We made a Cake

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What you have done Whisker? Mom will punish us when she sees this. Oh, I am sorry, I am Jack and this is Whisker, my pet cat. I am the only child of the Brown family. Mom went shopping. Dad went to the office. So, I am alone at home. Actually not alone as Whisker is with me. I had a mood of painting but Whisker spilled colors everywhere. Hey! Where are you going? I don't want to get punished alone. Mom will get mad when she will see that torn carpet and a broken flowerpot. Wait! Whisker, come back!

Oh, he is gone. Now I am alone. Should I call Dan? He will give me the company. And Lisa, too!

It's half an hour already and they both are not here yet. At least I wiped the floor and cleaned the house.

Oh, the bell! It must be them!

Dan and Lisa were standing outside waiting for me to open the door, but I had a bucket of water in my left hand and cleaning material in the right hand.

"Are you cleaning the house? That's nice!" Lisa said.

"Yeah, cleaning the junk of Whisker."

Dan laughed looking at me.

"What took you so long? Come inside."

We had a whole house empty for adventures. We started painting. Dan paint a house on the hill, but it looked like an ancient house, and the man standing near it was looking like a stick with a round head. Lisa and I laughed which made Dan angry. So he grabbed my painting which I was hiding. When he waved it in air, Lisa saw it and they started laughing. My painting was a blue sky and a bird was flying but it was looking like the bird hadn't had any meal for days! I also started laughing. Lisa was the one whose painting was the best amongst us. Her painting of three friends playing happily indicated us. We also loved it.

"I am starving," Dan said.

"Me too," Lisa said.

"Now you also made me feel hungry. Let me see what's in the fridge."

I opened the fridge but it was empty. Then I remember mom went shopping and now there is nothing in the fridge to eat. No snacks, no meal. Only eggs, some essences, and some cream were in the fridge. Dan found some strawberries in the down compartment of the fridge. We started eating them happily, but Lisa stopped us.

"Why, what is wrong Lisa?" Dan asked.

"Jack, do you have flour in the house?" Lisa asked me.

"Yeah, I mean we had it always. Why are you asking?"

"what if we make a cake from these?" Lisa suggested.

"What? I can't" Dan negotiated.

"Oh come on Danny. We can do it. And you know these strawberries are not enough for three of us, right?" Lisa was right.

"Yeah. I am ready."

"Okay, let's see what we can do?" Dan agreed.

Lisa was a good cook. We had eaten her cake before so we trusted her. We helped her and did what she wanted us to do.

I measured the ingredients and gave it to Lisa. Lisa mixed hem properly while Dan cut the strawberries. Lisa took the batter in the oven and after fifteen minutes we were lost in its tasty smell. Dan had trouble with painting but he decorated the cake very nice. Yeah, it was obvious that Lisa had to help him but the overall cake was looking very delicious. It vanished our hunger. Whisker returned, I think the smell reached to him. I gave him a piece of cake and he finished it very quickly. I was surprised as I know Whisker was not a very big fan of cake.

When mom returned, we were doing the dishes. We left some cake for her and when she tasted she was very happy. She appreciated it. Dan and Lisa went home. And I was waiting for mom to react on Whiskers doings!

September 20, 2019 17:34

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