I Bid Farewell as You Soar Free

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Creative Nonfiction

"What would you like to be when you die?"

"I don't know, maybe an eagle. They are pretty awesome."


The inquire lingered in my mind for a while. Why? Why did I want to be an eagle? This is a stupid question to ask what you want to be, I had thought, and now what do I think of it? Not so stupid, after all.

I want to soar through the vast, blue sky, diving into the depths of the dense forest, to sprint where I choose, to sing in the rain, to watch the sunset and horizon on a branch of an evergreen. I want to soar across the beach and watch the waves kiss the sand on the beach on a warm, sunny day.

However, I was silent instead.

"Why?" he asked again. I still did not answer, not wanting to. I turned my back on him and gazed at the snowy hills which were once covered in bright apple-green grasses. "Why, Willow?" Again I tried to evade; gawking dreamily at the hills. He grunted, groaned, bellowed, and stomped out of the room. I scurried towards the terrace of the chalet and felt the cool breeze brush against my raven black locks. I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear as an avalanche of queries catapulted into her weary mind for a flashing moment. How long will we have to stay here? Please tell me I can return home soon. It's absolute torture staying with him.

I paced across my tiny room, anxious to return home. Come to think of it, it would be cool to be an eagle under all these circumstances. Wouldn't it? When the thought jumped into my head, I immediately transformed into an eagle. What happened? It must be magic! But... magic isn't real, isn't it... Anyways, why am I suddenly an eagle? Will I ever be human again? As if my thoughts could come true, I transformed back into a human as I formed that last question mark in my mind.

I was thrilled. This was an amazing, brilliant power. I started forming different questions and different thoughts in my head. They all became true! I must've made noise, though, for he entered the room, hollering at me for "ruining his chalet". "What have you done to my beautiful chalet!? What are you doing!? Are you an uncivilized witch toying with magic? Get away from my chalet now, you monster!!" Appalled, I scurried out of the chalet and eventually lost myself in the eerie woods. I felt strong muscles gripping my arm as it pulled me out of the forest.

"Are you okay?" the unknown voice of a woman echoed. "I think so," I murmured, brushing grime off my coat. "Where are we?"

"Somewhere enchanting," said the gentle woman. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" her tone was kind but firm. "I'm Willow," I blurted. "I was staying at a chalet due to the snow. But the owner kicked me out."

"Ah," the woman nodded, deep in thought. "Willow... why does that name sound so familiar?" I backed away from this woman. Maybe she's crazy. I shouldn't stay so close, I thought. "Do you have a mother named Kayla?" the woman finally queried. I was stunned. Yes, my mother Kayla had been sent away by a cruel man. I do not remember who banished her, but she never returned. I was sure she died, perhaps an eagle. This woman must be a friend of my mother, I excitedly thought. I should talk to her! "Yes," I answered. The woman's hearty laughter filled me with joy. "Willow, yes, Willow! I have found my daughter!" I was completely bemused. "Huh? What... I'm sorry, ma'am, but I don't think I see anyone else here--"

The woman placed her warm palms on my shoulders and explained, "Willow, years ago I was sent away. But I have been living in this forest under the company of a family of foxes. They are very generous. Berries and nuts for meals-- absolutely delectable. But, now that I have finally found you, we can return home!" I was overjoyed. However, how could I be sure this woman was my mother? Before I could ask, the woman (my mother?) sent out a cry of pain and knocked into the soil. I was about to help when I recognized a figure's face-- the stern expression of my father. He still had his same marble grey over-geled hair, with streaks of cinder black. His wrinkles worsened his cruel look.

"Dad?" I squeaked, barely mustering a whisper. Everything seemed confusing at that time-- I couldn't make anything out. That's when my mind swiveled and all the pieces fit into place.

"You!" I suddenly hollered. I gripped my father's arm. "I should have been avoiding you. You were the one who banished Mom!" He hoisted me into a pile of dead leaves. "You were the idiotic one who decided to meet with her again! She deserved to be left here!" My father called after me. I cringed as I watched my father bang on my poor mother with his large, wooden stick. I gazed up at the sky, and only a small part of it was visible. I sloshed around in the leaves, and I'll be the first to admit-- I had to look pretty ridiculous.

My father cursed over my mother, yelling unnecessary complaints into her ear. Accustomed to his mean ways, my mother stayed silent, waiting for him to stop at once. I was about to call the police and ambulance, report my father to the cops, and take my mother to the hospital for a check up. But my phone-- I was too worried and anxious to find it. It must be somewhere in this stupid backpack! But then, miraculously, my mother's body dissolved. It felt like slow motion-- my father's face was surprised. "Where is she?!" he demanded. However, when I noticed the elegant chocolate brown, cloud white eagle with the soft feathers soaring gorgeously into the small square of blue sky, I was entranced. I knew it was my mother, free from my father's sharp claws. As I watched the eagle soar towards liberty and freedom, I whispered, "I bid farewell as you soar free."

January 18, 2022 01:20

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Annalisa D.
04:56 Jan 22, 2022

That was a great ending!


Hannah .
21:06 Jan 22, 2022

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


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