My best friend and I were super into heroes. We loved everything that had to do with them, we loved talking about them, the new comics, movies, or cartoons. But everywhere we went together the conversation turned back to heroes. Everywhere and anywhere we would talk about them. Our favorites, least favorites, how they related to life, the new movies, the new cartoons, the old movies, the old cartoons, and...well...you get the picture. We were super into heroes and were the best of friends. They would come over sometimes so we could make our own heroes. I would write, and they would draw. It was so much fun to come up with all these different heroes that were never before thought of until we had made them.

And sometimes we would get to the end of them, and sometimes they were left as a work in progress. Well, my favorite hero was going to have a new movie. We were excited. I was more excited than them, as it was my favorite, not theirs. Which was fine because they still liked them. Well, my birthday was a week before the movie came out. So my parents said for my birthday we can celebrate by ourselves and my best friend going to see the movie and then have lunch. I immediately agreed, and so did my best friend. So on opening day, we went to watch the movie. I thought it was great. They could not have done a better job with the movie. It was better than the trailers for it. I loved it. I knew that the hero was also going to get a new comic in a while. My parents even let us see it in 3-D. It was so cool to wear the glasses.

My best friend, however, looked paralyzed by it. I thought it was a shock from how good it was at first. And then I realized that they didn't really like it at all. Which made me very sad. I wanted them to like it about as much as I did. Maybe even more. "I did like it," they assured me, "it just wasn't exactly my favorite. You know? Well, there were some improvements they could have for sure made. It wasn't the best one they have made yet." But I couldn't help but think the opposite. I was hurt but I distracted myself when I thought about food. I was quite hungry, as popcorn was just a snack. We had pizza for lunch and we talked about their favorite hero instead. Kind of self-centered, not going to lie. It's my birthday, not theirs. Why do we have to talk about their favorite hero? We just watched a movie about mine. Why could we not enjoy the movie that we had just come out of viewing?

When we came home, I went straight to my room. In my diary, I had talked about how I loved the movie, the snacks we had, my hero, lunch, and my best friend. This really changed my outlook on them. Why could they not make it about me for once? Why was the spotlight on them on my birthday? Kind of selfish when you think about it. We could have at least talked about what I wanted to talk about. Or talk about the things that they did like from the movie. It was not a bad movie. They claimed to have liked the movie but seemed to also dislike it at the same time. I was upset by it. If I were going to be blowing it over like every other time they did something like this, I wasn't a very great best friend. I decided to talk to them about it. Maybe then there will be improvements in that behavior. Which would be good.

I didn't want them to continue to walk over me like this anymore. If we were to be friends, they needed to know that they needed to step out of the spotlight sometimes. That stepping out of the spotlight for a second wasn't a bad thing. That they needed to appreciate me and my feelings about stuff. I told them that and they looked mad. "I let you talk too! You get to have your say. And you should be happy that I went to your little thing. I didn't even really want to see it. I will let you voice your opinion more, how about that." I don't know what to do. I hate this answer, but I don't know how to really respond. So I just nod my head in response. I can't believe I'm letting them walk all over me. I went to bed crying that night. I just wanted things to go back to normal, but with me as their equal. Not beneath them in a way. The more that I thought about it, the more I realized that they were always the center of attention.

That they needed to be the center of attention at all times. Which was really self-centered. I knew they were an only child. I bet that was lonely. But they had everything they had ever wanted. And I was over all the time. Like a sibling to them. My siblings were their siblings. We were so close. I knew that we were so close. And then we began to drift away from me. Hanging out with other people. I was lonely but made friends with some. It was different. I had a new best friend. They liked heroes but my new best friend was so much different than them. My mom said that she saw it coming. That she had a feeling that my ex-best friend had to be the center of attention at all times. That she saw it coming that we wouldn't be super great friends anymore.

And soon after, they moved. But a couple years later we were in school together again. But now, we were no longer friends. And not only that, but they were popular. And not I. Once in math class, the teacher forgot my name again. However, the teacher was able to remember their first and last name. I pointed this out, and they said to me the reason was "I have a better last name than you." I wanted to scream and yell at them. How could they say that about their ex-best friend? Who does that? When I talked about my college, they said "ew." I was severely hurt. How could they say such things to me, when I was still willing to be their friend? My best friend for so long, now turning out to want nothing to do with me.

May 24, 2022 21:47

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