Memory Glitch (Prologue)

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Science Fiction Mystery


That was what filled my sight, when I opened my eyes. Whatever I was laying on was cold, and it sent a chill up my spine. I sat up on the cot, and swung my legs over the side. I was in a small, metallic room, that was lit up by the light shining under a metal door.

For several long moments, I sat there thinking about who I was and how I ended up in the metal room to begin with.


That was the only thing my mind came up with; the name Kitt. Was that me? Is Kitt my identity? I tried to think past the name, but all that filled my mind after that was a void of oblivion.

I raised my head, and faced the door in front of me. I stood on my legs, though they were wobbly, and felt like they would fall out from under me at any given moment, and walked to the door.

I searched around for a second, looking for the handle, but as soon as I felt it's cold, smooth surface, I pulled. However, I pulled a little too hard, and the door swung open, revealing the blinding light it had been hiding behind it.

I staggered back, and squeezed my eyes shut. After a few seconds, I re-opened them slowly, letting them adjust to the light. I shuffled forward, and peeked out of the room.

"H....Hello?" I called out.


I looked down the long, white hallway that stretched before me, and began to make my way down it. As I walked, passed an open room; I nearly passed it, but stopped when my reflection had caught me eye in the mirror.

I rushed into the room, which was a bathroom, and turned on the light before planting myself in front of the mirror. I stared at my reflection; my entire face, and neck was robotic, and the only human things about it was my sky blue eyes, my round nose, my thin lips, and the long black hair that fell over my shoulders.

I raised my hands, and saw that they were robotic too. Examining the rest of my body, I found out that I was wearing what knew as a hospital gown, and that the rest of of me was robotic as well.

My mind started to race with dozens of questions as I made my way out of the bathroom, and back down the hallway.

Why am I here?

What is this place?

Why do I have no memory except for my name?

At this point, I had started sprinting down the hallway; I wanted answers about who I was, where I was, and why I had been cut off from all my memories.


I skidded to a halt, and whipped around; no one was there, so who had said my name?


I peered over my shoulder, and saw that in another darkened room not to far away, a faint blue-whitish glow came through the entry way.

Slowly, and cautiously, I walked toward it. When I looked into the room, and saw that there was computer on the far end. The monitor was blank, except for a play button in the middle of it.

I shuffled over to the computer, and sat down in the chair that was placed in front of the desk.

"Kitt... if you hear this play the video."

The voice seemed to come from the ceiling, most likely from a speaker, however I didn't hesitate. I pressed play.

A young girl appeared on screen; her eyes were sky blue, her nose was rounded, her lips were thin, and she had long black hair that fell over her shoulders. She was exactly identical to me except for the fact that the rest of her wasn't robotic; instead she had peach skin with a few freckles on her nose.

"Hello Kitt; I know you've probably been wondering where and who you are. So give me a moment to explain: your name is Kita Weavers, your nickname is Kitt; you were born on April 17th, 2136. Right now, you are sitting in the computer room of Chronos Stasis Space Station, also know as CSSS, which is located one light year away from earth. I know you probably feel uneasy, confused, scared, and cut-off, but I'm here to tell you don't need to feel any of those things."

The girl paused, and I started to wonder how she could have known all those things about me. Unless...

"You were flown to this station about a month ago after you were exposed to an excessive amounts of radiation. It threatened to end your life, so the scientists working in this lap decided that the only thing that could save you was becoming robotic. However, a side-effect of the procedure is mind-wipe. This is why I...I'm here. I'm here to give my future self her past back."

At this point, my eyes were wide as the realization sunk; the girl on the screen was me before turning robotic. I made this before the procedure.

The girl, me, wiped tears from her eyes, and sniffed. I was clearly trying to hide my fear of the procedure.

"Earth has been nearly destroyed by a nuclear war. You're one of the few living beings left. The scientists told me that after I wake up, I should take a pod back down to Earth, and find a hidden colony to help re-build Earth. So, Kitt, what do you say? See you in a bit?

The video stopped, and I was left sitting in the chair eye-wide, but not feeling cut-off from my memories anymore. I stood from the chair, and walked out of the room.

I don't know how I knew where to go, I just knew. Soon, I was standing in a big room, with a giant window on the far side, and a huge, round table in the middle.

I immediately walked over to the window, and gazed out: I saw Earth, but it was blue and green like how my mind thought it would be. Instead it was brown, scorched, and grey.

I knew what I needed to do.

Minutes later, I found myself opening a door to another room, and when it opened I saw shelves of weapons and uniforms.

Let's get started

To be continued?

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