The Perfect Candidate

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The Perfect Candidate

It was only a smile, but even the most insignificant of gesture was everything to Alma Blackmore.

She had never known kindness and quite often mistook simple polite interactions as being signs of  keen interest from a possible suitor. Brazen as always, Alma wouldn’t waste a chance that he might be the one.

She had nothing to lose, since her conception, life had been against her, a newborn dumped in the streets like trash. Her early years spent being mistreated at orphanages and then she found herself back on the streets, surviving anyway she could by any means. Over the years Alma had seen many deplorable acts and taken part in a life of drunken debauchery. She had seen the worst of humanity and found alcohol to be her only friend, the one thing that could numb all the painful memories.

She turned her attention, again to the most handsome man in the room, he had walked in with such purpose and authority, not to mention he was of fine gentry, and did smile at her prior.

‘So to hell with it!’, she threw caution to the wind and leaned in toward the stranger.

Her tequila fueled words slurred, “This is me usual hangout spot, I do like a little drink every once and a while, a girl gets lonely ya know?”

She smiled exposing her rotting gum line, the pungent odor of decay was so overwhelming that the handsome stranger found himself turning away in quiet disgust.

This wasn’t the type of establishment that such a refined man would usually visit, but he had a mission to accomplish, and time was of the essence. He took a deep breath and told himself to focus on the task at hand. Alma continued to speak, drunken unintelligent gibberish as the fine gentleman surveyed her, examining each feature with a critical eye.

His thoughts raced; she was the correct height and weight, hair color an unusual attractive red, that would have to do. Blue eyes, not what he was looking for but once again it would do. Her nose and ears were dainty, there was something there he could work with. Her intelligence looked to be of sub-zero, but this was of no consequence, in some ways it was actually helpful it was easier to lure a mindless person, who had no regard for their personal safety.

His analytical mind estimated her age to be around twenty-five, obviously life had been unkind to this woman, but tonight her pathetic existence would be changed forever.

‘Yes,’ he agreed to himself, ‘I have found her.’

She is the perfect candidate.

Alma repeated the same question over and over, “you listening to me?” she demanded. “Do you even talk!?” Her tone touched on sarcasm.

The stranger’s thoughts bounced back to the present moment, “Madam, allow me to but you a drink,” he fixated on her intently.

His deep voice was so charming and the confidence he possessed made him even more attractive. He thought about enquiring what her name was, but then decided it would be better if he didn’t know. He told himself detachment made what he was about to do easier, but the truth was he just didn’t care who she was or what her name may be.

Alma didn’t need to think too much about if she would accept his offer to buy a drink, in her world a free drink was something you always took.

“Well, that would be lovely, I’ll have a whiskey then,” Alma looked very pleased with herself.

Alma guzzled the large glass of top shelf whiskey as the handsome gentleman removed a chain from his pocket and glanced at the round watch; 10.45 exactly. It would only leave him one hour and fifteen minutes to get this woman into his carriage, and then to the laboratory.

He mentally organized the timeline for the evening that he would have to follow with precision. That would be a 15 minute carriage ride, then, another 20 minutes to prepare her, maybe longer, she will surely be upset and protest, this has to be taken into account. The actual wire hook up should take half an hour, that will leave ten minutes surplus time to double check the cables, the transfer must commence prior to 12.00pm, as the flesh will start to deteriorate shortly after this.

He had experienced this problem before, there had been many failures, but not tonight, tonight felt different, the growing sensation of anticipation was delighting him.

This was it, with words, he put his plan into motion, “Would you like to see where I work? I am a scientist and I have a carriage outside; l would like to show you what l am working on. If you are interested?” He smiled once again at Alma; she was under his spell.

Despite her vision being blurred, in Alma’s mind she was in the presence of an aristocrat, a noble man, with a charming smile, maybe her luck was changing.

No one could have known from external appearances, the darkness that ran through the veins of this man. The perfectly groomed hair, expensive suit, defined cheekbones, and so well spoken, this was all a grand illusion. He was once a brilliant student, hailed as being hope for future in medicine until his psychopathic tendencies turned him into an insidious monster.

Alma finished her drink, “Well fancy scientist man, I got nothin’ better to do, let’s go on that carriage ride, I am up for an adventure!” She smirked.

There was an icy chill in the air that evening, the moon hid behind the clouds as if it didn’t want to witness the events that were about to occur.

Oblivious, Alma continued to chat away, talking nothing but nonsense, it had been a long time since she had felt special, happy, and so alive, nothing could spoil this moment for her. She felt like the cat that got the cream.  

 But, in reality, Alma was just “the perfect candidate.”

March 19, 2022 04:29

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