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"You know I have...issues."


"So stress and...issues don't go too well."

“Who says it will be stressful?"

"Are you being serious right now?"

“Okay, okay. Maybe weddings can be a little bit stressful."

"A little?"

"Fine. A lot stressful but you can handle it."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Come on! This band has performed in front of thousands of people. You have never cracked under that stress."

"That's the good kind of stress. Playing music calms me. Playing best man? That just scares me. What if I mess up your big day? Your bride will never forgive me."

"My bride and I are just happy we are back together. The wedding ceremony is for everyone else to share in our happiness."

"Maybe someone else in the band is better suited and..."

"Everyone else is great but I am not asking them. I am asking you."

"Well, if you're sure that I am..."

"I am sure."

"Okay then. I would be honoured to be your best man."


"Hi guys and welcome back to our channel."

"Let's get right into it. Our sources have confirmed that there is going to be a wedding ceremony for two members of the band we all know and love or hate to love."

"As the two band members tie the knot-"

"At an undisclosed location."

"Yes, at an undisclosed location, we wonder, does the new, no-nonsense band manager approve of this blatant office romance?"

"Is the undisclosed location an attempt by the band members to keep their frontman away from the wedding ceremony?"

"Or is it their attempt to keep we, the unwashed masses, away from their fancy and expensive wedding ceremony?"

"Or maybe, the band members are just afraid of the whole world witnessing their drama."

"And drama there definitely will be!"

"Because our sources have confirmed that there are some people who are not supportive of this wedding. Ten! Ten! Ten!"

"Make sure you subscribe so that you will be notified when we post more content about the band we all know and love or hate to love."


"Where is she?"

"It's not even time yet."

"Because you insisted that we arrive here one hour early!"

"Better late than sorry. You know I have issues..."               

"One hour early!"

"Would you rather that we be one hour late?"

"I would rather that she be here right now! What if she changes her mind?"

"She won't.

"How do you know? I mean, for all we know, her family could right now be convincing her not to marry me."

"Relax. She loves you. She doesn't care that you are from different worlds."

"Not just different worlds. They might as well be different galaxies! Different universes!”

"You're being melodramatic. Whats your point?"

"I don't have a point! I just want her to be here, now."

"Look, today is a stressful day for all concerned but there is one thing I know for sure. She loves you and..."

"I'm going to get her."

"Calm down! She will be here in a few minutes. Take deep breaths. That's it. Breathe. Breathe. Now. I am going to let go of you. Will you stay put or will you take off?”

"I'll stay."

"Good. Slow deep breaths. Slow. Deep. Breaths."


"Are you going to walk down the aisle, all dressed in white, looking like someone died?"   

"I can't help it. I just have this bad feeling that something is going to go horribly wrong."

"Those are just wedding jitters. Once you walk down that aisle and see your prince charming, then..."

"Oh no."

"Aren't you going to answer it?"


"Aren't you even going to check to see who is calling?"

"Of course not!"

"Why not!"

"Because it may be him!"

"Yes! Him. Your husband-to-be. Remember?"

"Maybe he's calling to call it off."

"Why would he want to call it off?"

“Because when he proposed to me the first time, I didn't say yes!"

"You didn't say no either."

"My silence was as good as a no!"

“Listen, you have to..."

"Oh no! It stopped ringing!"


“You call back."

"Me? Why should I be the one to call back?"

"Just...please call back! It could be him. Something could have happened to him."

"Nothing has happened to him. Could you please relax?"

"You try marrying someone from a different world then you can tell me to relax."

"Fine. Give me the phone."


"Do you want to know who was calling?"

"No. Just call back and find out what's wrong."

"It's ringing."

"Good. Ringing is good."

"Still ringing."

"Shouldn't he have answered by now. Oh no! I knew it. I just knew that..."


"What is he saying? Why aren't you talking back to him? What's happening?"

"I see."

“ What do you see? Is it him? What has happened to him?”

"I see. I will tell her."

"Tell me what?"

"There's been a new...development."


"That's the fifth time you have checked whether you have the rings."

"Better safe than sorry."

"I'm sorry I listened to you. Deep breaths are not going to bring her here. I think we should go get her."

"Relax. Look, lets wait for the others to get here then we will go together, okay?"


"What's the hurry?"

"Your band mate is getting married in a few minutes and you are one of the groomsmen."

"Maybe next time, Ill be the groom and you'll be my..."

"Unthink that thought! This...thing is only temporary. Just for laughs. Nothing serious. Don't you dare make it into something it's not."


"Hi guys and welcome back to our channel."

“Lets get right into it. Our sources have confirmed that they have pictures from the wedding ceremony of two members of the band we all know and love or hate to love.”

“ The photos raise more questions than answers. We here at the show you love to love vow to find out the answers to questions like: why were there no family members in the wedding ceremony?”

“ Why was one band member looking particularly cozy with the new manager of the band?”

“ Why weren't we invited?”

“Subscribe so that you can get notified when we post answers to these and more questions about the band we all know and love or hate to love.”

“ We leave you with photos from the wedding ceremony.”


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