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This story contains sensitive content

( This story is based on a true story but I'm replacing names with nicknames...this story contains issues with Mental Health, Suicidal Contemplations, and Depression.)

Have you heard of the crazy Dragon? If not I’ll tell you his story… Now I must say that his story is a mix of all emotions, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

Now our Friend was known by many names but the one name he liked the most was Dragon. Dragon spent most of his life hating the people around him, Dragon couldn’t stand his parents. His parents pushed him too much and expected too much of him. Year after year Dragon couldn’t stand being near his parents he couldn’t even stand talking to them. When the time came Dragon finally left his parents. Dragon spent years online meeting new people and finding people he quickly became friends with. He ran across one person that he felt like he needed to protect more than anything. Her screen name was Queenie. He wanted to save her from the dangers of the world. He spent day after day talking to her and laughing at the dumb things that she said. After a few months, Dragon finally realized that he had fallen in love with Queenie. Unfortunately, this was the one area of expertise that Dragon hadn’t conquered. Dragon spent so long hiding his love that he didn’t know what to do anymore. One day his queen went offline, She was gone for 5 months he spent so much time longing to just talk to her again. He spent day after day reading back through their texts, he still laughed at the things that she said to him. Finally, she came back to him and they spent day after day talking to each other all over again. Day after day he talked to Queenie until he couldn’t take it anymore, so he finally took a chance and told her he loved her. Dragon waited weeks after weeks waiting for his love to respond to how he felt. When Queenie finally did she said only a few words that made Dragon’s world light up “I love you too” <3

Dragon and Queenie spent weeks dating but after their 5th week of being together, dragon felt like Queenie was hiding something from him. So he decided to try and figure things out. So one day Dragon waited until Queenie left the room and he grabbed her phone and started going through her text messages. Only to find something he didn't like. Queenie was cheating on him with multiple other guys. Dragon felt Sad, Angry, but most of all he felt betrayed. Dragon didn't know if he should confront Queenie about what he saw or if he should wait until she told him herself. Dragon was conflicted in how he felt. Dragon heard Queenie walking back into the room so he quickly put her phone back where it was originally placed. The more Dragon thought about what he found the more he became hurt, the more he felt like his heart was being smashed into a billion pieces. It was late that night and Dragon laid in his bed not knowing what to think and how to feel, all he knew right now was what sadness and betrayal felt like. As he lay there he thought about how to get right of the pain, Dragon thought about how so many people had cut their bodies to feel something other than the sadness of their lives. So Dragon contemplated cutting himself, but as he looked around his bedroom he saw pictures of his family of him and his brother, pictures of him and his friends. He couldn't do it, he couldn't risk his life because of someone who hurt him. At the same time, he was also conflicted. He didn't know what to do... while he lay there the only thing he could do was cry. He cried for what felt like forever. It was the next day and he couldn't stand to see Queenie, he didn't trust himself to stay calm and not say anything to her. So when she called and asked if she could come over he did the only thing he could, he lied to her and told her he was too busy to spend time with her. Dragon lied to her day after day for weeks straight just because he felt the pain of her lying and all he wanted was just to get back at her for the pain...he knew it was the wrong thing to do but he didn't know what else to do. His friends were all busy and he was too kind to bother them. He was so conflicted that he didn't know what to do, he felt pain every time he thought of her, he felt pain when he heard her voice over the phone, he felt pain when she texted her. All that was left was for his heart to explode from all of the pain that she has caused him. Slowly day after day he sunk into the deepness of his life. He thought that everything in his life had turned black, Black was the only color he could see any more. When he looked at the walls he saw black. When he looked in the mirror his face was blurred and black surrounded his body and it blurred his face beyond recognition. Everywhere he looked he saw black after black. His life was now just black and grey, there was no white in his life. He had no light to look for. He had no angel to find. His only angel had broken him into small pieces and pretended like she loved him. She played him day after day and the only thing he thought he could do was lie and say he was busy. Queenie never picked up on the fact that he was sad, lonely, and quite frankly depressed.

    So Dragon will ask all of you what should he do? Should he tell he found out he was cheating? Or should he wait until she leaves him for someone else? He already knows she's cheating and his heart is already broken...What's left to lose?

March 08, 2022 13:55

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