A Cat’s New Objective... Waiting!

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I stretched out on the white bay window. The sun hitting my orange fur causing such comfort. I yawned as I stared out into the outside world. The birds chirping their songs, the squirrels collecting food, and bugs busily buzzing about. 

I knew I had important business to attend to, but I could not let the no paw creatures find out my true identity. I had to be quite sneaky. If only they knew that I was not just placed in a shelter like the others to be pets! I was sent here by my superior officer and head of the Secret Intelligence Service. 

I stretched my bones out again and jumped down from the bay window. The funny legged creatures known as humans were rushing around the kitchen, it must be dinner time, that means Grey Cloud would be coming soon. I ran to the back door meowing away in hopes my idiotic superiors would let me out! I have very important busy to attend to, if only they knew this. I meowed and meowed, louder and louder. ‘Listen to me for once you fools!’ I thought to myself as I continued to meow. I could not bare to miss this meeting. I kept meowing wishing one of them would evindetaly cave and let me out this back door. I even hoped one of them might have had important food to feed the large blue thing outside that the no paws call ‘The Trash Can.’

Finally, after so much straining of my voice, the door opened; I was free! I ran for the side Bush on the far right side of the house. I sat there waiting patiently but on high alert for any unusual activity. My surroundings all seemed the same as I left it last. Now to wait for Grey Cloud’s arrival.  

The sun was slowly falling and the air was becoming more crisp. I decided to slouch down in hopes that would keep me a bit warmer. My ears began to twitch, my whiskers perked and my fur started to stand up. ‘Grey Cloud is here.’ I thought as I quickly stood straight up like a soldier. 

“Double 00. How’s the house cat life treating you?” Grey Cloud slyly creeps up behind me. I keep my pose showing him I was not going to be easily insulted by his rude comments. 

“It’s smashing. Now tell me Grey Cloud what brings us here today?” I ask him before I begin to clean my paws. 

“O16 is curious how the witness protection program is holding up. If you had any- any- t-t-trouble with those who got you in this position in the first place.” He squints his eyes. I stop cleaning my paw. He stuttered over his words when he felt nervous. 

“No Grey Cloud I have not had any trouble...yet!” I add. He flinches his tail a few times before he sits down. His face relaxes. 

“Keep an eye out for a letter. It will be tied to the mailbox. Do not l-l-let the wannabe cats see it or t-t-t-the whole cover is blown!” He warns me. 

“I maybe in the witness protection program but that doesn’t make me no fool!” I scowl. He laughs at my remark. 

“Of course, Milton, what do I know... only true agents get to be pets!” He laughs and begins to walk off, but stops short in his path. 

“I cannot give you an exact delivery date, but look out for it’s arrival.” He smirks then pounces away before I can respond. Another long game of waiting for something to arrive. ‘I’m a great agent, Grey Cloud doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ I talk quietly and do my best to convince myself that I’m one of the best. My confidence got hit hard tonight. I sniff the air a few times, then my ears start to twitch. My name is being called alongside with the sweet sound of a bag filled with special treats with my name on it (well my pet name that is). I never treats like these before until I came to this house. I run as fast as I can back inside. The sweet aroma of those bits flood my nose as a few are placed on the floor for me to gobble up. My nose peeks up to another familiar smell since I came into my new home; my sweet- drool dripping dinner! I dash for my dinner bowl and slop it up faster than a cat can catch a mouse. In this moment I was in luxury and being a house cat wasn’t all that bad! I didn’t mind calling this place home, at least for now that is!

The next day came fast. I slept most of the night away trying not to think about the letter and what it entails. The weather was gloomy upon my awakening. I gobbled my breakfast, then made my way to my usual spot at the window. No sun to shine and keep me warm as I bask in the bay window, how disappointing. I sat waiting for my special letter to arrive. I paced a few times watching the mailbox carefully. Any day now the letter would appear. I just have to wait patiently for it to arrive, but I won’t lie, it was hard to keep patient for something you anticipated. I sat and yawned a long yawn. ‘Wait for its arrival.’ I can hear Grey Cloud’s voice in my head as I stared down the mailbox. I sighed as I wasn’t sure if today would be the day my letter would come, or if I would be here once more waiting impatiently to come. My no paw friend came over and gave me a couple of strokes before heading up the stairs. I sadly could not follow her the upstairs today to cuddle beside her on the nice big-comfy bed. I had another important objective to attend to. ‘I will wait as long as it takes!’ So I did... I perched myself up on the corner of the bay window, watched that mailbox closely and waited for the letter’s appearance.

May 19, 2020 19:36

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Caroline G
11:23 May 28, 2020

haha! I loved this! I was bummed when it ended. Really great writing and a fun premise.


Chelsea Peseller
21:01 May 28, 2020

This made my day! :) thank you!


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