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American Western Fiction

"Sorry, but the office is closed," the guard answered.

"I just need to submit my novel. I'll be quick. Please, this is my last chance to submit my novel that I worked on for years," begged Jane, panting. The guard refused. Jane begged him but he refused. She went to her mother's phone. 

"Hey hon, what did the publisher say?" she asked, preparing lunch.

"I was late at the publisher's office and the guard didn't let me in," Jane sobbed.

"Oh, Janie," her mother said, in a sympathetic tone. Just then, her husband came in, with a smiling joyful face. Jane was sitting next to the swing with a solemn face. She wiped her tears. 

“Hey, you’re back early from the hospital today? She answered.

“Jane, are you fine?” he asked, looking at her face as red as a lobster. She started crying.

“My publisher closed the office and I could not send my novel in,” she sobbed, hugging him. 

“Oh, it’s fine Jane. We’re rich. I’m a heart surgeon and I earn loads,” he said.

“Rafael, that’s your success. I want to become a published author,” she said. They started arguing. Mateo, their five year old son, came running and sat on his dad’s lap.

“Daddy, can I have chicken nuggets for dinner and a burger,” 

“Of course,” he smiled

“No you can’t- Mateo, you know that you can’t have nuggets. Seriously, Rafael,” she moaned. 

“He’s a kid, you can’t expect him to eat salads. Isn’t it Mateo?” he laughed. She sighed and entered. It was their dinner, Mateo had a large chicken burger with nuggets.

“Rafael, how’s your hotel doing? Any chances of getting back there,” Jane’s mother asked.

“Maybe soon. Anyways, thank you for letting me stay here,”

“Not to mention. Jane, you seem quiet today. Everything is fine?”

“Yes, everything is fine. Mateo, come on it’s bedtime,”

“I want Daddy to put me to bed,” the boy answered. His mother agreed. Rafael brought the boy to bed. Jane was loading the dishwasher with her mother. She went into the room. Mateo was in his separate room. Jane entered the room and Rafael was getting ready.

“Where are you going?” she asked, staring at him. 

“There’s an emergency. I will be back, don't worry,” He kissed her cheek and left. Jane’s mother stared at her. 

“He’s on call,” she answered. Jane went back to bed. It was the next morning, Jane woke up and turned to see if her husband was next to her. He wasn’t. She began to grow worried. She began to find him all over the house. 

“Ma, have you seen Rafael?” she asked, almost crying. Jane began to call him. He answered.

“Raf, are you fine? Where are you?” she asked, sobbing.

“In the hospital. Jane, calm down. I just had an emergency and had to stay over. Don’t worry, I’m fine,” he said. 

“You sure? You don’t want any coffee or tea? I’m free since you know,” she said in a sympathetic tone.

“Your special will do. But can you send it to your publisher's office? My friend has gone for an interview,” She hung up the phone. She started preparing the coffee. She packed it in a thermos. She drove to the publisher’s office. There, her husband stood smiling beamingly. His brown hair shining with the rays of sunlight. She closed her car door and smiled holding the thermos. She handed him the thermos. All of a sudden, a woman came smiling. It was Marlene the publisher! Jane gasped and the air was tense.

“Jane, I loved your novel and it’s published!” she exclaimed. Jane gasped and started sobbing tears of happiness. 

“Thank you so much. This means so much to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Jane said, sobbing. Marlene was amazed. She left the office. Jane was captivated. 

“Thank you, I love you,” she giggled. She kissed him and he returned the kiss.

“Jane, I have to tell you something,” he said, in a serious tone. She winked  her eyes agreeing. 

“I have been given a job in New York as the chief of cardiothoracic and also I will be the medical director of the hospital,” Jane’s face was full of tears. She started breathing in and out.

“That’s marvelous, but in New York. Who’s going to run the hotel?”

“You will. Don’t worry, I will speak to Mateo today. I want to spend some time at home packing since I have to shift next week. They both entered the car. Jane tilted her head towards the window. They reached Jane’s parent’s house. Mateo was sitting by the reading corner reading his book. Jane told her mother that the publisher accepted the book. Jane and Rafael brought their son by the porch swing.

“Mateo, Daddy’s going to move to New York next week. I got a job offer. I’ll promise to buy you a gift everytime I come home,” Rafael explained to his son. Jane sat on the left side of the swing with her eyes full of tears. 

“We’ll face time every night. We’ll visit or daddy will visit us once a month,” Mateo started sobbing.

“It’s not going to be the same without Daddy in the house. Please don’t go,” the boy sobbed. Jane started sobbing silently. 

“Alright, come let’s

 have dinner,” They entered to have their dinner.

“Today, I made a special dinner to toss Jane and Rafael’s as the head of medical director. Everyone at the dinner table gave a round of applause. It was soon bedtime, Jane was seated at the living room with a girl of milk with her mother.

“Jane, are you jubilant about your husband migrating to another city?”

“No Mum, I am so apprehensive about Mateo. I sometimes need someone to help me handle Mateo and it’s not going to be easy. Especially because I am always running late. Everywhere I go I’m late. Can you imagine even my publisher’s office being late? Because of Rafael the publisher accepted my novel. My publisher had some heart issues and went to him. I’m just really worked up. He's really important for me," Jane told her mother, while drinking milk. Days and days passed, it was time to send Rafael to the airport. Jane drove to the airport. Mateo was sitted in the car with his hands crossed sobbing and at the same time saying,

"Please, don't go, Daddy," They reached Boston airport. Jane got down from the car from Mateo.

"Good luck," she said sobbing.

"Thank you, darling. Stop crying, you're making me cry," he laughed. Jane started becoming more independent.

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