My Growing, Loving Family.

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Charlie and Jasper sat in the garden, waiting for Mich to join them. The fall was coming quickly and the grey clouds covered the sun. A slight breeze blew, cooling the garden. Charlie had his eyes closed, letting his mind wander around calmly, the coolness making him shiver.

It grounded him for the future. For what's planned. Jasper held his hand next to him, kissing his head before turning around to Mich walking towards them. "Mother," Jasper greeted.

"Jasper. Nice evening today. But I suppose I should cut to the chase. I owe Charlie an apology." He said, drawing the attention of Charlie. It had been two days since the rescue and Charlie slept for a whole day.

As for the people, Jasper found them a place they can finally stay and sleep. They were doing okay and Charlie promised to check in two days a week until Jasper deems Charlie shouldn't be going.

"It's fine, Mich. There's no need for it." Charlie said. Mich held his hand up to stop Charlie from talking. "I need to. I had been rude and expected the worse from you. I tried to get rid of you, scare you, and give you impossible tasks, but you manage to surpass all of them.

So please, accept my apology for everything I had done. I am truly sorry. I expect great things from you." Mich said with a soft smile. At that moment, he really did look a bit like Jasper. "Thank you, Mich. And I forgive you." Charlie responded. Jasper stood up and hugged his mother.

"I'm so proud of you. I'm sorry for giving you a hard time. I just wanted you to choose wisely." Mich explained. Jasper kissed his cheek. "I understand. Love you mother. I'll see you in a few months."

Mich nodded and walked away, finally at peace with himself. He and Charlie talked two days ago, Mich confused as to why Charlie was so nice and against killing, much less, taking revenge on who did him wrong.

"I will never understand why I was choosing to be their target, but I won't let it shape me from who I want to be. I adapt and learn to forgive, but never forget. I lose trust and know who not to give my life to, but I wouldn't wish harm to anyone who harmed me.

Life is too short to hold a grudge, then you'll miss out on growth and who you are supposed to be." Mich would forever hold on to Charlie's words. He'll be an amazing head Omega when the time comes.

Jasper already knew and couldn't wait for that time to come. He extended a hand to help Charlie up and hold his hand as they headed inside. Charlie was glad to finally have a family, a lover, and a future to live for. A purpose.

But he still had a few questions. "Jasper, what do you do for a living other than your underground work?" Charlie asked. "I invest in housing, clothing lines, and helping smaller businesses promote their products. It's a cover for the humans and I attract crooked men and women who do harm to my wolf family.

I first join their company that similar to ours, work my way up so I become partners with them, then get rid of them. Then I take over their company. That is why I will be busy once things are straightened out.

As for you, you will join me and see them sometimes during special events. That is why not only you would be a danger to stray Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, but also businessmen and women who will try to use you."

Jasper opened the door for him, Charlie feeling the soothing heat starting to warm his skin. Charlie smiled at Jasper. "Is that why you appointed Victor to be my guard when you're gone?" Charlie asked. Jasper and Victor would try to get along, but it's always a competition Charlie knew he would never get rid of.

That's how they get along. But it was safe to say Victor was getting more interested in Sammy. That's what Charlie hoped he was seeing anyway. Sammy can take Victor's attitude and challenge him.

They balance themselves out and Charlie would say they would make a cute couple if they stop dancing around each other. "Victor cares about you greatly and it would be foolish of me to try and keep him away from you. But I trust you can hold your own against his advances." Charlie chuckled.

Victor only does it to annoy Jasper and Jasper falls for it every time. "I heard you appointed Nicole to teach me more on the art of being a polite lover of yours when out in public and how to dance," Charlie said. Jasper smiled as they enter their bedroom.

"I know you know how to hold yourself, but it's more so to satisfy my worry. There will be people testing you as long as you are with me." Jasper told him, placing his hands on Charlie's hips.

Charlie put his arms around Jasper and looked up into those precious, loving eyes. "I will be with you for a long time, Jasper," Charlie said softly. Jasper raised Charlie's chin and kissed him softly, not out of lust, but to convey how much Jasper loves him.

For a moment, Jasper stops to fully look into Charlie's gold eyes, loving how many emotions swirling in those eyes. "Good," Jasper responded, before taking Charlie to bed.

There was nothing but soft touches and slow movements, feeling connected as they rock against each other, exploring each other. Charlie gave himself up to Jasper, no regrets, only happiness.


Charlie search Victor out in the mansion, passing fellow workers he was happy to stop and talk to for a moment. He found Victor in a small room on the phone. "I know, Sammy. I miss you too. I'll see you this weekend and I'll make it up to you." Victor said softly into the phone.

Charlie waited until Victor hung up to speak out. "You're very friendly with Sammy." Charlie stated. Victor looked at him and smiled. "Roommates. That's how it is." Victor said to Charlie, who didn't believe the lie but left it alone.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, Wolfie." Charlie told him. Victor rolled his eyes and walked out of the room, Charlie joining him. "Where's your master? Had to go into work for a moment?" Victor asked.

Charlie shook his head. "No, in his office. Told me to go eat first, then bring him up a meal." Charlie explain. "So you finally going to eat at the mess hall with all the other peasants? I'm honored. Why didn't you go get Nicole?" Victor wondered.

"Nicole is handling an Alpha in heat. The person didn't want to mate with anyone so she's helping him get through it." Victor nodded in understanding. "Well, it's nice for you to join me then. When the baby bump starts showing, Jasper going to get more protective.

I got to get my time in with you before you start raising a child." Victor said, touching Charlie's stomach. Charlie smiled shyly. "Do you think I would be a great mother?" Charlie asked. Victor rolled his eyes again, can't believe Charlie asked that.

"Really? Look what you did. You went from nothing to something all in a span of two weeks." Victor praised. Charlie shook his head. "This is different, Victor. No one taught me how to raise a child and be a good mother and my childhood isn't the best to look back on. What if I messed up?" Charlie asked, getting worried.

Victor kissed his head to calm him down. "There's no manual to raising a child. But know that you have help here. Like the saying: It takes a village to raise a child, well, you have enough people here to help. And I will guard that small child with my life.

You have nothing to worry about. Besides, I think you'll be a terrific mother." Victor said softly. Charlie smiled and accepted another kiss to the head. "Thanks, Wolfie." Charlie said with a smile. Victor groaned. "I swear if you teach your child to say wolfie to me, I'm going to let it roam free without me watching it."

Victor threatened him, but Charlie only laughed because he knew it was a lie. "I can see it now. Uncle Wolfie." Charlie said proudly. Victor shook his head, but he was too stuck on being called an Uncle. Uncle Wolfie. It doesn't sound that bad after all.


Charlie looked at himself in a mirror, seeing a different person he saw in the beginning. His black hair healthier and curlier around his shoulder, his pointy ears he was starting to like, his gold eyes full of life and happiness, and his grey tail he most dearly loved.

He had a nice tan going on and a fuller body of a person who is eating better. He was really loving his small belly he loves to poke at. Charlie smiled at himself. This is who he is. Not fully a wolf nor a human, but someone in between.

Someone who will help wolves and humans and bring safety to both. Someone who is against violence and taking life, but someone who can bring peace with his words. "Beautiful. You are perfect just the way you are." Charlie told himself.

He felt it and loved himself for who he is. An Omega that overcame a lot and became better than who he was. He is Charlie, the half-breed who became a leader. And he was proud of that.

September 13, 2019 17:30

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