Creative Nonfiction

                      Glaring Deception

“Thanks for this dance” uttered in a sweet voice the handsome Rony wearing a white shirt and blue trousers. He was attending the birthday party of his best friend. At the sight of a gorgeous lady in a red dress impressive with her light grey eyes, he couldn’t but seize the opportunity of seeking a dance with her.

“Are you related to Mr. Jodhi? “ asked Rony to Aline.

“ No, I am his sister’s friend?”

“ So, we are both their friends. Would you like to be my friend?”

“ I don’t mind. By the way, are you working?

“ Yes, I’m an engineer in Davy firm. And you?”

“ I’m teaching Maths. in a secondary school. Are you happy with your job?”

“Yes, I am. I reckon ten years of experience in this firm. I think teaching isn’t an easy job.”

“ If you enjoy working with children, then teaching is an interesting job. You need to be painstaking and conscientious. “

“ I agree with you. Have you any boyfriends?”

“ In fact, I have two. You are the third one.”

“ You drag me into a competition.?

“ Don’t worry! It won’t be tough for you. And you, any girl-friends?”

“ Like you, only two! But, in fact, no serious relationships.”

They were so attracted to each other that during the whole celebration, they tried hard to keep each other within sight. When the party came to its end, they promised to be in touch. They took note of their contact numbers.

When they went back home, they had good reasons to review their first meeting. Reviewing each other’s words, smiles and pleasant voice did spice their memories. The need to meet again and to know more about each other was mutually felt. Five days later Rony called her and had a chat. After exchanging appreciative comments about the party, they talked a bit about their parents. Rony told Aline that he gave a hint about her to his mom. She said: “If this girlfriend appeals to you, you should not take too much time to meet her again.”

” Can we meet this coming Saturday?”

“ At what time and where?”

“ I prefer you make the choice.”

“ What do you think of Bagatelle Mall at eleven. We may roam around in the mall and have lunch at the Food Court.”

“ Excellent idea! How was the day?”

“ It’s five in the afternoon. I was back home at four. I had a shower and tea. I just started marking some students’ exercise books. After that I will help mom in the kitchen.”

“ I know, you teachers, you always carry your school work home. Let me hope that in the near future I can benefit from your cooking skills.”

“ I’m confident I won’t deceive you.”

“ It’s so pleasant chatting with you that I’m unwilling to end my call. But I see you have a hectic afternoon. Will meet at the Mall. Bye!”.

Rony’s mom was kept informed of the meeting. Around nine o’clock, she ironed Rony’s shirt and trousers. He got ready and left home at ten. He proceeded to the mall and reached there after a one-hour drive. It was eleven but Aline wasn’t within sight. At 11.10 am, he saw her coming in her white car. She got parking in the adjoining lane. Rony walked towards her car. She was, as usual, gorgeous in her white blouse and blue skirt. His heart was pounding and sending this message to him:” She’s, indeed, a perfect match for you.”

“Sorry, I’m a little late.”

“ Don’t worry. I too just came. You look superb. “

“ Let’s get inside the Mall. Walking leisurely, they kept window shopping. They reached a perfume shop. Let’s enter. They chose perfumes and beauty products for their partners as they wanted to gift each other. Both removed their bank cards to pay but on Rony’s strong insistence, he was allowed to foot the bill. “Thanks for your lovely gifts,” said Aline.

After almost one hour walk during which Rony talked about his parents. “ My dad is sixty years old. His name is Amold and is a car mechanic. My mom Lina is a supervisor in a textile factory. She turned 55 last month. I have a fifteen-year-old sister who is a college student.”

He also learned that Aline’s dad was a retired nursing officer, her mom Mathilde was a housewife. She had an elder brother named Sam. He was the father of a five-year-old son.

It was 12.45 pm. They decided to have lunch in the Food Court. After choosing their favorite dishes, they got seated. While sipping their soft drinks, Rony expressed his feelings for her.

“ Aline, I thank you for accepting my invitation. Our friendship had started quite recently. I’d told you that I have my girlfriends but they are simply friends and whenever we met in the past, it was always in a group. But since I met you, it’s quite different. I like your smiles, your voice, and your thoughts. I told my mom about my feelings. Forgive me if these feelings are making me daring enough to say that I love you. Yes, I love you. I don’t know about your feelings. If you are not prepared to express them to me, I’ll give you some time to think and you can reply to me later.”

“ I appreciate your frankness and sincere approach. I too entertain deep feelings for you. I believe in our friendship and it will be a lasting one”

As the food was served, they started eating and preferred talking about different things, apart from personal feelings. Rony enjoyed talking of funny anecdotes and these sparked lots of giggles from Aline. They really enjoyed this romantic meeting. After lunch, Rony accompanied her to her car. She asked him to continue the chat in the car. Rony sat beside her and both grew more intimate. Before Rony went back to his car, Aline offered him an intimate kiss and said: I love you, Rony.”

As Lina wanted to have a look at her future daughter-in-law, she asked Rony to bring her home. So one Sunday, Aline paid them a visit. She was warmly welcomed and well entertained. She noticed that Rony’s parents, Lina and Arnold were sympathetic and caring. She had a friendly chat with Rony’s younger sister Ranee. She was so impressed by that welcome that she had the feeling she would get along well with the family.

On another occasion, Aline introduced Rony to her parents. Briefed by her, they knew a lot about him and his family. Mathilde prepared a spicy fish curry for him, his favorite dish. His humble nature convinced them that Aline and Rony would be an exemplary couple. Fifteen months of good family relationships propelled the two young persons to embark on a matrimonial life. During their dating period, they came along some differences but they handled them with composure.

The first two years of their married life were quite harmonious. They were able to handle petty differences with a certain dose of comprehension. The family tension developed when Aline started a part-time PGCE course and had to devote her leisure time to work out her assignments. Rony felt that he was neglected and he wasn’t happy when they had to decline certain invitations to attend parties. Frustrated, he was no longer the loving partner. Feeling exhausted, Aline refused to go with him to attend a family function. He had a heated argument, blaming her for giving less attention to his relatives. One of her former boyfriends, who was a teacher and was following the same course called her. As he didn’t attend the last session, he wanted her to give him some feedback. Knowing her pre-marital relationship with the guy, Rony wasn’t happy with that call. He said:” Why did he choose to ask for feedback from you. He could have called another person. He might be encouraged by you to do so.”

“ Rony, I’m really astounded. I didn’t expect such a reaction from you. You are jealous”

“ As a married person, I know my limits. My reaction is justified.”

“ I too am within limits. The problem with you is that you are anti-social. As a married woman, it doesn’t mean that I can’t befriend a male colleague.”

“ Am I anti-social when I try to protect our married life?

” I don’t see any indication that our married life is threatened. Your lack of wisdom is threatening it. When we just got married you promised my parents that you would be caring and protective. Our marriage is but a flagrant deception and is now on the brink of a split.”

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