In Memory of Rebecca Williams

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Drama Mystery Fiction

This story contains sensitive content

Trigger warning: murder.

Rebecca: Resonating sirens blared as flashing lights blinded me. The yells of people carrying someone on a stretcher started sounding muffled. Air did not seem to be going through my nose. Everything and everybody seemed blurred and going rapidly fast.

"Nancy!" I yelled to my horrified sister. "What's happening?" I clutched her arm.

"I don't know," she replied, shaking her head.

"Dad!" I trembled, running towards him. Anger, sadness, and confusion rose upon me. Why isn't he doing anything? Where is mom? Why is nobody telling me anything?

Dad just stood there. Still as a statue. Like he was a display of art. I gritted my teeth in anger and pain. I formed my hands into fists before heading inside.

"Mom!" I cried. "Where are you! Mom!" I quavered. I swung her door open to see her not in her bedroom. Everything stopped. The deafening sirens, the blinding lights, the screaming.

Tears didn't even bother to shed. Like a broken faucet. Not even one drop. I ran outside. I ran in what seemed like slow motion. Not just my running, everything around me seemed to slow down.

"What happened to mom!" I was still that one broken faucet. No matter how hard the plumber tried, not one drop of water was able to fall.

They were closing the ambulance doors as I watched in horror. The one thing that made my faucet work is the last thing that was covered in a white sheet, her face.

Robert: Blood dripped down my arm as I tried to erase the evidence. It's not my fault that this was her fate. I read you shouldn't call the cops on a crime you did just to make it look like you didn't. But I had no other choice. Rebecca and Nancy would find out.

"No, sir. I have no idea. I just found her dead," I didn't even try to waste my time acting worried. I saw Rebecca in the corner of my eye.

"Dad!" she yelled, trembling. I just stared at the ambulance. Nancy was crying. Rebecca did not know what was happening. The police searched the house. The medics tried to save her. It was too late. I made sure that nothing would save her. Was I guilty that I had her blood on my hands? No.

I studied Nancy. I was deciding to get Rebecca first. But now I changed my mind. Nancy was smart. She would get the cops while Rebecca, she would have no idea. Plus, Nancy is getting on my nerves these days.

Police could not find any clues in the house. And I'll make sure they don't.

Rebecca: Rain poured down hard, messing up my once neat hair.

"Nancy?" I turned around. I didn't see her insight. I assumed to headed towards the food. I looked at dad. The sobs of people I didn't know sound calming.

There was a moment of silence. No, there couldn't be. I felt the rain. I saw the cries. It was a scream. And after that scream, I heard silence. Not because everybody went silent, because I choose for everything to become muffled.


I stayed while the others ran to see what happened. I had a clue. A clue about what it was. But I stayed. I stayed, hoping everything was a dream. A nightmare even. I usually didn't like nightmares. Hopefully, I would wake up soon.

I was not ready for another funeral. I wasn't ready to find out who was causing these.

Robert: Why not? Why not commit a murder at the funeral of the one you already killed? Why not?

I should have given some time but this was the best day. She was alone. Walking in the garden, hard rain distracted her. She wouldn't see it coming.

The soil was soft. Easy to dig. Easy to hide stuff. Like the evidence. I should do this more often. I heard footsteps. I hurried up. I couldn't get caught. At least, not now. Not until I got rid of my last victim. Rebecca.

Rebecca: I never bothered to cry. Not even shed a tear. I was not hurt that they were gone. I knew that someday this would happen, so I didn't mind it.

It felt lonely from time to time. Nancy and mom's voices and laughs weren't filling up the silent house.

I was just worried about the future. Would the killer be back? If so, who is next?

I visited them every day. I stopped going to school. I would spend all day there. I had to ignore the rustling of the leaves, the strange noises that made me jump, the wolves howling at who knows what.

One day, when I was visiting them, I thought. How could somebody do something like this? How could they take away the people I loved the most. I threw a stick at mom's gravestone in anger.

Nowadays, I go after dinner. I always have an eerie feeling that somebody is watching me. When I turn around, there is nothing there. Honestly, I'm not even that scared anymore.

I was picking up my pace. Leaves crunched under my winter boots. But there was something. Something following me. I tried to pick up my pace. But it was faster. The last thing I saw, was the face of the one I never suspected.

Robert: Now was the time. It was dark. There was a deep lake nearby. I would make sure she knew what was happening. Her fate. Her fate was happening.

Present time: The orange and yellow leaves crunched. Some crunched louder because they were dead. Like a dead body. The older, the more old the bones would be. I inhaled the Autumn smell.

I walked on the path. On the side, there were gravestones. They were all decorated with flowers, stuffed animals, all that. Except for one. I walked closer and closer to it. Slowly, I read the small five words written in cursive on the gravestone. In Memory Of Rebecca Williams.

November 19, 2021 01:22

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Boutat Driss
19:16 Nov 29, 2021

amazing tale


Laveeza Ali
03:28 Nov 30, 2021

Thank you!


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Michelle Colpo
00:19 Nov 25, 2021

I love the eeriness your story permeates! Bouncing from each character -one of which, the mind of the killer- keeps the excitement rolling. I'd love to hear about the strain in the family relationship before the murders were committed! What made Robert snap? Were the sisters and mother close? I hope you continue adding to this thriller, I'm invested in it!


Laveeza Ali
18:57 Nov 25, 2021

First of all, thank you for liking and reading this! I have only been writing for at least 6 months so I didn't expect anybody to like it. And I am glad that you liked it! I think I will try to continue but thank you!


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