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Andrew slammed his large hands down onto the dinner table in triumph. "Ha!", Andrew roared with laughter, "we did it again! My lovely, lovely family! We did it again! Today was a very successful day and tomorrow will be even better!", Andrew laughed again as he counted again the money he had made that day. His wife stared at him wearily as she filled his plate with that night's dinner. His children looked at him with sad eyes and looked down at their food in solemn silence. That was how it was every night for Andrew's family. Everyday was the same. Everyday Andrew would leave the house at 5am for work and would return back at 11pm with his hands and pockets full of money. But there was one problem. He never spent valuable time with his family. Never thought perhaps giving them some of his precious money. Not even penny.

His wife got fed up with him and wanted a divorce. He didn't care. His children grew and went out to search for a better life. They cut ties from him completely. But he never cared. He was still earning millions every hour. And this continued for a very long time... until Andrew fell ill. Very, very ill. Now he was getting up at odd hours of the day but never leaving his bed to make his precious money.

It got so worse that he had to move into a hospital. And there he stayed for endless days, gloomily staring out of the window. The hospital was always sickly quiet. Incredibly quiet. It drove him insane. He'd scream at the nurses to get him out of the damn place but they'd look at him with blank expressions and walk out. At night when all was dark, Andrew would toss and turn in his bed as is nightmares only worsened. In the days he'd reflect on life. Oh how much he missed feel of money as he counted it nightly. Oh how he missed his family- his family! Now as he sat there breathing his final breaths, a tear rolled down his cheek. The beeping sound began to grow more silent. Oh what a horrible way to die, Andrew thought. And then he was swallowed into darkness... a forever darkness...

* * *

Anna dropped her pen onto her table in frustration as she rubbed her eyes tiredly. The thick curtains were shut, not allowing any sunlight in. Her lamp flickered in the dark as it breathed its final moments. Piles of books covered the floor, making it hard for anyone to get in or out. But for Anna it was no problem as she spent months upon months, weeks upon weeks, hours upon hours writing stories...stories that no human eye had ever read. Anna picked up her pen and decided to continue writing when the door to her room swung open, and there in he doorway stood Anna's husband, Matt.

* * *

Matt smiled affectionately at his wife. She worked so hard for them both... maybe a bit too hard. Anna never left her table. Matt was worried that if he left her for a day she'd forget to eat and sleep. Matt worried a lot for Anna. He loved her and he only wanted the best for her. However, sometimes Anna's obsession for success annoyed him. How many times had Matt planned exciting, adventurous trips for them both but Anna had said she was too busy because she was constantly writing? Matt had lost count. At times it'd seem like Anna cared more for her success rather than her love for her husband. Did she love him?, Matt thought uncomfortably as he wrapped his arms around Anna, smiling at the warmth and familiarity. "Hey Darling," Matt whispered softly in Anna's hair, the smell of lavender wrapping itself around him, "what ya doin'?".

Anna didn't look up from her paper, "writing", she replied coldly. Matt ignored the hurt he felt and continued smiling. He attempted taking the pen from Anna's hand but her grip on it was firm, as if her life depended on it. Matt laughed, trying to ease the tension that lingered in the air. "Anyways!", Matt continued, "Guess what? I was thinking that we should go shopping... for books! You love books... right?". Matt laughed nervously when Anna didn't reply, "Is...that a no?" Anna suddenly snapped her head towards her husband, making his heart skip a beat in fright at the suddenness of it.

"Go," Anna commanded in a cold tone. Matt's eyes widened in disbelief and he took a step back in shock.

"I- what?", Matt' own voice sounded distant as the loud sound of worry filled his ears. Anna stood up in a flash and leveled her eyes with Matt's. Her piercing blue eyes were colder than he usually remembered them being. Had he done something wrong?, he thought desperately.

"I. Said. Leave. Now", Anna was now almost shouting.

"I...", Matt trailed off as he tried to think of something to say, something to break the ice. When he decided that enough was enough. He straightened himself and looked Anna hard in the eye, "I've had enough. I've had enough of being treated like trash. Like I don't mean anything to you. Do I actually mean anything to you? Do you even love me?", Matt's legs felt like jelly, his heart was beating loudly, the booming sound was deafening. But his fear was nothing compared to the look on Anna's face.

* * *

Anna couldn't believe what she was hearing. Did she love him? Was she like how Matt had described her? Anna didn't realise how badly their relationship had worsened. She was always constantly writing and never spending time with Matt, who she was meant to love. Did she love him?, Anna questioned herself again. "I...", Anna whispered as tears threatened to betray her. Andrew!, Anna thought as the realisation struck her harshly, her and Andrew were just alike, both only cared about their success and not their loved ones. Anna attempted to smile, hoping that she'd somehow make the mistake vanish.

"Heyy, don't be silly! Come here...I love you", Anna's voice wobbled as she stretched her hands towards Matt, meaning to stroke his face lovingly. Matt flinched back, as if Anna had hit him. No, a cold voice hissed in the back of her head, you've done worse than hit him. "Matt, please", tears were now crashing down her cheeks in continuous rivers, "I- I need you. I do love you." Matt's always loving eyes were now looking down at her with... they were empty, the light that always flickered in his chocolate brown eyes had gone out. "No", Anna sobbed, "you can't go...you can't leave me! Look at me Matt... you love me, you love me don't you," she screeched in a commanding voice.

Matt laughed a cold laugh, "Anna darling," Anna looked up at him, hopeful, "you're pathetic, I wish you the best", and with that he walked out of the house... and he was gone. Gone forever. Matt left nothing behind, nothing he loved. Only a lost, heartbroken girl who's remain buried in papers and and eventually drown in ink, sorrow and grief...

December 04, 2020 20:03

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