by actions.

"Thank you mum." I started to say and went over to hug her again. "Let's go home!"

We walked home but the weird thing was my dad was really quiet and my family is NEVER quiet. I waited, I waited some more for my dad to speak up, and that was not happening, so I decided to break the silence.

"Hey dad. Did you get all the letters I wrote to you about my discovery of 'Rosweed'? I just decided that that fiber would be a great cloth! Here!" I told him while handing down the scarlet pillowcase.

"Yes, Hazel, I have a humongous pile of letters on my desk and I still clamber to finish reading them all. Great Job!" My dad said while giving me a thumbs-up but something in his voice was causing dismal.

I didn't answer, just smiled and walked quietly. I was hoping no one would talk until we reach home but… I lost my luck. Mum and dad noticed and they spoke.

"Hazel! MY GOODNESS! Your enthusiasm levels have abated. Are you ok? Do you have a temperature? Should I call the doctor?" My mum said quickly panicking and reached her phone. "Jacob, look at her! She's gone all red! Hurry!"

"Sabine..Calm down! And of-course she had a temperature, everyone has a temperature. Maybe you mean 'Does she have a fever?'"

"Ok, Mr. Doctor, does she have a "fever"?" Mum rolled her eyes in annoyance.

August 25, 2021 19:40

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