It's a Friday night, the sun is setting and it's my favorite time of the day. I don't mind driving in rush hour traffic just because I know I won't mind the view. Just enough for clouds to be noticeable, but the orange and pink painted across the sky is my favorite. It reminds me of days me and Janice would play manhunt outside all day until we knew mommy was on her way home. By then we were dashing across the lot trying to beat the streetlights. Macy was usually in the house reading over her essence magazines or walking in around the house listening to music. And if she wasn't doing that, then she had the Kardashians playing on the screen. *Rolls eyes... Macy chose to escape through pretty much any reality on tv as long as she wasn't facing her own. But see me... Anita, me and Janice loved to be outside. We dashed out the door any opportunity my mom would allow. Climbing trees and getting into trouble. Three sisters completely different, but so much alike in more ways than one.

I am about three blocks away from the house and I know Janice will be home soon. Probably ready to talk my ear off about her on and off tool 'Marco'. If it isn't a new fling...it's a new fling. Janice has always looked for security in men. No matter what I say or how I live, I couldn't convince Janice to try God. But I don't judge her, I let her be. I figured when she's ready she'll make her decision. I know where we come from. I know pain is familiar to us. It's hard for us to trust. And the thought of trusting someone you don't see feel like trying to breath under water. So, we don't judge baby sis.

See me, church was my escape... and school. Like I said before, I know where we come from. We all we got. This weekend we decided to visit the Millennial Tour, were supposed to get on the road Saturday night for a Sunday performance. Honestly, I can't tell who's more geeked between us. I remember jumping on my twin bed while Macy would play all the latest hits. We absolutely LOVED B2K, and you couldn't tell me J-Boog wasn't my boo. Nope didn't want to hear it. Macy liked Omarion and how he danced. Janice was too young back then to fully enjoy, but we decided to bring her along anyways because she has to hear the bangers. I mean it's crucial to development Haha. Janice is the only one out of us three who knows how to braid. Honestly it comes in so clutch every time me and Macy needed our hair done. She's good at it too, like really good. She gets that from our mom, she's a good braider too. Although somehow the braiding gene skipped me and Macy. Nonetheless Janice always comes through for us.

We haven't come together in a long while. But I know each of us has been looking forward to this trip for weeks. I flew in from New York, Janice from Texas and Macy is the only one who decided to buy her home back home. Lowkey grateful because me and Janice love having something to come back to. Keeps us grounded, regardless of how much we love to be in the wind. Mom never owned a home so when Macy told us she was considering buying a home we were beyond ecstatic. Not only is she the first in the family, but the thought of owning something like a home never really dawned on us. We never really spoke about it. We always talked about leaving and chasing our dreams. Seeing new places and meeting new people. A home seemed to permanent.

Before I got on my flight, Macy asked if I would cook some Haitian food for all of us. She was always asking me to cook. It was hard to get the real like mom used to make it and her and Janice couldn't get the recipe like me. I don't mind, because I love to cook, and Janice just loves to eat. She hasn't changed too much from when she was little. Macy and I used to make breakfast together and Janice would be running around with her baby doll asking when the food would be ready.

I pulled into the driveway and already Macy was at the door with her big Kool-Aid smile and tight curls in a bun. She had on some baggy black sweats and her favorite Tupac graphic tee. I heard her scream "Anitaaaaaaa ohmygosh your finally here". Like ma'am I just spoke to you 20 min ago saying I was close. Macy was a hugger, regardless of how much I wasn't. And she wouldn't take no for an answer. Secretly though, I liked it because somebody had to be in the family, and it did...feel nice. There wasn't a time I didn't enjoy getting a hug from her. She always commented on how timid I was compared to Janice, but she didn't care, still getting the hug. I couldn't help but cheese back. Macy's smile and spirit was almost contagious, she made it difficult to stay mad at her whenever I was. I turned the car off and took a deep breath bracing myself for the hug. She ran to the car, and I could smell her perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It was her favorite. As soon as she started to ask me about my flight, Janice turned into the driveway. She had these long box braids that touched the crease of her back. She had on a brown tube top with a cream pair of short shorts. Big hoop earrings and of course talking on the phone at what looks like yelling at Marco. Me and Macy started giggling because we already knew what the weekend was looking like. As soon as she hung up, she had this grin on her face and started skipping towards us. Me and Macy crossed our arms and gave her the "yeah we already know" look when she tried to rush us in the house. Quickly brushing over the convo, we heard by asking if we ate yet.

Macy had truly outdone herself with the place, it was a mixture of modern and home if that makes sense. She still loves to have her magazines on the table and the soft music in the background. The house smelled of vanilla and coconut. Janice went back outside to grab her things and I headed to the kitchen for a glass of wine...felt like we should get the weekend started....

February 03, 2022 17:03

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