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 Satish took up the mike and started.

“I remember when I finished my graduation, I wanted to start my business. I opened out to my father. He was startled.

“Have you gone nuts? No person in our ancestry has even thought of it. It looks very lucrative. But it needs different skills. We don’t have those qualities. We can not do business. We are better off in taking up a job.” Father said.

“But Baba, the days have changed. It no longer depends upon your qualities you are born with. What I learnt in business management will definitely help me to go ahead.”

“Look, son, bookish knowledge is not enough to start your own business. Don’t be stupid and dig your own grave. If you do not want to study further, start searching for a job. But throw off the idea of doing business. You will be like a fish out of water”

“No Baba. I do not want to take up any job. I have decided to be an entrepreneur”

“My son, it is not a joke to start on your own. From my side, I can offer you only my best wishes.”

“That is what I want from you. Wish me the best. And that will give me strength to fight out all the odds.”

“OK son, all my best wishes to you. Now you are on your own. Come to me for help only when you change your mind.”

That was the last conversation I had with my father. I left the house after I sought my parents’ blessings by touching their feet.

“Yashaswi Bhava! Be successful.” was what they bestowed me with.

 I started my crusade all alone. Had business deals with some of my friends and with a few businessmen. I was on the roller-coaster of my career.

Days and months went off. I was struggling.

It was pitch dark. I was lost. The end of the road did not seem to be within reach. I was walking on and on. Could not even feel any sign of life accompanying me. I was alone. Dragging myself in an uncertain direction. Nobody to tell me where I was, which direction to go.

 A big mountain could be sensed nearby. The path which I was following was zigzag and not trodden. But I was moving on. I was getting tired. Very exhausted. But still, I was going on.

And all of a sudden I saw a dim light far away in a small hut. My hopes got rekindled. I moved in the direction of the hut. Everything was still. Only my dragging feet were making the sound. I came closer to the hut. No movement in the hut. I peeped from the window. I was surprised to see an old man, a very old man with a long white beard, sitting in front of a burning log of wood. He moved his head and noticed me peeping from the window. He did not move any further. I looked for the door and entered the hut. Few vessels with cooked food were near the fire. The old man did not utter a word. I was confused. Again, I was in two minds whether to sit or not to sit. He took out some food on a plate and offered me it. He could make out that I was very tired and very hungry.

"I am trying to reach the peak of the mountain. But I have lost my way” saying this I sat in front of him. He moved the plate with food towards me. I started gulping every morsel that I took.

“Got tired? Lost courage? The aspiration to reach your target is dried up?”

I did not say anything.

“You are not the first one to have come here. Numerous have taken halt here and proceeded further.

Many with very big dreams to achieve, start their journey with all their might. They continue for some time. Their friends, close relatives try to dissuade them. But their desire, the determination is so strong that they overcome all the resistance, all the hurdles and they keep on their way to reach their goal. But the journey is not smooth. Many of them lose their way. Still, they continue. They get tired. Exhausted. Nowhere to take rest. Not a soul to consult. No one to guide. Nobody to help. And they lose their courage. They try to gather some energy to move on. But they fail. As a last resort, they hope for some miracle to take place. They expect some unknown power to come to their help. They become so weak that instead of walking on the path which they have chosen, they wait helplessly for some unknown power to take them to their goal. But it does not happen. They wait on and on and on. But nothing comes their way. They get disappointed. Disheartened. With the last ray of hope, they keep waiting at the point where they have reached.

Finally, they give up. They lose all their hopes. They are out of strength. And no more enthusiasm is left to attempt any further to achieve their goal.”

“At this moment, many change their direction, head back to their start point. They try to be in their comfort zone. But few have some mental stamina left with them. They locate this hut. Come here and rest for a little while. Work out their plan for further action and move on their path of the goal. They put in all their effort to reach their target.

 These very few people get the energy required to move further, to conquer the peak they have planned to reach. And they do achieve their goal.

I am glad that in that extremely exhausted condition, you located this hut. Now with renewed enthusiasm, you will move further and faster. And certainly, you will achieve whatever you have decided to achieve."

Saying this, the old man got up, walked slowly to the door, went out, and disappeared in the dark.

Now fully rejuvenated, I got up and came out. I saw it was dawn. The sky was slowly getting brighter. I could see the path I planned to take. The peak that I wanted to conquer was within sight. I started walking on the path. Again, there was nobody with me. But I was walking firmly with full enthusiasm. The pace of walking was increased.

Very soon the sun rose and made the surroundings clear. I could see myself having come up so high, away from my starting point. I was thrilled. Very little to walk and I would be very close to the summit. 

I took a few steps and moved further. And I found myself at the top, at the peak. I was ecstatic.”

Saying this, Satish concluded his talk.

Then the chief guest of the event, got up. He handed over “The Entrepreneur of the Year” trophy to Satish. With utmost humility Satish received it.   He was given a standing ovation.

Satish got into the car and straightway drove to his house.

When the father opened the door, he was surprised to see Satish and whispered,


Mother also rushed to see Satish.

He placed the trophy near their feet.

“Baba, This fish has learned to survive out of water. I have achieved my goal. Now, both of you are coming to my house right away.”

Father and mother embraced Satish together. 

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