African American Christian Fiction

"It's all a ploy to take people's money! Why can't you see that, Lola?" My boyfriend Eric said.

"It's true that there are some church organizations who are in it for the money, but there are still churches who are genuinely investing in people,"

"You're blinded by the fancy words of the preacher and this book is brainwashing you!" He picks up my bible with disgust.

"Careful! And the pastor I have speaks plainly, and he's transparent." I said, quickly grabbing my bible from his grasp.

"Lola, you're wasting your time. The money that you've earned as a waitress barely keeps you above water."

"It's in the Bible and I only give a tenth of what I earned and a small offering."

"It should handle these bills. You're broke and practically homeless,"

"I have a place of my own,"

"Not for long," He said, presenting me an eviction notice that said I have a week to move out.

"What!?" I took it with widened eyes.

"Now, do you want to keep giving your money to this church?"

"God will make a way. I'm not giving up!"

"I can't do this anymore,"


"I'm a stockbroker who grosses $200,000 a year who dates a waitress,"

"It never bothered you before. What changed?"

"This!" He points at my bible as if it the words were at fault for our fragile relationship.

"That's ridiculous!"

"Lies. Ever since you've been going to that church, you changed."

"I have a peace in my heart and a feeling of wholeness. I've invited you so that you can see for yourself."

"Never! Keep your brainwashing and false god. Enjoy poverty, Lola,"

He vowed before leaving my apartment with a slammed door.

Shock and frustration coursed through me as life became difficult since giving my life to Jesus. It was a struggle with my bills, family, and now without a boyfriend.

"God, I need your help, and seems to get harder, please I need a miracle,"

I went to sleep with tears flowing down my face from a broken heart and uncertain future.

The next day, I was working at the restaurant when I got called by my boss, Mr. Calzone.

I walked as my heart beat hard against my chest when I arrived before softly knocking against the door.

"Who is it?" a gruff tone yelled out.

"It's me, Mr. Calzone,"

"Get in here,"

She opened the door to a hefty Italian man sitting behind a wooden desk, which was covered in stacks of paper.

He rose his gaze from the paperwork to her in full annoyance before giving full attention to the situation.

"We have a problem,"

"What is it, sir?"

"I have records showing that you're short on money in a few of your shifts."

"Short? Mr. Calzone, there must be a misunderstanding."

"No, it's here in black and white."

"Mr. Calzone, I haven't taken anymore than what it's allowed."

"Then how do you explain this?"

"The only thing that I can think of is when Tony was handling the money for the last few shifts."

Tony was Mr. Calzone's son who was pedigreed to take over the restaurant one day.

They instructed him to take over the financial affairs and told me and the rest of the staff to treat him like any other employee.

"Really? Tony informed me he had videos showing you taking extra money."

I remembered over the last few days; he was video taping everyone, especially her. I thought a little about it, but now it was making perfect sense.

"That's not true!"

"I saw them, myself."

"I'm telling you the truth. He set me up!"

"Sadly, I don't think so,"

"What are you trying to say?"

"Since you can't prove it. I have to let you go."

"Mr. Calzone, your son is lying to you!"

"He knows right from wrong. How dare you accuse him of stealing?"

"Mr. Calzone, it's the truth,"

"Leave this property or I'll call the police." He rose with shock and fury in his eyes.

It was like time was slowing down as he continued to speak, but nothing, not even a sound, was coming in my ears.

Without another word, I left the office, grabbed my things, ignoring the stares from her coworkers and devilish grin from Tony.

Once going inside my car, I cried my heart out and without a job, finances or a place to stay, it was a mess creek without a paddle and a final nail in my unfortunate coffin.

I thought in my head, Oh God, what am I going to do?

I went to church with a heavy heart and my sister in Christ, Sarah, saw it. She came to listen before the service.

I cried with all my heart, not caring if other people were watching.

Sarah waited with patience and once I finished, she assured everything will be fine despite of me not telling her the whole story.

"What you've given to God, he will double it. Wait for him to blow your mind," Sarah said with a smile.

Afterward, I asked my folks if I could stay until finding another place.

Once taking care of that, I was hungry, so I went to the ATM to check my balance and became floored by what I saw.

"This can't be real..." I said.

I double checked and the amount of over 10,000 dollars was still there.

"How.. did...?" I wondered until Sarah's words echoed in my mind.

What you've given to God, he will double it. Wait for him to blow your mind.

I knelt down with renewed tears flowing down my face with a gratefulness and stronger faith.

"Thank you, Father. Thank you so much!" I cried out as the miracle I prayed for became a reality.

With time and wisdom, I found a place of my own after staying with my parents for a few weeks.

Afterward, I searched for a better job on the internet and got called for an interview for an assistant job with a generous salary and awesome benefits.

I got hired on the spot and now was an assistant to one of the most renowned CEOs of this country.

Aside from having a healthy bank account and a plethora of contacts, my boss is a humble man with a knack for business and budgeting.

It was close to a year, and I've learned to be quite the secretary.

Aside from the many schedules and the fierce competition of the company, I rose to the challenge and became better every day.

"Ms. Williams, do you have any recommendations for lunch?"

"I would suggest that nice Mexicans restaurant down the street,"

"Hmm, what about the Italian restaurant next to it?"



"I'm afraid not. They had to file for bankruptcy, forced to close."

"What a shame. Then Mexican it is,"

It doesn't hurt that I'm dating a wonderful man who believed what I believed without judgement and proved it every day.

I was leaving my office to go home when a familiar face came towards me with a smile.

"Lola, fancy seeing you here,"

"Hey Eric and goodbye Eric,"

"Wait a minute, can't you speak to an old friend?"

"No, you've said enough a year ago,"

I walked away when feeling a grip on my wrist to find a smile that hid particular annoyance.

"Listen, you're employed by one of the wealthiest people in this nation. I want in!"

"I'm sorry, but if you want to speak with him, I suggest setting up an appointment."

"I've tried all that, but if you put in a good word, then I won't break your arm."

"Let go!" I demanded, gritting my teeth as he tightened his grip.

"No one is around to stop me or hear your screams. They fired me not too long ago, you know, so I'm a desperate man."

"This isn't the way!"

"Shut up!"

Suddenly, Eric's grip loosened enough that I wretched my arm away. I turned in time to find my boyfriend holding Eric by the arms before knocking him unconscious.

"Lola, baby. Are you alright?" James asked with concern.

I ran into his arms, feeling a comfort that literally felt like home as tears ran down my face.

"I'm fine, just shaken a bit,"

Once the authorities arrived at their locations, taking my and James's statements for the report. They arrested Eric and took him downtown.

"C'mon, babe, let's take you home."


"It's alright, you're safe now."

Once he took me home, James stayed until I settled and was ready for bed.

"I'm coming back to take you to work in the morning, so rest easy, ok?"

"I'll try,"

"Ok, good night, my queen,"

He softly kissed my lips and forehead before leaving for the night.

With a sigh, I kneeled beside my bed with renewed tears running down my face and prayed.

"Thank you for what you've done for me today and again giving me the miracle I needed a year ago, In Jesus' Name, Amen." I said with a grateful smile.

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