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Friendship High School Romance

Hi, my name is Kali. A year ago, today I almost lost my best friend. Over a guy. Insane right!! Lemme tell you the story. His name is Caleb. He was a normal white boy, blonde curly hair, blue eyes, gorgeous, but what I liked most about him was his personality. He was shy and quiet but funny. He never disrespected anyone and always stood up for himself and others. Now me, I'm nice but not always. I am not mean unless it's necessary. My bestie, her name is Penelope. She's not your average girl. She's the opposite of me in a way. She's into the gothic lifestyle. We are the best of friends though. We always used to tell each other about our crushes. This school year, Caleb was new. We both liked him but didn't find out it was the same guy until about 4 months later. This particular night we were having a sleepover, talking about Caleb. "He's quiet but I like him." said Penelope. "I never really like people but he's different you know." "Yeah" I said. "I like someone too. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and plays football." "He sounds like my guy.... what's his name?" "My crush? His name is Caleb." I said, with curiosity. We might like the same guy. "OMG MINE TOO. Kali, we like the same guy." "O-oh wow, we can't let this affect our friendship, right?" "No, never." She said with a smile. The next day at school, Penelope is talking to Caleb. He is laughing at whatever she said. I walk over and they instantly hush. "What's up guys?" I say, with a side smile. "Oh nothing, Penelope was just telling me about a friend she has that likes me." "W-what do you mean? Did she tell you who?" I stutter. " "No, she just said they may never have any chance with me." I glared at her right then. "Yea well maybe they will." I said, as I walked off, fuming inside. I couldn't believe she would do that to me. I mean we had just talked about this not coming between us. I vowed I would get my revenge. So, at lunch, I sat down with Caleb and acted like I needed help with my work. I'm smart but wanted a reason to talk to him. While we were doing math, I told him I was going to get some water. I came back to sit down and told him that I know who likes him. "Who?" he asked with interest. "Penelope." "Wait, Penelope? Like your best friend Penelope? "Yep, her. She told me last night." "Wow, I wouldn't have known when we talked this morning." "Yea well its true. Just don't tell her I told you." I said. "Ok, consider it done." Later. I'm sitting at home, watching TikTok, when my phone rings. I pick up on the second ring. "Hello?" I say. "YOU TOLD HIM?" yells Penelope from the end of the line. "What? Did I?" I say with a smirk. "Kali, we agreed this wouldn't come between us. You weren't supposed to say anything." "Yea well neither were you but you did. You really believe I have no chance with him?" I said, hurt. "Uhm yeah, I do. I mean you've never had a boyfriend and you're just you." "I-I-I thought you were my best friend." "I am." says Penelope. "That's why I'm telling you. It's just the truth." "No, it's not. I don't believe you, LIAR." I was angry with her now. How could she say something so hurtful? "I AM NOT LYING; YOU JUST DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH." she yelled. "YOU KNOW WHAT, I DONT WANT TO EVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN. DONT CALL ME, DON'T TEXT ME, NOTHING. THIS FRIENDSHIP IS DEAD." I screamed. I hung up the phone, threw it across the room and started crying. It was Friday so I stayed in bed. I cried myself to sleep and wouldn't get up in the morning. Even when My mom called me for breakfast. "Kali? Are you ok?" I heard from outside my door. "I'm worried about you." 

She slightly opened the door and poked her head in. "You want to talk about it?" I didn't answer right away. Just before she left, I spoke. "She is so mean. She told me I would never have a chance because I'm me. I thought she was my best friend and would never say anything to hurt me. I guess I was wrong." She came and sat down on my bed. She pulled me into a hug and said "It hurts when you're not as important to someone as you thought. People will change up on you so fast and will not look back. That's why you must always be there for yourself before you're there for others." "Wow mom, that's deep. I didn't know you were so wise." "I am wise beyond my years kid." She said with a laugh. "Now come on down and eat, then we'll play some Fortnite later, together." "Thanks mom. You are the best." I said, smiling. Monday came and I walked into school with my head held high. I once again saw Penelope talking to Caleb. As I walked up, she glared at me. "What do you want?" "Hi Caleb" I said, completely disregarding Penelope. "I wanted you to know that I am the friend of Penelope's that likes you. I only told her that she likes you because she told you that I would never have any chance with you. I was hurt and just petty. I apologize to both of you." "Wait so both of you females like me?" He looked surprised as he said it. "Yep, that's the truth." I said. I saw Penelope's face soften, out of my peripheral. "O-ok listen, you guys are both great friends but that's all. I just want to be your friend. Nothing more nothing less." "Wait so you don't like either of us? said Penelope. "Not in that way. You are my friends and that's it. That is all you'll ever be. Both of you." "Oh wow." she said. "Well, it seems like you guys have to talk so I'm going to class. See you there." he said as he walked away. "So....I'm sorry, Kali. It was wrong of me to speak about it in the first place." "Yes, it was, but I'm sorry too. I Should've kept my mouth shut." "I guess we both let it get between us huh?" I laughed. "I guess we did." We both sat there laughing for a few minutes. "Listen Kali, we should never let anything like this happen again. We almost lost our friendship because of it." I agree, trust me." "Pinky promise?" I said. "Pinky promise for ever and a moon." Said Penelope. We walked back to class as if nothing ever happened. Caleb became great friends with us both and we never spoke about it again. I always thought about and kept in mind what my mom told me that day. I'll never forget it. 

June 09, 2023 18:05

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John Siddham
00:39 Jun 22, 2023

Nice story Leila, twists and turns in friendship, and friendship wins!


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